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  1. I'm just a follower- haven't done any of those caches and they're all good to me. Surely *someone* will step up and decide!
  2. Sorry you won't be joining us, Cent5- it was lovely up there last week and I'm looking forward to the walk. I have to be back to Duvall by 3:15 at the lastest to get to Carnation to pick up the girls. See you guys at the Safeway tomorrow morn!
  3. well, my costume's a little different- it's black... And Wander Lost- Lame Virt- that's funny stuff
  4. Yeah, I remember talking about it- but wanted to make sure you were still going. Don't you have a druid costume or something? It's no fun if you don't dress up- the whole point of Halloween! I'm going as... well, remember the girl on the ferry?
  5. Ok- I've got a costume! Party, party, party! (We need a Signal smilie with a party hat and one of those blower things). Anyone going from the eastside- Allanon?
  6. Hope you're doing well, Moun10Bike- scary!
  7. Oh- and may I add- congrats to WeightMan on #800!
  8. Hey, the Iron Goat Trail, that sounds like fun! Can't wait- what a beautiful area. Sorry we had to cut the day short- getting back to pick up my girls from school was a hard deadline. Thanks to WeightMan and Prying Pandora for being so undertstanding . Looking forward to the 'real' hike next week. But I did have a wonderful time today- the mountains were beautiful, the hills were a riot of color, we had a fun ride in the back of a pick-me-up truck, and I even had a snickerdoodle . Until next week!
  9. I arranged for a friend to take the girls after school, so I'm in for a hike. What time are we starting? Oh, and where...
  10. I plan on being at the Fri and Sat evening dinners- thanks!
  11. Sorry- I can't go tomorrow . But I'll get there yet!
  12. So are we getting hotel rooms or doing the big communal living thing? It's so hard for me to keep up when I'm not by the computer! (and no, I've not been caching!)
  13. Not so much of a zoomer these days- fun to see the stats, tho!
  14. Ok- I guess I'm in- doesn't sound like the smartest idea in the world- but hey, I never said I was all that smart... 7:30 at your place, Allanon?
  15. Huh huh what? Sorry- haven't been paying attention again! I'm free on Saturday- what's up?
  16. OMG- I've been wracking my brain trying to think of a way to incorporate a corn maze with a gps game- I'm there! :D
  17. What fun! Huckleberries...huckleberries! I had so much fun yesterday- what a great hike and then a great day of caching. Even a surreal dnf! Yes, the pool- I want PROOF! I'm a bit sore from hiking all over creation, but in a good way... As always, Can't wait for the next adventure!
  18. Andrew- I will call you in the morn- I can pick you up on the way if you'd like- otherwise I will be taking the back roads. I will be leaving here at 6:30. Sorry- I just got home and didn't see the earlier posts. Allanon- I think I managed to do the route file LR sent (yeah, yeah, with Tom's help ). Ok, gonna try to pack some things now- see you guys tomorrow!
  19. Cool- the more instructions the better, too. Me and computers, not the best of friends...
  20. Cool- now if I could only figure out how that works...
  21. Hey LR- could you tell me the route we'll be using to get there? I want to try the gsak route filter thing.
  22. No, I'm good. Family has to come get me after I drop my borrowed car off if that works out, but as long as it's not real late, I should be fine. Looking forward to it!
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