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  1. Well, I should have asked the question back at 66! I couldn't even wait to get home today to read the recommendations. Thing 2 and I had a couple of hours before her dance class, so we hopped the pond and found a cache at the UW urban horticulture center that has a TB bound for Hungary so I could take it to the swap. Then there was a micro right next to the ice cream store, and there I was at 99! Hmm, what to do. So I decided since I started this whole thing with a micro, I would log 100 with a micro, so I head for Lucy's Lost Again and finished my geocaching day with a nice big smile! 200 will come soon enough I suppose, so I now have some ideas for that round number. I hope to do the MI series soon, once I sit down and figure out which one I have to solve first. Seems like I remember looking at those and seeing 'you need to do xxx first' and then I forgot to follow up to see which one *was* first. And I want to do the hikes, but here's the thing, I often have a 4 and/or 6 year old with me and walks of more than about a mile are too long. I love to hike, but am not really comfortable doing it by myself. We used to hike a lot before the kids were born, but now we kind of have to wait for them to grow up a little. It's frustrating to know there are all those great caches out there on the trails! So many caches, so little time! Especially now that it is dark so early.
  2. Ok, I'm sitting at 97 finds after today, any recommendations for 100? Maybe I should finally get a found for Paradise Lost Book II for number 100, but I'd like to actually get this milestone within the month! Blah, don't know why I can't find that one! So, any thoughts on cool caches for 100? Not a big milestone compared to all of you out there, but hey, it's a start!
  3. Hmm, when Kfam went back to get Misguided One's trekking pole, did we check his jacket for odd lumps on the way out? Thanks everyone (esp. Totem Lake for giving me a carpool down to the site!) for letting me share in the fun. Finally got a chance to post my log, it was #66 for me! That was wicked cool fun!
  4. Is there someone who could give me a ride down to the hunt? I will be in Carnation until 8:30, then I could head to the freeways and meet up with people.
  5. Trying to decide if this sounds fun or not... Is anyone carpooling down from the eastside?
  6. Ich hoffe, das ich kommen koenne! I'd love to meet some more of the local cachers. I hope to have a TB made soon that wants to get to Switzerland. Ich werde es mitbringen.
  7. Hello there everyone- my first post, just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the caches- been having fun the last few weeks caching my way around the area. I recognize some of the names here from the caches I have done. Cached with a couple people after the WSGA meeting last weekend and that was fun- I'd love to meet some local cachers and go caching sometime- it was kinda fun to search along with others. My favorites are micros, just 'cause the hides and containers make me smile!
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