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  1. Nope. I know of a cacher that does not even get online to get the coordinates! He has never had a computer, probably never will have one, but he loves geocaching. The chap gets friends to print up cache pages for him. 1. Sign Log 2. Take something 3. Leave something Hmmm. It does not seem as if he is doing anything contrary to the rules... to each their own.
  2. I have seen accuracy improve in excess of 5 feet when enabling WAAS (yes, sometimes I get bored out there on the trail and start fiddling with my GPSr, like turn WAAS on and off). There was an older thread covering accuracy, battery life, and speed survey on GPSr units with WAAS on/off. This thread was quite informative, and worthy of reading. The survey really revealed that around half the folks found it drained batteries, the other found it did not... also depending on types of batteries used. Even those that found some degredation on battery life reported it was hardly noticeable...
  3. I looked up your cache in question and decrypted the log. In my opinion, he did not give anything away that a reasonable cacher with a GPSr would not see as they got close to ground zero, so really nothing given away. Even with the log there, it has taken quite experienced cachers 15-25 minutes to find once they were close to ground zero on a 1 1/2 cache rating, so my guess would be the log is not compromising the cache in the least. Your encryption technique seems to be doing the job. Forming an opinion not having seen the cache can be silly on my part, but based on the logs I do not see any need to delete it. Logs are part of the cache history and fun, and that particular log is not "off topic." If it was my cache, I would let the log remain.
  4. I have loved the attributes since they were implemented. This is a very nice feature of the website. I believe one of the more useful functions to use would be the searchable attributes and including attributes in pocket queries. Naturally, I have read the original post stating it would be a while for these funcitons to be developed. Is there any estimate as to when we may be able to see this implemented? In the Getting Started forum, someone asked in this thread if there was an easy way to determine handicap accessible caches. Golly, it would be nice for someone looking for this type of cache to search the attributes or run a PQ.
  5. Handicaching is a wonderful website. Just a plug for that one... I've used it to include additional information for two of my caches. You could also watch out for the "wheelchair accessible" attribute on cache listings. Attributes are a new feature for cache pages, and not quite widely used in my little corner of the caching world, but there are some cache owners who are conscientious and considerate enough to utilize them. True, many "1" ratings do not necessarily mean wheelchair accessible, and they are supposed to. However, with some searching you can find caches that are placed specifically to be accessible by all cachers. Two of my caches were designed specifically to accomodate all cachers. I found it quite humorous when one of the early finders stated "found it, kind of an unusual choice for placement, I guess... TFTC." Right-o, the "unusual choice for placement" has to do with the fact that I emplaced the cache for easy access for all cachers...
  6. I only began to get reactions to PI about 7 months ago. Prior to that time, I could roll around in the stuff with no adverse reaction. So much for the glory days. So, now as someone that PI can significantly impact, I find it difficult to "object" to a cache placed near PI. The key is the cache owner identifying the cache has poison ivy (or oak, sumac, or whatever) in the vicinity. That way, I can prepare for it appropriately. In an area that gets humid and 90+ in the summer months, what I choose to wear in an area with our without poison ivy makes a huge difference. If I know PI is near a cache, I'll wear long sleeves, pants, and pack along some gloves. If PI free, shorts and short sleeves are definately more comfotable. I really object to ANYTHING than can cause injury or discomfort that is not included in a cache description or attributes. Even in the cases where something like PI is not mentioned, I do not take it personally. Perhaps the cache was placed in winter, and PI could not be determined. Usually a polite note to the cache owner is sufficient enough for them to appropriately warn future cachers.
  7. Omigosh. There y'all go again, teaching me something. "snark n. [Lewis Carroll, via the Michigan Terminal System] 1. A system failure. When a user's process bombed, the operator would get the message "Help, Help, Snark in MTS!" 2. More generally, any kind of unexplained or threatening event on a computer (especially if it might be a boojum). Often used to refer to an event or a log file entry that might indicate an attempted security violation. See snivitz. " Well, I suppose if one was to be "snarky" it is perhaps less threatening then being "boojumy."
  8. Aww, cool down and quit being such a... donut-hole.
  9. Since I have a Liberty CRD, I'm pretty much limited to diesel. Oooohhh, you mean ME? I usually steal my daughter's home-made granola, or just snarf up the crumbs left over from her refueling operations in the back seat, that is if my dog doesn't beat me to them...
  10. Ok, folks, hear me out on this one. I definately agree sticking to a 1 difficulty level, but I am not certain about sticking to a 1 terrain level. Perhaps 2-3 terrain difficulty is more appropriate. From my orienteering days, the more terrain (relief) is better if you are using soley a map. More terrain generally = easier to identify features = better ability to determine where a person is located. An obvious exception to this would be a cache with a 1 terrain rating that is near a prominent terrain feature such as a body of water. At least 20 of my finds were ones where I did not even refer to my GPSr until within 500 feet of the cache, since they were located in an area of prominent terrain features, and due to a good map recon, I knew exactly where I was in relation to the general vicnity of the cache, and all of these had relatively higher terrain ratings. Caches with terrain ratings of 1 generally create the need for me to look at the GPSr much quicker...
  11. This Visited States website is easy to use.
  12. Killer Micro BACKUP I love this thread!
  13. WOW! The Waffle Fairie gives away Jeeps! I would be begging for more, too!
  14. Yup. I was chased by one when I lived in Alaska. He came charging up my street, I was planting flowers or something. He saw me, turned toward me, I sprinted for the garage and slammed it shut. A big, wooden, heavy door. He tore it up. Glad that was not me. Beware the bull moose. Edit: I told you, I told you, but noooo, it's just a wee rabbit you said...
  15. Yes, yes, BAN MICROS! Down with micros! People who place micros are evil! (oops, I've placed four of them....) Nevermind! Look, micros are relevant if properly planned and placed. Asking reviewers to get into the weeds and actually manage this is asking a bit much. The masses will vote with their finds. My micros get great reviews. They are relevant and have a purpose. Recently, I've also encountered a flock of microsthat seem without purpose. Yet, I logged them. After a series, I also suggested to one owner "ammo can, please," and the next two placements by them were... ammo cans. There you have it, the insane and silly masses can self-regulate.
  16. LOL fauxSteve. Good point! Last weekend I was FTF on a regular cache (after FTF on 5 dadgum micros) that consisted of an ammo can. I was just so delighted to find a clean log book to scribble in, I literally forgot to check the swag to even see if there was an FTF prize. If there was one, oh-well, I am still happy. I had not thought about it too much, but being FTF is certainly prize enough.
  17. Humph. I shall see if I can log 240 DNFs in a 24 hour period while drinking beer. Now, THIS is a world record worth attempting! EDIT: I will need a designated driver to accomplish this magnificent feat.
  18. Sure, I have some thoughts. 1) My GPSr cost $139. 2) I search for surplus store ammo cans, tupperware, and $0.86 waterproof match containers. The "treasure" is signing the log or a recycled/dollar store item my two year old finds invaluable. 3) My premium membership set me back a whopping $30 for a year. From my perspective, this is hardly "elitist." This reminds me of a convenient store encounter I had a few weeks ago. I get up to the counter to pay, and some dude behind me mutters "y'all buyin' only the best, you rich #(%hole!" I was somewhat startled, and noted he had a six pack of Natural Light and a can of Grizzly snuff. I replied, "I'll take that as humor." Pointing to my can of Copenhagen "this isn't a cuban cigar," and to my six pack of Budweiser "and this isn't a Bourdeux wine (I think I lost him on this part)." I paused, looked for any sign of the fellow being facetious, then stated "yup, Copenhagen and Bud is really high-fallutin'." It all just depends on one's perspective, I suppose.
  19. I just did a forum search, up in the header with a magnifying glass icon, and found some really good suggestions in the following older threads: First to Find Prizes Best and Worst Items Found in Cache is a good thread with hints to avoid the bad and give the best... First to Find Prize, What do I leave? First To Find Reward FTF Prize? Hope this helps some! I noticed that each of the above threads had really helpful ideas, yet different folks responded each time the topic was brought up. I'm sure we'll get some nifty new ideas this time, too, but didn't want you to miss out on some "historical" helpful hints!
  20. With a 2 year old, I think our top day was 7 or perhaps even 8 caches. Let me tell you, with a toddler along, 6 is a big day and reason for celebration. I prefer to do 2-4 with her along, since it really gives us a chance to stop and smell the flowers (with her, that is literal). Really, anymore, I don't plan for more than 4, although I'll get coordinates for 6-10 to do the four. If I do not like the way an area or park looks, then we will just bypass that cache. Yes, it is hard to be 90 feet or less from a cache driving by, but believe me, it actually can be done. I am glad to read all the posts about folks doing 4-9 in a day max with a toddler or young one along. I live in a cache crazy area where folks will do 8 in an HOUR, and that is our top speed for a DAY with kids along. Not that I really CARED much about it, it is just nice to know there are other folks out there that plod along slowly, too. Oh, and AMEN on the caching with kids is like planning for and conducting a major expedition!
  21. Texas Geocachers has a bunch of helpful tools. For the page with documents you request, click here. I think what Sax is attempting to do is educate folks on the ability to search the threads for common questions.
  22. My sincerest apologies, so please do not ban me, Mr. KA... I mean LaPaglia...no, I mean mtn-man....wait, nooo.... Spartacus... er.... JEREMY! Screw it, I'm going caching.
  23. Wait, since it's well known that "Jeremy" is really a super-intelligent computer that controls a secret army of robots...Who DOES run this site? Renegade Knight. Yes, but isn't Renegade Knight the same person as CarleenP? Plus, where does Angst fit in to all of this?
  24. ... that, plus perhaps having an "Executive Membership" is a prerequisite?
  25. Well, he has done his homework via the forums, at least... Just trying to help the OP here... so what you are saying is that if he perhaps goes out and doubles his cache finds, he has a fighting chance of being selected?
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