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  1. Hi Guys Looking to give out my UAE caches. Let me know if anyone is interested. Leo
  2. Event is published. Its 19th Nov @ 10 AM in AD. GC2HNN0 C Ya All ! Leo
  3. No Sweet love here Webscouter.....You can already see that from Carbon Hunter's Post ;-) All farewell arrangements are self - made. Leo
  4. HAHA.... You never know, I might fly in to do FTF ... lol Keeping by the recent caches...I should look for a home between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.....lots of them are slipping by because of distance ;-) It would be great to finally meet Cincol. Lets see if I can pull it by Eid. My only fear that many will be travelling out during the holidays. I will contact local cachers and see. Leo
  5. Hi Everyone As some of you might already know, we are leaving UAE for the time being. We are planning a farewell event on 26th Nov (Fri). We wish to meet all fellow cachers with whom we have spent all this time. Let us know if the date is suitable to majority of you. It will be in a cafe somewhere in AD. Leo
  6. Hi Everyone We are camping on 28th Oct (Thu) at Al Hamra EarthCache site (near Ruwais) - Aeolus’ Fingerprint GC27GCD. Anyone interested to join us for this overnight stay. We will drive back to Abu Dhabi on Friday after doing some caching in Ruwais. You can choose to stay longer or be flexible with the trip. Let us know. Leo / Libranlady
  7. Thanks a lot Carbon Hunter. And Congrats on putting together a wonderful puzzle. Thoroughly Enjoyed. Leo
  8. Congrats Carbon Hunter. Keep up to it. Leo
  9. I am surely In for the Cache meeting, wherever in UAE (Certainly indoors in may :-) Leo
  10. Just heard it....Its awesome. Must be very very surprising for you. I liked the entire podcast....waiting for the oprah video to download ....it may rattlle my nerves and I wont do techy stuff while driving Leo
  11. You can also join and post queries at www.uaeoffroaders.com. I attended their New Year event and there was plenty of wood arranged by the marshals. You will get reply within hours. You are most welcome to join the club for desert experience as the trips run out of abu dhabi and very often trips in Al Ain area. Leo
  12. Its a great site, isn't it ? Sorry Carbon Hunter my rescue attempt for one of your Coins went in vain. But it's an excellent tool. Leo
  13. Ahlan ... As they say here for "Welcome". Let us know if you need any help. Leosoul
  14. I also have same concern. And i opened a thread few weeks back but noone had a clue to resolve this. Now it seems Grounspeak have to resolve this. If a user is not logged in then it should open at the Green lake (or whatever that is). If a user is already logged in, then it should center at my home coordinates. I use this extensively and would like this to be resolved. Leo
  15. I am missing notifications on daily basis now. I misses if someone drops my TB, or submit a log on my hidden caches. I am sure it has to do with the site upgrade. Leo
  16. Many thanks Carbon Hunter. This Rapid Fire would not have been possible without Mild heat, Family Support and support from guys like you. Cheers Leo
  17. I also agree to the whole idea that Coins/TB should be allowed to log their travels to Earthcaches. No point in having a Earthcache coin if that coin cannot log its travel to Earthcaches. Leo
  18. The Middle East in literally TEAMING with EarthCache potential. I think the reason why there are so few is the time and effort involved in developing them. I have a good few lined up that I would like to get published, but quite frankly time is the issue here. However, watch this space during the summer when I will have some time to get down to doing the publishing! Hi Cincol.....I guess I'm misunderstood I am looking to find some geological aspects of UAE and publish them as earthcaches. Do you know any book or Internet reference from where I can take hints about the potential places. I have the time to research and visit them. Leosoul
  19. Hi There.... I live in UAE but belong from Delhi. There aren't many caches in India considering its potential. Taking into account the terrorist attacks on major Indian cities, its best to place a cache outside any major city. People snooping around with GPSr inside the city wont be welcomed I guess by security. If you are on an eco trip its best to put some Earthcaches. Being virtual in nature these are I think best in Indian environment and you can maintain them from you place or I can also help you whenever I am in Delhi for visit. Contact me personally if you need any more help. Leo
  20. I would really love to post some earthcaches but I am not sure where to look for them while researching on Internet for a particular area/country. The only way I see is if you stumble upon something while visiting that place. Would appreciate any pointers that can help in discovering local earth cache potential ? Leosoul
  21. I was caching yesterday inside a golf course when I saw a muggle coming to me. I abandoned the search and started going off the track when he intercepted me and asked "looking for geocache" ? Haha...I said Yeah....how do you know ? Turned out he is fellow geocacher who works at the golf course. Took some pictures, shook hands, nice smiles and time to move on ;-)
  22. But its lame that it cant take my home coordinates from my profile and center it. Leosoul
  23. I just happened to be in a gift shop just next to Technical scissors on Murror Road in Abu dhabi. They had a pack with bunch of small magnets of different sizes. Around 5 Dhs. Maybe someone can check that if they want. Leo
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