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  1. I have a few different hydro systems but I bought some CamelBak tools made specifically for cleaning the bladder: cleaning solution, a tube brush, a bladder brush, and a collapsible hanger that collapses so you can put it in the bladder then expands to spread it open. 'Course I like to leave some of the green stuff in there 'cause it adds some flavor to the water and it... doesn't.... affect.... me
  2. Figures. I spent some time there a few months ago and got yelled at for trying to take a pic; at least that's all that happened. I was near many of the government areas and palaces so I suppose those were considered even more sensitive then AND now. But I really wanted a pic of that cool skyscraper in Riyadh -- the Kingdom Tower, is it? Hey mhfares that was a nice hide in Qatar, too - TFTC.
  3. Sorry but some folks just need to relax. While I haven't seen any finger-pointing about my earlier post, let me explain. In Iraq, cacher Geezer held an event on Christmas Eve of 2005; this was the first event in Iraq, too. Generous cachers donated a bunch of items and sent them over: ready-made caches, misc. swag, a bunch of TB's, and the really nice part was they sent snacks, toiletries, etc. The event was small but successful and all who attended were grateful. Anyway, as it happened at least 3 WJTBs made it over there. I logged my first 2 WJTBs over there (go figure). I logged one because it had been placed in a cache back home, but AFTER I visited that cache; so I logged it to 'feel at home' as odd as it may sound. Another I logged and took with me. Another WJTB was logged and taken elsewhere in Iraq, too. As it turned out, the WJTB I took and one of the other WJTBs in-country ended up at another event in Iraq. An Aussie military chap I met logged one and I gave him another one so he could move them around Australia. They're both still in that part of the world being enjoyed by others. So I guess the point is, was it wrong for people to send them overseas, to an event, and then subsequently two of them end up in Australia? I don't think so. The rules are understood, but jeesh, sounds like someone would be upset about this. Out.
  4. Thought I'd mention I just now saw her being interviewed by Vince Condella (weather guy) on the 9pm news. Even though I'm not from WI, I've seen LegoLover's name in the logs before. It's cool that the weather guy goes caching and places caches, giving new cache clues on the broadcast (I haven't sought any of his caches yet). Good job, LegoLover.
  5. Ah, it's cool to let folks have them overseas, too. I left an event with This WJTB but I later gave it to an Aussie pal. He was pretty pleased to be able to release this and another WJTB in Australia. They're both still floating around Down Under. Of course... that WJTB was the first one I ever logged, and I was at an event - overseas - when I found it. Odd.
  6. Thanks for the replies; I'll be checking out some of the stuff. PFF I appreciate the product you sent. Thing is I'm basically doing the same thing you are but without the nice, official looking results . Thanks, all.
  7. I don't have a PDA, and I don't always have a printed datasheet with me for mark hunting. I have many marks loaded into the GPS but sometimes I just decide to blindly seek them if I'm near one. If I DO have a printed datasheet, it is usually from gc. com. Sometimes I'll copy/paste the pertinent info from the webpage into Word or Excel -- which takes some time on multiple datasheets. But I was wondering if there is any preferred or specific program that folks here use to download datasheets from the NGS web. (To reiterate, I'm not asking about a way to download into a PDA or GPX/LOC format. Yep, I know about datasheet retrieval via NGS whether for single or multiple marks; I've also checked out the "DSWIN" program, and I've used a 'user-contributed' program from NGS as well. I'm not too keen about these although they are probably great tools for some people. I guess my goal is to find a way to retrieve the datasheet info (coords, PID, designation, type, and mark description) without all of the computations and other remarks. Thanks to many of you here who make me realize just how much of an amateur I am at BM recovery. I've read your posts and they've have helped me learn a lot more about mark recovery -- even though some of the dialogue sounds like a foreign language to me. I should probably get better at it since I do submit recovery reports to the NGS. And special thanks to Bill93 and Rogue who have emailed me in the past with some general info about NGS marks.
  8. Create a new caching handle and continue on-line logging. Out.
  9. I've also been quickly questioned; the story is so insignificant that it's not worth mentioning. Still, since searching for marks sometimes requires walking on/near bridges or sensitive areas, or it requires parking on some forested-neighborhood street, I've often expected to be stopped or questioned. So... I bought a bright yellow reflective vest and I wear it when I seek the marks. The other day I parked my vehicle (with out-of-state license plates) in a lot near an airport; an officer was in the lot sitting in his vehicle & facing the street. With my vest on, GPS & camera in hand, I crossed the street, found the mark in close proximity to the airport fenceline, took some pics, returned to the vehicle, and left without incident. I can't say it was all because of the vest, but it may have helped me look 'official'. ... or maybe he just didn't care.
  10. I personally have no issue with that -- but it's not like my word means anything! It's not a quest for me, but if I'm in the area of a cache that isn't mine and that I've already found, AND I happen to know there's a TB there that hasn't moved in a while, I might go to the cache and log it out so as to move it. I don't log the cache as a find, I just post a note. People have done that at my caches, too. I got no issues with that. I've also dropped TB's in caches that I don't own and that I've found in the past; again I don't log a find but I post a note that I dropped the bug with the hopes that (a) the bug sees some action (B ) it might prompt someone to visit the cache. For that matter sometimes I'll trade a new TB I found with one that's been stuck in a cache that I've already found.
  11. Good question. I meant what do cachers think of the idea of using a TB to track yourself? I thought the fella in Iraq had a great idea so I stole it and started using the same idea. Oh, yeah, I told him I stole his idea.
  12. I use my TB tag for tracking my travels... whoa (sounds like a tongue twister). Anyway, I borrowed the idea from a cacher I met in Iraq. Using it this way creates a lot of work when logging finds, though. I'll log it in and out of any cache I find; I have used it at an event, too, so the people I met could log it. Then I'd have a permanent log to help remember where & when we met. I'll use it the same way if I met someone on the trail as well. As far as DNF's, I don't log it. I mean I'll log the DNF but I don't make it common practice to virtually drop and grab the TB (OK, I think maybe I did virtually drop it two times at 2 different DNF's but that should be it). Anyway, for that reason it isn't entirely accurate for recording ALL my travels. My TB is TBJWYP with 41,000+ miles since 1 JAN 06... interesting. What do other cachers think of this idea, anyway? And by the way, the cacher in Iraq was planning to release his TB somewhere with a new mission: to see who gets home first -- the cacher or the TB... I hope HE wins the race. I'm gonna go back and check up on his TB now. Thanks. EDIT: Nope, the Iraq cacher still has it on his person.
  13. There was a bunch of paper-log signings in one of my caches and nothing online, but it turned out one geocacher's whole family found the cache, and each member signed the log. Later only the 'main' cacher logged online.
  14. That's kinda cool. I thought about stashing a series that was plotted to make a simple smiley face. Upon completion the cacher would see on the GPSr. this is a bit more elaborate, eh.
  15. AtoZ: where did I slam anyone? I see nothing in my post that hurts anyone. In fact, the last line says, "Thanks, ALL, for your replies". Please, let's not make this a message board shouting match. In fact, if I could find the dang "lock" icon, I would've already locked the thread. Take care.
  16. Hmm, well it seems a couple are a bit defensive about the idea (esp. about "what'd be my cut of the profit?"), but everyone is entitled to their opinions. In an earlier post, I said I was NOT planning to start this type of business... just moreso wondering about it. Relax, ppl. Step away from the comp and go nab a cache! PS Thanks, all, for your replies.
  17. Thanks to all for the replies. I am not an entrepeneur... I have no experience (or $$$) in starting/running a business. So this is NOT a plan I am working on right now; it was just an idea that occured to me. Some of the concerns & points raised are valid, though. As far as liabilities/legal concerns, well, in this day & age, in this country, you have to sign a waiver to leave your house nowadays. It seems the "Geocaching Package" offered at some resorts & such is really the only successful type of operation.
  18. I should clarify... This wouldn't be designed for current cachers although they'd be welcome. This would be just like a company that lets you rent a canoe to paddle down the river for a day, or any pay-for use type of business. It'd just be a day-out adventure for a family or something -- maybe opening up people to the experience of caching. The tours could involve history, nature, etc., all while involving caching. Again, I don't know of any business like this out there, but if there is I'd like to see how they run the show... and see how they do customer-wise.
  19. I dunno about the military phasing out the cans. I know they can turn them in for recycling purposes (and the unit or base gets get $$$ in return). A range official in my reserve unit let me have some cans, though. Luckily, I guess, that's my connection... but I'll have to see how long that'll last.
  20. Since there are so many caches in the area where I live, I thought it'd be cool if someone ran a small business conducting geocaching tours of the area. I picture a bunch of ppl who've never cached before signing up for a tour. Tour options would be based on difficulty, physical ability, length of hike, etc. Tour fees would cover transportation from the tour company's office to the caching/parking area, maybe even include some water and scooby snacks. Ya' get out there, hit the trail, and start caching. When it's done you get taken back to the tour company office. I have other ideas to include but I'll leave it at that. I know about "Geoteaming" and have looked at their website & info. Did a quick search online for related businesses... but... does anyone know of such a business that I described? What do you think of the idea -- or -- if there is already a businesses out there, do you know how they're doing? Thanks
  21. Weird that this topic comes up today... yesterday in Wisconsin I was seeking stage 2 of a multi, but I was having some trouble. I was on the rocky shores of Lake Michigan, along the edge of the high, forested cliffs. A sandy trail led away from me, gradually climbing up the less-steep parts of the cliffs. So..... I was in and out of the treeline when I happened to look up the path leading up from where I was... and there they were: two persons engaged in the act in a standing position, partially clothed, about 200 feet away. I went back into the treeline and peeked back to see if they saw me... guess not. I continued my search which took me in and out of the treeline, and they were still up there. Finally, out of the corner of my eye I saw them hurrying to fully-clothe themselves and make tracks outta there. I guess they saw me. I'd rather not log this kind of find, though. Oh yeah, I found the cache... but the final stage cache had been muggled. Figures.
  22. Wellllll...... I hope to 'accidentally' be caching in the woods, where they're filming a movie near my town... I will 'accidentally' re-seek a cache I've found already, and hopefully 'accidentally' meet Sandra Bullock (who will be in the movie). Then I could purposely show her what caching is! Of course I would have to accidentally slip by the set security, too. Hmm. This cache is basically on the movie site. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...70-52bcf631ec06 They're building a house for the movie on this county-owned lake; cache is about 200meters behind the structure, if not closer.
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