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  1. This is not a criticism of Geocaching but I can't remember the last time I saw a pic of a non-Caucasian on the home page. Are there any non-Caucasians out there? Come on, let's hear from you.
  2. Oops, browsing further I see this is addressed in the Bookmarks FAQ. The better question is how long until it's available?
  3. Hi, What I'm looking for is the ability to run a PQ for a bookmark. What I would do is collect the caches I'm interested in along my route a bookmark and then run a PQ to get the mobipocket files and download to my PDA. Any hope for this? RitC
  4. I'm having a problem to view special German characters (ö, ü, and even ° which isn't unique to German) when I view the Pocket Query results on my Palm Tungsten. I've decided it could either be 1) Geocaching.com which doesn't handle them correctly 2) Mobipocket software which doesn't display them correctly 3) My palm isn't setup correctly. I don't think it's 3) because I can write with those characters easy enough. Anyone else have this problem and/or have any tips to try to fix it?
  5. How about a gerbiloon or a dirigiberbil? For more info go to http://www.rathergood.com/mark/
  6. Hate to disappoint you but I tried this. After having so many problems logging my finds on Sunday, I decided to move to Central European time zone (9 hours ahead of California), only to find out that blissful Sunday logging has eluded me. I've concluded that it's all of those West Coast cachers who are to blame browsing their logs at noon while I'm trying to wrap up a day of caching.
  7. I am displeased with your displeasure. I'll stop now. Schmoke anna Pancake? Blintz anna Bong? Then thersh no pleeshing you.
  8. Obviously the number of users is growing beyond the capacity of the present infrastructure. Unless addressed, the problem will get worse. Is money being invested to scale the infrastructure to the demand? Success has seen the death of more than one good idea.
  9. Hi, I just made my first pocket query and downloaded it to my Palm Tungsten C using the Mobipocket software. However, I noticed that when I view the caches on my Palm, there's no indication of the travel bugs in the cache. Am I missing something? RitC.
  10. O.K. That was the problem. It works now that I added http:// Vielen dank!
  11. I just now tried to add my home page address www.overthebrink.com to my profile, but it failed to take. I tried it at least 3x with the same result. Can you help me add my home page to my profile? Thx. RitC.
  12. I see the link http://www.hotsigns.com/sth/store.shtml is no longer active. I really liked the tag (very colorful with Groundspeak logo)and you didn't need to have any special software installed to use it. Anyone have any news about it?
  13. Why are there no Garmin 3rd Party MapSource developers for France, Austria, Switzerland? I live in Sourthern Germany and have really appreciated the 3rd Party Topo map for this region. But when hiking the Alps, or crossing over into Alsace, suddenly I become "blind". It's particularly annoying in the Alps because the border with Austria weaves back and forth through prime hiking territory and the German topo map tops strictly at the border. Thanks for any news on impending relief from this annoyance.
  14. The more I read about all the problems inherent in caching in Uzbekistan, the more I am grateful for living where I do.
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