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  1. Thanks for everyones reply I had the wrong setting on the trip computer page.
  2. I would appreciate any assistance, I brought myself an Oregon 600 for Christmas and I'm beginning to wish i'd stuck with the Dakota 20, which is much simpler. I went geocaching this morning and all was fine until I set the unit to navigate to way point "Carpark" in order to get back to the car. We whwer in the woods and after walking for a whilst Spotted some cars in the distance, I said to my hubby that' s not where our car is parked because the GPS says we are a mile away. Anyway it was where our car was parked because even though we where navigating to car park the compass leading us towards another geocache! I printed out a manual when I got home and sorted the compass problem BUT now when you select geocaches it say no results found, try adjusting search parameters!! However they are still showing on the map page and when its plugged into the computer they are still there! Can anyone explain what I have done and help me get them back
  3. Thank you so much, it works now. I have managed to down load all my geocaches, so now I can go out. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for replying.How do I do a hard reset? Its not long ago since I updated to latest software, in fact the problems may have started then.
  5. Yes I have tried another cable and also tried my daughters desktop computer. The gps turns on ok when not connected to laptop/computer.
  6. I wonder if anyone can advise me. I have owned my Garmin Dakota 20 for the last 3-4 years. It has been playing up for a couple of months missing some caches that I have manually downloaded. Today I have plugged it into my laptop deleted all the caches I have stored, so that I can download another pocket query. It starts off ok with the picture on the gps screen of the gps linked to the computer but after a few seconds it vanishes and each time I try to down load it is giving an error message saying gps not attached!!
  7. I tried to make a start on the skeg to ness series last week but found alot of them missing. TAG's Just Northamptonshie series is good though and well maintained.
  8. I managed to fall down some stone steps in Northampton town centre because I was too busy looking at my GPS and not my surroundings. Brusied my ribs and arm badly.Lots of people around but nobody asked me if i needed help.
  9. When I first started geocaching, I printed out some log sheets from the internet. Can anyone point me in the right direction now because I can't find them any more. Thankyou
  10. I have just purchased a dakota 20, which I have managed to load some caches too and find the said caches but how do I now remove them from my device? Also is the best way to load caches by clicking on the load to GPS logo next to cache and load them all individually, or is there an easier way. Thanks
  11. Now I have been geocaching for 7 months and am hooked, I would like to upgrade my Garmin etrex H for a GPS that is able to download caches direct from the computer and do paperless caching. But what would you recommend? The Oegon 450t, dakota 10, or lowrance out and back?
  12. I have recently had a cache muggled so to prevent it happening again, I have changed the location slightly. However when I try to change the co-ordinates on my listing by going into log a visit it keeps coming up with an error code. I have editied my description to show the new co-ordinates but is there anything else I can do?
  13. Hi I am fairly new to this so please be gentle. It looks as if I might have had one of my caches muggled and wondered, is it just a case of replacing it now and apologising to the person who's coin was in the cache. Or do I also have to log in the new log book everyone who has visited the cache previously? Or is there anything else I should do?
  14. I have also published a cache, it involves a walk, and it is a fair size but apart from the 2 dnf on the first day nobody else has bothered. So it is still waiting for a FTF. It seems everyone in my area is concentrating on " the new harder one" which has at least 10 dnf's.
  15. I can't beleive this has been destroyed, I only did it at the weekend. I wonder if the person who destroyed it also picked up all the litter in the area, I think not!!
  16. I can't beleive this has been destroyed, I only did it at the weekend. I wonder if the person who destroyed it also picked up all the litter in the area, I think not!!
  17. Hi, I'm new to this so please be gentle! I am interested in placing a cache at a woodland trust site close to my home. I have downloaded the application form and taken co-ordinates, from the area where I would like to place it. However I am unsure what I should be putting where it says "walk-in" description using features identifiable from the 1:50,000 OS map. I had intended to describe the area where I intend to place the cache, e.g. on the right hand perimetre of the wood approxinately 66ft in where there is an area of rubble/bricks covered in moss, but this doesn't contain any info from the OS map.
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