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  1. I finally got around to finishing my cryptex the other day, and snapped a couple photos of it earlier using my phone (hence the lackluster quality of the pictures).


    The cryptex itself isn't the most amazing looking thing, especially when compared to others in this thread, but overall I'm happy with how it came out, and will probably make another sometime in the near future (though possibly on a larger scale).




    Some random notes:


    -I bought a package of letter stickers at AC Moore, for 89 cents, and threw those on after painting everything. I liked that they were cut to the shape of each letter, not just squares/rectangles with letters printed in them. They're certainly not as durable as vinyl stickers, but...


    -I bought a can of Valspar clear enamel spray, with the flat finish, and sprayed that on after putting the lettering on. I'm not sure if the gloss would've been any better, but instead of really adding a layer of protection to the cryptex, it seemed to cover it in a dusty/gritty substance. Not sure I'd recommend it.


    -Unsatisfied with the Valspar spray, I gave all the outer/exposed areas of the cryptex a nice coating of clear nail polish (which is why it looks shiny again the pictures). I didn't bother coating the innermost tube, because I figured with it constantly sliding in and out, it was going to gradually wear down and scratch the paint away, no matter what I do to protect it. So that part will eventually turn white again in some spots (and, as seen in the picture, already has), but I'm fine with that.


    As a container, for the time being, I cemented together these two Ziploc containers, with holes cut into the lids, and it ended up being a perfect length for the cryptex (when placed inside, it has no wiggle zoom, lengthwise). I may end up making a container out of PVC instead, but am concerned about how that might look/what it might be mistaken for.



  2. After exchanging a few emails with Soxster, I decided to start working on a cryptex tonight.


    I immediately realized cutting the rings would not be as easy as I thought it'd be, even with a power miter saw. On the first cut, when the ring was nearly completely cut, it flew away and bounced off a wall. Then there were a few successful cuts, followed by another dangerous flying one. I decided to take a break and think up a way to make it a little more safe.


    This simple solution seems to work well...




    Measure the middle coupling, for where you want to cut it, and then make the cut. Attaching a pipe obviously lets you keep your hands away from the blade, and attaching couplings to the outer edges allows you to push down and toward the guide fence, for a nice straight cut (if you don't use the outer couplings, pushing down on the pipe will tilt your coupling you are cutting, leading to an uneven cut).


    Depending on how you do the cuts, you may find that you'll need to purchase an additional coupling, but I think the 30-40 cents is worth how easy this makes doing the cuts.


    Of course, never forget your safety glasses.

  3. I've been using GeoBeagle for a few months, and think it's great... considering it's free.


    Recently I've downloaded [reference to unauthorized application removed by moderator] and even though it's currently in beta, it's getting better every day.


    I already think it might have surpassed GeoBeagle.

  4. I downloaded it last night, and it looks pretty good. Hopefully future updates of it make it even better (like removing caches you've already found from the search results).


    Has been changed today <_<

    Hopefully maybe this will be like my favorite for wm-phones... GCzII


    Ha, I noticed that last night.


    Seems like there's another update today as well.


    I like that the developer seems to be actively working on it.

  5. A new free app just got into the market. [Discussion of unauthorized application removed by moderator.]


    I downloaded it last night, and it looks pretty good. Hopefully future updates of it make it even better (like removing caches you've already found from the search results).


    One problem I noticed is that the logs didn't seem to change. After reading the logs for one cache, if I tried to look at logs from another cache, it would just load the logs from the first cache again, but with the GC code of the current cache I was looking at.

  6. Found this link to "Moo Productions" which is supposedly the one publishing this app called "Geocacher" for the Droid platform.




    It looks like a really nice app. I've been thinking about getting a Droid from Verizon and this will probably put me over the edge on that.


    As a minor correction, Droid is a phone made by Motorola, offered by Verizon. Android is the platform/operating system. I assume Motorola intentionally chose the name to cause this sort of confusion/association.


    So I just want to point out to anyone that may be unaware, that this app will work on any Android-based phone (Hero, Moment, Droid, G1, etc).

  7. This might be a stupid question, but in GeoBeagle, is there any significance to the red X that shows up next to caches?


    I thought if I logged a find on one, maybe it'd switch to a green check mark, so that I could look at the cache list and figure out which ones I've finished, and which I haven't... but they all seem to be red X's, whether I've logged finds on them or not.

  8. I was using geobeagle on my sprint hero phone before I returned it for no other reason except for verizon backed out of waiving my ETF. Darn them!!!!! Anyway, my short experience with the geobeagle/hero was favorable.




    Early Termination Fee, which with Verizon can be a small fortune.

  9. Both points ("how can I live without PQs") and "why is Trimble special" addressed above in post 82. Groundspeak just doesn't open that API to others. So there are three options:


    Since I gather you seem to work on/help with GeoBeagle, do you have any idea when the NextVersionMockUps update will be released?


    If you don't know what I'm referring to, it's these images posted on the Google page for GB:




    Seems like it was posted back in Sept. Looks pretty cool.

  10. Well, at least GC.com speaks with one voice ...


    GC.com lackeys in other parts of these forums say it's development, twitter feed says coming, email reps say not now but may change in the future.


    Yes, this all points to the same, indisputable answer: It might be available someday.


    The email rep didn't say it wasn't in development, they just said it wasn't available right now.


    I think the correct answer is: It will be available someday.

  11. Bumping an old thread...


    I don't have a Droid, but I've had this same problem with GeoBeagle on my phone (a Samsung Moment). I realized the problem for me was that I had the GPS turned off, and for some reason that kept causing GeoBeagle to crash. If I turn the GPS on before launching the app, GeoBeagle works fine.

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