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  1. ;) I am just tickled with my garmin mount for the 60Cx. While I am not a hard core mountain biker, I do ride off road without any issues whatsoever... It took me a couple of rides to get the exact angle for best viewing, but now I am set and enjoy using it every ride out on the trails.

  2. I first had version 4 and enjoyed the "upcoming street" names that would pop up when driving down the street when NOT navigating anywhere. When I upgraded to version 6 this still worked however, not on the navy base that I work on.


    Did anyone else notice this change? (probably not since not as many folks work on a navy base as elsewhere) but maybe if park roads did the same thing this effected others who frequent parks??


    My guess is that your version 4 was pre 911 and version 6 and beyond are post 911..... Military installations are probably grayed out to protect them from detailed terrorist planning.....

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