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  1. GCHQ Hampsters fed and up running again!
  2. Nope, not fixed yet, I think. Only the geocaches found AFTER the fix are correctly awarded points, none BEFORE the fix are corrected to reflect the proper amount. Also, I too am missing my first Earth souvenir from my profile.
  3. YES!!! Thanks you so much! 48th County on my Flag Counter!
  4. Yes, African country flags, please!
  5. Ok, so opened Win7 in Boot Camp via VMware, installed Win Google Chrome, as Win Firefox somehow did not show the form, and finally saw the form to submit. (Did NOT install nor open IE...) Submission was good, I think, although will not know if it was a successful one or not until I hear back from GCHQ. We'll all see...
  6. Do have ad blockers, do is turned off for Geocaching.com, and will know if it's on/off, and can turn on/off. Still nothing...
  7. Log out, see the green log in button, log back in, but still nothing form like at all.
  8. Where the hell is the form to submit??? Tried Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome, but nothing to click within the blog post, nor in the special page https://www.geocaching.com/promotions/promo/magic/ where it says "Please complete this form to request a Magic: The Gathering Treasure Piece trackable.". The countdown to closing is ticking down, but seems to be not closed yet. Which form, and where???
  9. Came here to check what's going on. HQ down, confirmed. Time to figure out what the secret code is...
  10. Hi fellow Northeast geocachers! Just was wondering if there's any thread here that is to share the dates and locations of "planned" event caches and CITO events. I am planning a CITO event for the Fall 2017 CITO week in Massachusetts. But, whenever I plan an event cache related to HQ's theme, I always get worried that someone else is already planning another event nearby, even on the same date. I probably can ask the local reviewer for clues, yet I thought it would be nice to have a way to share plans & ideas, so we can minimize the unintended 'butting', while encouraging cooperation among local geocachers with similar ideas to plan an even more successful events. Thoughts? Thanks, ~ Dr.MORO Post-edit: Typos...
  11. Domo!!! Visited most everyone listed here, from Japan! ~ Dr.MORO
  12. Domo all!! So, no Get Outdoors Day celebration nor special souvenir for this year 2017 June 10th? BTW, International Geocaching Day 2017 should be on August 19th (Saturday), and International EarthCache Day this 2017 should be on October 8th (Saturday). Good Luck & Cache On! ~ Dr.MORO
  13. I'd like them. I've found a cache in UAE but don't have a flag from a visitor. Got to you new flags from UAE and Russia Oh, are you still there? Would love to have both flags...
  14. Domo!!! Again, Personal Cache Notes, PLEASE! And of course, the ability to download them for offline usage requested as well. ~ Dr.MORO
  15. Domo!!! Well, have not heard anything about this long-requested feature missing in the new app. Any update on this? I REALLY want this important function back. Obviously, view my personal notes offline would be a must, together with the maps. Anyone UP there? ~ Dr.MORO
  16. Domo!!! Wow! This is great. Works like it supposed to, I guess. Just one thing: I wish you could be able to choose to where to store the Geocache data on, as right now the default is only onto the Garmin GPS' main memory, no questions asked. I really wish you could choose to load it onto the additional Micro-SD memory card. Thanks, ~ Dr.MORO PS: BTW, I am a Mac, and my trusty treasure hunting device is a Garmin Oregon 450.
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