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  1. Domo again!!! Yea, great to know! SOOOO, now can I ... ?
  2. Domo!!! Same here. Server not found... I thought it was something to do with Irene in our neighborhood just right now. Hope it leaves soon, and also the sight is back up, so I can continue my mini-streak... ~ Dr.MORO
  3. Even weirder, the cacher's names are back again... WTH??? A 'glitch' in the mainframe??? Even MORE weirderer, they're gone again... A BAD dream... This bad dream is over. Thanks for the quick fix!
  4. AND Domo again, again!!! Just posted a feedback here. But, seems like all of my find counters displayed all over GC.com are NOT updated promptly, and has a long delay. VERY weird... Introduced since the latest fix on 8/24. Needs a new fix!
  5. Awesome fix! Thanks a bunch! BTW, LOVE your quotation: "When you go to hide a cache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the cache, then find a better spot." - briansnat" I will definitely keep this in mind.
  6. Even weirder, the cacher's names are back again... WTH??? A 'glitch' in the mainframe??? Even MORE weirderer, they're gone again... A BAD dream...
  7. Even weirder, the cacher's names are back again... WTH??? A 'glitch' in the mainframe???
  8. AND Domo again!!! Just posted a feedback here. But, seems like all the notification emails are missing the log-posting Geocacher's name. VERY weird... Cannot tell who's it about. Needs a fix, a very hot one ASAP!
  9. Domo again!!! Back up again while walking my furry four-legged assistant. Cool. AND, NO Challenge shown in my profile! SWEEEET! Find counter is back! Awesome! Log dates are showing as you've set up! Nice! Avatar are,,,, still there... What else has changed, or NOT changed. A list of what has/hasn't been done would be VERY nice. Thanks for the whatever has been done, good or the other.
  10. Domo again!!! Wow! DOWN again?! Hopefully, we're just having a VERY bad dream, and all returns to normal, at last...
  11. Domo!!! Just got a 'feedback' from [feedback.geocaching.com] stating : "started: 'Don't make completions the same as finds…' " , posted by Jeremy, Mr.GC himself. Great to have a feedback to our feedback. Always a good thing. Also nice to know that our words have been 'listened to', and considered greatly, changing 'their' ideas. Now, let's see how it's going to turn out this time. Hope it's what we want... All for the better game of Geocaching! Thanks!
  12. What's that thingy doing there where the Avatar were put recently??? Oh, that's the 'dadgum' face, I see. PLEASE REMOVE THAT! And, PLEASE PUT BACK THE COUNTER!
  13. Domo again!!! Darn, too early man... Also, "Geocaching Challenges" IS a very confusing name, with all the 'Challenge' Mystery caches already out there now. Well, at least they are counted independently as a new category from 'cache' finds & Trackables. Can't wait. Thanks!
  14. Domo again! Beautiful! BTW, what specifically was changed for the front design? Can we have a sneak-peek at the unique icon as well? Oh, and will you be accepting pre-orders? Just can't wait! ~ Dr.MORO
  15. Domo!!! (= Howdy in Japanese) I just want to know if this unique Okinawa Geocoin is still available somewhere for me to obtain. I'd love to add this beautiful coin to my Japan-related geocoin collection. Thanks! ~ Dr.MORO
  16. Domo!!! (= Howdy in Japanese) Just Googled "Okinawa" & "Geocoin" in search for another Okinawa geocoin, and found out about this one. SUPER AWESOME!!! I love the "Japanese" & "Night" very much! Of course, if resources would allow, I'd like have all added to my collection of Japan-related Geocoins. If not, I wanted at least "Japanese" & "Night". SO, when & how can I purchase these, for how much Yen or doll-hairs? Oh, I'd like to know about the icon. Have this one a specific & unique icon as well? Just can't wait for this to come out! ~ Dr.MORO
  17. Domo again E&Cplus3!!! Thanks for the update! SUPER! And for a Japanese relief effort fundraiser?! AMAZING! All Japanese parts are good to go! I'm still wondering about the icon image design. Using front side or back side design, or something else? Or none at all and just a generic icon? Just a vertical "見つけた!" with the blowout bubble would be very unique! Please count me in for purchasing a few of them. I bet many more will be willing to get one. Thanks again for making this happen. Good Luck & Cache On! ~ Dr.MORO
  18. Domo again!!! And GC.com is up again. HOT fix? Look forward to experiencing all the improvements! Thanks Lackeys & Hampsters!
  19. Domo!!! Did GC.com go down again just now??? Was in the midst of uploading a picture, and all of a sudden, no go...
  20. Domo!!! Look forward to seeing the improvements. Especially the "Restored user cellpadding and cellspacing on cache details user supplied content". Thanks Lackeys & Hampsters!
  21. Oh, it's back now at 11:51PM... A glitch?
  22. Domo again!!! Is the GC.com site down again, around 11:45PM Eastern time right now?
  23. After some playing around with the log this does seem to be the case. The instant the site saw your italics tags it assumed the entire log was in HTML. If you remove them, or add the line and paragraph break tags as you did to correct it, the log will display correctly. Thank again Nate! Found something, and learned something! Love Geocaching! BTW, is this a 'known' & 'documented' feature, like somewhere in Knowledge base? If so, where? If not so, then it might be good to have some kind 'warning' message, or the option to choose either your log is in HTML or not (default). Just like all the TB pages, and cache description editors? Just my thought. Thanks again!
  24. I see what you mean, Doc. We're taking a look now. Thanks Nate! Well, I actually already added some "br" HTML tags to my log, so that the log looks like what I wanted it to. SO, I guess you need to experiment things to make reoccur. BTW, one note: I DID use the "i" in Italic format HTML tag within my original log. Would this throw off something, so that the entire log would be considered written in HTML format, hence deleting normal 'returns', and only respecting the "br" and "p" HTML tags? Just a thought. Look forward to the fix.
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