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  1. I see that the latest beta version of GSAK has "Changed GetMail to add the ability to download the Header and body of a message for further interrogation" which should allow automatic updating of archived caches in GSAK via the notification emails. Anyone written a macro yet?
  2. quite a feat for those feet i sensed through my temporal bones even though his metacarpal bones havent performed that jeff+pat+corgis=bones1 have now reached three thousand finds and multiple yosms which means a lot of gloves and stacks of printouts and very little punctuation well done all the best
  3. Have you got the HTML export AND the MM export pointing to the same place ? It looks as though your MM export URL doesn't point to the directory where the xref.txt file is because the last sub folder in your MM export should be \cache which is appended by the HTML export. You should be able to look in your directory and see an xref.txt file and see what it says in there.
  4. I fired my old PC which has GSAK v6. I think that you want the path name only so remove the "%code.htm" (which is used for v7) as Edgemaster suggested. I think I got cachemate to work in v6 by just putting cmate without any prefix. There were some changes made to how URLs were handled by GSAK in this situation in one of the last revisions for v6 which meant that I couldn't get a link that would work on both PPC and PC for offline HTML. So I used to have two sets of mmo overlays from two MM exports from GSAK.
  5. Mmmh, strange. It is a rough piece of code but I can't reproduce any such error. If you could give the full error message and exactly what you have done so far, that would be good. Maybe try starting a new database with no records in it and see if that helps. Also, what version of GSAK are you using? I believe that ADDNEW is a new function for Version 7.
  6. Cut and paste your waypoints into a Notepad file. This basic macro should get them in GSAK and then you should be away..... ************************************ SET $DataPath="c:\sandbank.txt" IF (FileExists($DataPath)) SET $CSVfile=GETFILE($DataPath) IF Left($CSVfile, 7) = "*Error*" CANCEL Msg="CSVfile" ENDIF ENDIF $cnt=1 $CSVline = Replace("'","",Extract($CSVfile, $_Newline,$cnt),true) WHILE NOT($CSVline="") ADDNEW $data=Extract($CSVline,",",1)+" "+Extract($CSVline,",",2) $data = GCalc($data,"FormatDegrees") $d_Latitude=Extract($data,";",1) $d_Longitude=Extract($data,";",2) $d_Code="bank"+NumToStr($cnt) $d_Name=Extract($CSVline,",",3)+" "+Extract($CSVline,",",4) $cnt=$cnt+1 $CSVline = Replace("'","",Extract($CSVfile, $_Newline,$cnt),true) ENDWHILE
  7. I use \Storage Card\GSAK\Cache\%code.htm in the link box for the MM CSV export, which allows the same overlay to be used on PC and PPC to view the offline HTML page. Cos I like cachemate for recording finds in the field I also have set up a custom URL in GSAK. !CacheMate(GCcode)=cmate:%code or !CacheMate(smartname)=cmate:%smart The "!" means the link is added to each HTML export page giving quick access to the relevant cachemate page from the HTML page...and it means your overlay works on both platforms (you just can't use the cachemate link in the HTML on the PC).
  8. Congrats on Your Mission. And you still find time to take PAF calls!
  9. N 51 49.100 W 000 46.543 Container: black Maglite torch Initial contents: 2 x D cell duracell batteries. FTF keeps prize. Placed carelessly near Round Aylesbury Walk - Chicken Run . hint: (decrypt) Jvgu onpx gb ebnq, ba evtug unaq tenff iretr ol srapr. I left my torch. I hope someone can make use of it! I took the coords from MM. D'oh.
  10. It's a great series. So I'd be happy to take it on. I may need reminding of all the figures for the individual parts as I did it all a while ago and I wasn't so hot on keeping records then.
  11. What an excellent idea. Thanks for the information. I have just ordered my La Fonera router.
  12. I had a similar error once with 700 caches in my overlay, when MM crashed. I renamed the old version of the overlay and that worked (although the HTML links were stuffed). I now export the overlay twice from the Pc so that the old version is a duplicate of the current one if it happens again.
  13. Sorry to see you go too, Jurgen. As we discussed I'll certainly take Obey The Moon from you - excellent cache. I'll wait till the tides are a bit lower before replacing.
  14. I bought my 60CSx from GPS shop online in Leeds - you can get a US version (they call it international) for £349.95 plus £6.95 next day postage. They provided a copy of World Map with it which as far as I can tell has the basemap for the whole world - this is is unlocked mapping software by Garmin. It takes up little room on the SD card. I had a good experience from them. Save you £30 on blokestuff if you don't mind the US version. Their UK version is slightly pricier at £394.95
  15. Thanks for all your kind messages Thought it was time I hide a few before getting to the milestone. E is for.........exciting and also for excellent echoings.
  16. Hi there, I bought my Legend C about a year ago. I was able to load maps from MG Europe v6 onto it no problem. However I decided if I was going to spend that money on a unit, then I wanted the routing capability. So I bought the CS Europe a month later. Pricey but worth it. I find it a great unit with CS.
  17. I had this issue. Two options I found. As robertlipe said, GPX export from GSAK and import into Mapsource. Or send to GPSr from GSAK and then download from GPSr directly into Mapsource. Works for me with Legend C.
  18. Hi Clyde Love the POP enhancements and thanks for including the show labels option for MM. Picking up on others comments for using MM on PPC, I am trying to use MM on my PPC to reference the local URLs generated by GSAK. At the moment I export the HTML file and then export to a MM csv, using the local option. If I edit this csv before importing in to MM and remove the drive reference (replace all "c:\" to "\" in Excel), then the same references in MM work with the same HTML generated file on both my PC (Windows XP) and my PPC. Hence double clicking on a custom icon brings up the offline cache page on either device. (bye bye GPXSonar!) The zipped version of the HTML gets directly created in "My PPC" folder for the next sync, where I unpack it to the same directory as the PC. So would it be possible to remove the drive reference from the generated csv (it seems redundant to me!) or make this an option in case it causes a problem for others? Also, when exporting the HTML file would it be possible when choosing a folder to chose "Mobile device" when in the "Browse for folder" window which would allow me to use the SD on my PPC to hold the HTML files. I would then rerun MM export with "Yes, use local" unchecked, giving my PC MM access to the online web pages. Finally, my PC is freezing when export the HTML file on occasions. I don't know if it is the number of waypoints that I am using or something about one/some of them. Exporting 571 of them is OK. 908 is not. The status bar for generating Individual HTML pages stops before the end and I have to reboot my machine (no dump then). My antivirus is switched off for this operation. Thoughts?
  19. Thanks for the speedy reply. Could it be included as an user option in the export dialog? This would leave if flexible, although I guess this would be more work for you!
  20. Hi Clyde, I am using GSAK 5.1.4. I am exporting from GSAK in CSV format (via Memory Map icon) and importing into MM, using cutom icons (dunno if that is relevant). All the display values are set to 1 so that labels are hidden when they are imported into MM. Obviously I can easily edit the CSV file but is an extra step when messing about with the custom icons. Is there any way of setting the export so that labels are shown? I am using version 4.2.4 of MM - the below quote is taken from the help file of MM. I don't know if newer versions of MM have chaged the inverted logic. "Display is an integer that controls the "Show label" flag. A value of 1 does not show the name, a value of 0 does. (The logic got inverted, somehow)" Thanks Rodz
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