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  1. Thanks for testing this, I do not have an Oregon myself so testing is rather hard. It's no problem for me to make the items visible only when in or near the zone. (I actually set them visible so the testing would go faster). I'm having MAJOR problems now re-writing my code. I did my first version in urwigo with graphical "code" and number variables but the tree is so huge that it even lags my PC (Quadcore with 8GB ram ). Anyone knows how you determine if an item is in the current zone? (I want to make the commands on the item visible when entering the zone, but also need the location to put into another function) I tried: Item.Container, Item.CurrentDistance < 20 (meters I guess), and Item.Visible=True, but none seem to work (with container the result seems to be a table, and I don't know how to parse it to a string, I want the zone-identifier)
  2. Just a suggestion, try working with elseif algus = math.random(1,6) if algus == 1 then zone001.Active = true zone001.Visible = true elseif algus == 2 then zone002.Active = true zone002.Visible = true elseif algus == 3 then zone003.Active = true zone003.Visible = true elseif algus == 4 then zone004.Active = true zone004.Visible = true elseif algus == 5 then zone005.Active = true zone005.Visible = true elseif algus == 6 then zone006.Active = true zone006.Visible = true end Not sure if that will work, but you can try
  3. I really need the 6 zones to be active all the time as the player has to run forth and back from them. They are very simple zones anyway (4-5 points) Perhaps the problem is indeed with the 12 objects that are visible. I will set them visible in proximity instead as a means of test. At the moment I'm doing a complete rewrite of all the code (from the graphical code from urwigo to real LUA) to make it ALOT more optimized, but at the point the oregon froze that huge chunk of code didn't even run yet. The longest messages displayed were around 400-500 characters. As for the screens: The first 2 message screens ran fine, then it froze when showing the main screen. (I just exitted the message screens, did not call for any other screen)
  4. No OnEnter/OnExit events at all at that point. It actually freezes, when you tap the options sometimes they become blue after about half a minute (as in selected) but still nothing happens
  5. Very frustrating, especially since we don't have one ourselves to test it on. The unit was completely locked up, rebooting didn't help. I believe 5 zones would be on the very low side as a limit.
  6. I'm busy working on a cartridge to play a Cluedo-like game in my town. The mechanics work fine on the emulator and on my Android Phone. We were able to finish a game yesterday with it. We also wanted to test this with an Oregon. This device showed the 2 intro messages without a problem but when it reached the standard Wherigo-screen (Zones, You See, Inventory and Tasks) it totally froze. At that moment 6 zones are active and the player can see 6 persons and 6 items in the 6 zones. Is that too much or could it be my other code? The weird thing is that the code for swapping items/persons and checking whether the combination is ok (which is pretty heavy) isn't called for yet at that point. When a player enters a zones he'll get an Input window to swap the suspect/weapon and to check the combo. In a zone 3 tasks are also active which are, when clicked, made to do the same thing (swap and verify). Some other facts: * The outcome is random (done with random-number variables at cartidge.OnStart) * The swapping code is VERY heavy (smartphone with old mid-end CPU runs it fine though) * No Images yet included * The input window that appears when entering a zone is there because the Colorado series can't do an OnClick (is that correct?, We had issues with a Colorado and Onclick in another Cartridge of ours) Questions: * Any ideas on how to make it work for the Garmin players? * Is it possible to show the current inventory (as text in an input window?) (other than again working with 2 6-branch IF/ELSE statements based on variable numbers) * Would it be the code, random variables or the amount of active zones and items causing the freeze? If needed I can post the .urwigo file here, but I'd prefer not to if not needed. Thanks in advance!
  7. We cache with a GPS and our smartphone. When we found a cache, we log on our phone (not online, but to a fieldnote). That log includes a Timestamp and TFTC (if found). If there was something special about the cache I write down some keywords to help me remember. Our online logs mostly consist of what we did the entire day + something specific on the cache. Big logs in the actual logbook don't happen alot around here, so we don't do that either
  8. 1. Comic Sans MS font. Really, who uses that? 2. Waypoints and info on how to find/use them only written in the additional waypoints. This is more a personal thing. Our android application (geohunter) does not show that info correctly, so we have to visit the cache site to be able to read it. 3. Unformatted wall of text
  9. Was about to say the same thing. Gas here is around €1.5 per litre which is $7.8505655 per gallon. Luckely my car does 33.6020833 miles per gallon Gas is mostly Taxes here, it's ridiculous
  10. triga

    URWIGO builder

    Hi, I'm having an issue with compiling a cartridge. I keep getting this error (another cartridge it compiles just fine) Anyone knows what it can be? I tried deleting stuff like Zones, Characters, Items, Inputs, Function and Variables one by one. But it will only compile and run when everything is deleted. Is there any way to debug the compilation process? If I build a GWZ file for online compilation, I only get a 7kB archive while my Urwigo file is 834kB in size. Hereby attacted is my Urwigo file. It is a mastermind/cluedo type of game in a very early stage of development, but I can't work any further on it if I can't run it to test Thanks for the help! EDIT: Already found the solution. Apparently giving the objects custom identifiers wasn't a good idea. Lesson learned ^^
  11. My DSLR camera + lenzes, spare battery, flash, etc. It weighs ALOT, but being able to take a decent picture from time to time is great. On my last trip I hung it's bag over my backpack. It's only a bit risky when crossing rivers etc, but then we pack everything in ziplock bags anyway ^^
  12. Beste event game we had was a night-game where the organisers chased us through the woods with a police car (with sirens etc), while we had to follow reflector trails and solve puzzles to find to final stash. it was AWESOME
  13. But the whole point, or at least a major portion of it, was to have this thing moving. I wonder if the cache would have a greater chance of being published as an earth cache. I've done an earthcache that has as one of the requirement for logging it that one sends to CO the water temperature at the location. Depending on how far the equipment moves, it might work. One of the coolest earth caches that I've done is one on the dunes in Nags Head, NC. There are fixed coordinates for the "cache" but one is also asked to try and find the highest point on the dunes, capture a waypoint, and post it in their logs. The point of the earth cache is to demonstrate how the dunes are moving. I could do something like this. Fixed coordinates for a "Cache", and then encourage them to find the mobile unit for the fun of it. Like you said before, but you could put a logbook and a small container for TB's or coins on the fixed device that shows the current location of one or several floating devices for SWAG as a bonus. This way, the cache has a fixed coordinate to log, but encourages people to find the other ones.
  14. I must say I'm very happy with my Spica for paperless caching, but the GPS won't lock in a forest or so. I'm guessing the Sony Ericsson wil have the same issues though.
  15. This is a great idea, though I do not support it to be mandatory. Everyone walks at his own pace, and in some cases putting the total distance may reveal some information that should not be revealed ;-)
  16. Actually, it doesn't end in 2012 Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_calendar As for the sattelites, when they detect an upcoming big flare, they can simply shut them off to prevent damage if that would be needed. I'm sure they will have SOME shielding already too to counter cosmic radiation. We already have sattelites closer to the sun that can report incoming flares (not sure if the flares travel at or near the speed of light actually...) Anyhow, they probably thought of these scenarios when they launched the sattelites so we shouldn't worry ^^
  17. When we bought our GPS, we were also in a dilemma between a Dakota and the 60CSx. In the end we chose the 60CSx because it's more durable, has an external antenna, better readable screen and battery life. We are still quite happy with our choice. We use our android phones for the paperless aspect (Geohunter, Word-Documents, etc...)
  18. The radio chipset it probably using the most battery, turning the iPhone in Airplane mode will greatly improve battery life, aswell as screenbrightness etc. I can use my GPS for hours with my android phone without any problems, though I only use it for the paperless caching, for finding GZ I have a 60CSx ^^
  19. To further clarify this (for windows computers): You can find the file hosts under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Double click it and Open it with Notepad Just put it on the last line. This will make you PC redirect www.facebook.com to itself, causing facebook not to load without triggering the school's firewall. If you're on Linux, Mac it's a bit different and it's probably best to google it ;-)
  20. I just bought the CRTK Corkum 6" First Strike knife. Has a great thick sturdy blade and a high quality handle. :-D
  21. We are planning a trip to sweden in a couple of weeks for a day or 10. I have a small cheap solar panel with 1 USB output (€25) and an USB Battery Charger. The charger charges AA batteries fine, but for my EN-EL3 (D40) I need 220V to charge it. I just bought 1 extra battery, which should make me able to fill up my 8GB SD-card in those 10days. Keep in mind that a DSLR also consumes less battery as a compact camera because it does not use the LCD display. I'll be taking 16AA batteries to power my GPSMAP 60CSX for about 12hrs a day each day and my camera flash. Should be more than I need
  22. Before we were premium member, we just loaded all the info needed in word documents on my cellphone. We still do it from time to time as you can't edit/input GPX files (or there are no android apps that can...)
  23. Well, on 3G or even GPRS a 380kb shouldn't take THAT long. It is possible that the application just could not handle it. You could choose in your browser not to load images or go to the WAP page. Also, it should be fairly simple to develop a system that automatically checks files between <img> tags and rejects them if they are too big. Reviewers wouldn't have to do a thing
  24. Or... They could add an "Additional Languages" Checkbox, which adds a new inputbox for a translation. (Or more, with a limit of course). This would make it easier to filter, people could choose to only show their language if available, and would indeed save alot of trees when printing. Nice idea
  25. Hi hi, Been lurking here a while until I found out I could login with my GC account
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