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  1. hello welcome back, im so glad you can cache again, things have changed abit but alot of other dinasaurs (me) still love going out to find caches,look foreward to meeting you soon, jeff=bones1.
  2. hello Sarah congratulations on your huge acheivement, everybody else is cathing you up (:(: hope to meet you again soon, all the best jeff=bones1.
  3. All that is symptomatic of todays instant demand, have patience, ive just waited 5 weeks for a travel bug to be dropped in rather than the gross bad manners of "grabbing" i had some spare magazines that i gave out at an event they were so pleased to find out about Adams endeavours, personally i think the magazine is really really good, in fact have a favourite point. jeff=bones1.
  4. funny that as i have been wondering for ages that the real/right forum for geocachers is right here. all this twit/face etc does nothing for me as ive never been on any of these places, happy caching jeff=bones1.
  5. ive found a lot of caches but still have not been able to award a point,not sure i understand how to do it as i just write nice logs and replace lots of wet ones without posting a maintainance log. (:( jeff=bones1.
  6. I was lucky enough to make this series a marathon over quite some time and managed to find them all, a really great series never to be forgotten. jeff=bones1.
  7. Hi i found them all and had such fun travelling to all the areas to find such good hidey places in those busy spots, a very very good series not to be forgotten thank you .i hope all will be good for you in 2013, jeff=bones1.
  8. After my recent nice posting about wet logs i have found this one,GC354Y5 i know there might be issues with the cache owner but my observation of the cache was only that there has been at least 26 visits by other cachers all mentioning wet/full/soggy logs,all except the kind Rumager, so how is it that so many cachers have visited and not replaced the log,this was the point of my earlier posting that perhaps this year we could all have paper and possibly a small clear waterproof bag with us to add to caches with similar problems, i have found quite alot of caches now and make the time to read the page before i go out searching,that way i already know there is a problem and go prepared,as im not a techie i think it might be something to do with smart phones as i now see more of those than dedicated gps devices as i guess smart phones make caching more instant whereever you are so no preparation or paper required,also that means more times i see the log that says forgot my pen, lets hope for the second time we dont get a paste and cut log,"its up to the co to maintain there caches etc " i wish you all a good caching happy new year,jeff=bones1.
  9. Happy new year to you all, may all your trips be fulfilling and dont forget your pen and take with you spare log books or pieces of paper will do. :D :D :D jeff=bones1.
  10. oh dear it does get tricky,perhaps i should have told you i add a log book for one that is full or wet, jeff=bones1.
  11. A subject dear to my heart as we have now replaced 597 log books over the years and have worked out that it takes roughly 7 to 10 seconds to replace a log book while you have the cache right in your hands,whilst the majority of caches takes the cache owner an average of an hour to saddle up and get to the cache, i just thought especially as it has been so wet this year that all of us could try and replace logs as a kind and helpful gesture to all of us in the caching community.i know quite a few of you replace alot of logs already,a new years resolution is usually i must lose some weight,lets have a log replacing year and we might even get an ikon for it.its going to be such a shame for this nice posting for somebody to paste and cut an answer that says "its the responsibility of the cache owner to maintain his or her caches" etc etc.(i wonder who it will be)im not trying to change the rules just being very nice to each other as we are all in the same club. a very good new year and happy caching to you all.jeff=bones1.
  12. Did anybody else see the tv nature type program that said the wet weather made 2012 the year of the slug, that should make dr solly very happy and the rest of us that have a british slug survey laminated card jeff=bones1.
  13. A happy christmas to you all and lets hope caching gets even better next year, jeff=bones1 and the corgis Sali and George.
  14. What about a dedicated gps unit for this great hobby, jeff=bones1
  15. hi folks, perhaps some of you might look at my log for this good cache. the crash barrier in the center overlaps for the footpath by about 50 feet so you are well protected,drivers should be ready for the unexpected and drive safely, at the three crossings on this section of the road the barrier is the same overlapping type and drivers can see easily as its so clear and level at these crossings,obviously its not sensible to look for this one when its dark for everybodys sake, all differing opinions but i liked it, jeff=bones1.
  16. when i first started caching i used to look up cachers and see where they had cached,then copy down the caches and go there to walk a circuit etc, i found it so usefull and i still do to see where folk have been. its just that the world has gone identification mad,i think every thing in life should be open to all and no secrets, (:(: jeff=bones1.
  17. Captain Jack, please dont consider doing anything about all of your great caches because of some low life,if you do they have won. over the years i have had caches stolen and altered,nice log books gone etc for what ever reason i just sigh and replace,also travel bugs and coins go missing, but i enjoy caching so much i just forget these incidents and dont dwell on them no matter how upsetting they are at the time, i bet a cacher out there will suggest identifying caches with smart water or that blue money dye stuff. keep on caching captain jack. jeff=bones1.
  18. love it what a good topic,as we sit in a caravan in cornwall,with a monsoon going on outside,corgis all nice and dry,ready to attack any big cats. jeff=bones1
  19. As a cacher that has found the majority of poshrules great caches along with Zensunni in such superb countryside i definatly vote for a gold medal for all his hard work, and yes the maintainance is exemplary, thank you Poshrule. jeff=bones1
  20. Hi while cross country caching and taking short cuts where possibly i would not normally go i have come across these twice, i just smile and go for the cache and forget them, but i seem to be able to walk faster and jump up for high caches for days after that, jeff=bones1.
  21. hi just seen this so a unit that was sold on 28.2 09 is not much use to folk looking for one of these, a perplexed jeff=bones1.
  22. i have just been reading the following posts to my original post for requests for folk to walk the geolympyx rings of caches certainly went off topic. jeff=bones1.
  23. hello all 267 views now of my question of why the chelmer series was archived and not one reply to me yet, whats the secret here? you normally find out in minutes from the forum. jeff=bones1.
  24. 179 views of my posting about the archiving of the chelmer navigation series and as yet not a word of explanation from anyone, surely someone must know something, happy caching to you all. jeff=bones1.
  25. thank you Pup Patrol, my its a big problem then jeff=bones1.
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