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  1. Could you please look at updating the search engine to allow me to search by keyword WITHIN my country/state and/or within so many km of my home location? It is extremely frustrating to search for a cache by keyword and get EVERY one in the world with that keyword. Thank you!
  2. Tried again tonight ... it took 10mins for it to find 5 satellites ... looks like it needs some time to 'learn' the satellites in the area ... thank you to all of you for the posts - you were bang on ... PATIENCE is the best virtue!!
  3. Thank you for the link ... it looks great! I let the GPSr go for 1/2 hour and it finally found 2 satellites, but couldn't find the all necessary 3rd one! Will try again tonight ... any idea if it is my unit or something else?
  4. I am new to this whole world of gps and bought a garmin oregon 450 for Geocaching. I am in Taiwan this week and want to cache, but the GPS is not picking up any satelites. I assume this is b/c I have no Taiwan maps loaded? Where can I get maps cheap for my oregon 450 for Taipei? I am only here for 3 more days, so need something downloadable. Appreciate any insight anybody has!! Thanks!
  5. We recently bought an Oregon 450 and had a Dakota 20 before that ... I have to say that the ability to see the caches and maps in the sunlight is extremely difficult and annoying ... they have made the background colour a beige colour instead of white, which really reduces the ability to see anything. It really is a huge annoyance to have to have the backlight on full at all times, draining the battery just to see the lines. Unfortunately, I sold my Dakota 20 to my sister or I would go get it back. If anyone knows of any software upgrades to fix this, I would love to hear about them.
  6. Question: Does the update kit provide caches in Canada (Ontario to be specific)?
  7. I have the same problem in that when I enter my postal code to determine my home coordinates, it goes to the TOWN I live in, not my actual postal code. It is very frustrating as it does this for any postal code. Often times, I want to use the postal code to cache at my parents, in-laws etc., but it takes a while to enter the postal code and then start moving the map around to find their actual neighbourhood.
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