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  1. I would like one of each flavor! thanks
  2. I did a Masquerade cache....the photos are great! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...76-26345702af65
  3. It causes a ton of confusion, If you log the bug, then place it in a cache. When you get home it's no longer in your inventory. You have to hunt it down Maybe even e-mail the bug pirate to give you the number or ask them to place the bug in the cache. P.I.A!
  4. I got a couple of magnets fron a hard drive then dropped them in my pocket with my wallet, bad news all my credit cards were wiped clean. My daughter got her fingers caught between the same set of magnets. Oh yeah the cache the magnets were used with got mugged...these magnets must have been cursed like Gregg Brady's Tiki idol.
  5. I've see cachers driving in way worse than that toyota.
  6. Do you cache in a junker? Don't lie...Ive been to a couple of gatherings and I saw your '82 Escort wagon with a CB! If you are Cachemobile is a Pile of junk post a picture. Please no new cars or trucks just the most beat beaters out there.
  7. Logging the bug and taking it out of the inventory of the person who really holds it is causing alot of confusion. It has happened to me twice. This maybe the reason so many bugs go missing after events.
  8. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...90-a8de9637650f This is a weird place.
  9. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=163470 look at the example above, joefrog logs it and he really has it. Then someone else with just the number logs it and drops it back into the event. look at the logs you can see the confusion.
  10. I was at a small event on Wed. and some guy logs my new travel bug, then some other cacher log the bug and states he really has it. The first guy just wrote the number down and logs the bug. Is this bad bug policy? Can/should I delete his log? Any opinions I'd like to hear them.
  11. What would have happened if they blew it up and found it was full of donuts? Flags at half mast?
  12. Find the local caching org. and post away! Maybe change your GC name to "The Hitcher".
  13. If you decode it properly it is a letter from your secret lover.
  14. Would people hunt if the deer shot back?
  15. www.sepag.us I may be too late to help.
  16. Anyone interested in helping a "schmo" from Philadelphia to complete The Where's in a name cache? (GC3153). The coordinates I need are 29 14.92__. Please contact me trough my GC account ....... bushwackin' schmo, thanks. http://www.geocaching.com/my/
  17. Check out the photo here, I wonder if anyone grabbed the marker. KV3703
  18. www.sepag.us join in the fun!
  19. '94 Wrangler .....sometimes doubles as a big flashlight to make snowy nights more fun!
  20. It's not about the numbers, It's all about the icons! You are not cool 'till you got the full house!
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