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  1. Yahoo !!! Excellent news There is nothing like a baby for turning a 1/1 cache into a 4/4. Congrats to all
  2. I found a few crawling on me, my youngest daughter, and my dog on Sunday.
  3. Actually, I miss the days when he used to work closer to where I work. We crossed paths more often. Congrats Brian !!!
  4. Done ! Hey Hart. Welcome back Long time no see.
  5. Way to Go Nik !!! Nice choice for a milestone. Are you sure it was unintentional? (PS - Nice Brace. Don Joy?)
  6. He does have a knack for getting into trouble, not only with his "finds" but also with his "hides" I believe he got interrogated for this one as well. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...75-7d850024760f
  7. Sad News, my condolences.
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