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  1. Please make the Search headers (Icons, (D/T), Placed, Last Found) Sortable. I'd really like to see icons grouped together, and D/T sorted from easiest to hardest (or hardest to easiest), or placed and Last Found (old-new, new-old). Being a new GeoCacher, I'd like to do the easier Caches first (with a recent Last Found to be more sure I'll find it) and then move on to the harder ones once I've cleared them. Thanks, SicariusDracus
  2. New GeoCacher here, so I was kind of suprised not to see that there wasn't an "environment" listing. I live in Wichita, Kansas, so our caches range from urban to forest to lava-filled volcano. I'd just really like some kind of indicator as to where the cache is hidden; so that I can plan accordingly. For example, "GCTMYE" is listed as (1.5/1.5) and thusly I was unprepared to find out that it was a nightmare to find. (You can see my log.) If I had known it wasn't Urban or Light Park, I would have chosen a different Cache to introduce Caching to some friends with. I don't really think that the website needs to retrofit each cache, but just put each current cache into a 'n/a' field, and have the Cache Owners update the field as they see fit. And being able to search for these types in your area would really help out; I'd love to plan my teaching around areas like this. Some examples of Types could include: Forest (light, dense) Park (grassy, forest, deep forest, dense) Urban (suburban, city, wear kevlar) Field (Grass, high-field, rock-filled) Trail (Concrete, Dirt, Animal) Mountain (Hilly, Mountainy, CRAGGY) Snow (light, deep, arctic) Desert (oasis, reg, bonedry) Jungle Swamp (marsh, boggy, will-o-wisp) Beach Water (creek, stream, river, lake, ocean, High Seas) Thanks, SicariusDracus
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