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  1. Not sure why new Virtual Caches aren't being accepted any more. True, there are several in my area, but there's also lots that could be added and still be interesting to the casual visitor/cacher in this area. Lots of history here.

  2. I was just curious as to how to format a couple of URL's in my TB's "Mission" page so they will be hyperlinks to the webpage that they describe instead of just letters on the page that people have to copy/paste to get there?

  3. My name is Waterboss, I'm from Yakima, Wa. Ive been in this sport for almost 2 years and have casually racked up about 89 caches I think. I've enjoyed this game very much.

    Waterboss (Dave)

    I'm Mike_B and I'm in Prescott, AZ. (and I'm Waterboss' dad). He told me about this game and got me interested when I let him know about getting my 1st GPS (the yellow eTrex; I've since "upgraded" to the Legend and given the Yellow one to a buddy of mine and also gotten him interested in caching).


    I've only been in the game for a little over a year now; I've only got one TB out there ("AeroTraveller") and only found about 29 caches in this area, but I'm having fun with it, too. Haven't hidden any caches yet, but I may do that soon, too.

  4. I "traded up" to a Legend from the older yellow eTrex (I gave the older unit to a good friend of mine and got him into geocaching as well, and we both go out caching on occasional weekends; for now, we have to stick to the "1/1" or "1/1.5" caches, because he had some medical problems with his legs, but at some point, we'll go look for the harder ones).


    I love this thing. The "ClikStik" took a little bit of getting used to, but I wouldn't go back to the yellow unit ever again!

  5. For some reason, I can't seem to get MetroGuide v 5.0 to install on my machine (I have the same type of problem with MSFS 2K4, but that's another forum). I'll get to a point where it seems to be almost loaded and then get an error message saying that a certain file is not accessible and cannot be loaded (or words to that effect).


    Is there a way I can get this program to install successfully? I've tried doing the "Compact", the "Full", etc., all to no avail. I think it might be some sort of conflict on my system, but specifically what it is and how to correct it is what I don't know (I may know some things about PC's, but not nearly enough to be able to correct that kind of thing, and not earning enough to take it to a shop).

  6. A relative newbie, here - I have the Garmin eTrex (basic, yellow case) - it's all I could afford at the time, but I like even what few features it has (compared to the more expensive models).


    I wouldn't mind having downloadability of maps, etc., but for now, since I'm just starting out with this game, it'll do. Just FYI, my son, ("Waterboss") got me into this game - I haven't found anything yet, but it looks interesting enough. :rolleyes:



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