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  1. Hello All,

    I'm sitting here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada needing help from someone in the Midwest, near W 84° 34.27 to log a locationless cache. Since there is no hockey we have to do locationless caches to fill our spare time now :D . The cache is called "Where's in a Name?" (GC3153). The idea is you convert your geocaching name to numbers to get a coordinate. Mine turns out to be those posted here. Now I need someone to go to that longitude, at any latitude, and get a picture of their GPS coordinates clearly displayed. Other pictures of the surroundings are good too. Email me the picture(s) and then we can both log a find for this cache. Anyone interested? Thanks.

  2. I use GSAK as my primary database and as I do puzzle and multi caches I create new waypoints with the inital GCXXXX followed by "-2", "-3", etc (without the quotes) for each waypoint of that series/puzzle. So a waypoint looks like GCXXXX-2 for the second waypoint. I have had no trouble exporting this to my Garmin etrex Legend C via USB, until recently. I think it changed with the latest release (I am running 5.1.1). The hyphen gets dropped now in the transfer. So what starts out as GCXXXX-2 on GSAK ends up as GCXXXX2 in my GPS. Not a big deal but that little hyphen is actually a good eye catcher when I am searching for a wayoint to find. Is it me or did something change? I have not changed any settings. Thanks again for a great product. <_<

  3. Must .... read .... all .... posts .... before .... asking... question. Couldn't do it, got about 1/2 way through and then went to the end and read the last few. Since everyone is so nice and patient, I knew I would still get help even if it's been asked before ;)


    When I launch GSAK, it opens in the fully maximized screen mode (just the way I like it). Sometimes, not always, it opens in a smaller window, but the maximize button in the top right still shows it as maximized (it displays the restore down button). I click on the restore down button, it changes the window, then I click maximize, and it does maximize to the full screen. Obviously not a big deal, but I thought I would mention it.


    Great package Clyde, I use it all the time, and suspect I don't come close to using all of it's functionality.



  4. One thing I would like to see is a practice area for generating a new cache. I have tried to do some things with html and it turned out looking poor. I had to do a bunch of editing to the new listing before it got approved. It would be nice to have a practice area where you can play around with your text or html or whatever to see what your final cache listing will look like.

  5. :blink: Right you were. I missed the second point - rather an important one obviously. Thank you for your help - I REALLY appreciate it. I never would have figured this out on my own. The cache got hidden today so now I can report it, thanks to your assistance.


    Thanks again.

  6. Thank you all for your help. But. I saved the file as a Web document, then copied and pasted it into the long description box after checking on the HTML checkbox. But it still looks the same and appears as just a text file. Is it supposed to look like that or should it look like the html/Word document?


    Thanks again.

  7. I am trying to set up my first cache. It is a puzzle cache where the posted coordinates are not the actual cache coordinates. Once you solve a puzzle (actually a little trivia quiz) you have the information for the actual coordinates. I have started to fill out the "report a cache" page and it all seems straight forward. But, when I get to the long description box the best I can get is plain text. I have a nice looking document created in Word 2003 with color and the works. How do I get this to appear on the cache page? I know it can be done because I've found caches in my area that have been full of color and pictures.



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