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  1. So, does anyone want to put a bunch of different edition geojellies together and put them up for auction with me?


    Like I said, the same could be done with other smaller coins, like the nerdz, mwgb chicks, etc....


    Naomi ;)


    I'll throw in my Sunflower Power GeoJellie. B) Just let me know where to send it and whatnot.


    Being that I'm not in the US, I think it's better to have a central place in the states to send them to.


    Who wants to step up to the plate and collect the jellies and other small things like that to auction?


    Naomi B)


    Ill throw in a kidney flavored jelly, also.

  2. We would like to get the Kidney geojellie by donorgirl if anyone has one to trade? Chip is a kidney transplant recipient and that would be a nice one to have. Just give us a pm or email if anyone wants to know what we have for trade.


    Being a kidney transplant recipient or donor automatically qualifies you for a kidney flavored geojelly. Do you prefer nickel or black nickel? :)

  3. This might be a dumb question but here goes. Would it bother you as the receiver from your secret santa to get a personal coin that would pretty much give away who your santa is or would you rather not know who the sender is? I kind of wanted to send one of my Geojelly3 coins but that would kind of be obvious. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

  4. I started geocaching while I was out of work recuperating from surgery (lefty went to live with my brother). Was only supposed to be down and out for 2 weeks but the recovery turned in to 6 weeks and I was going crazy sitting at home. My sister Melissa, who had recently moved back to state after being gone most of our adult lives ,told me about this thing called geocaching and their was one in a local park. I fell in love with it that day and took full advantage of the next 4 weeks out of work.


    Why I keep geocaching is the bond my sister lissie and our other sister Ms.Kitty developed as adults through geocaching. Yes, sometimes I'm by myself caching but there is no better day than when the three of us make a cache run. Theres always laughing,sometimes maybe even a little cussing at those hard ones and an occassional "sister down" when one of us ends up in the horizontal position. Those are the priceless and unforgettable things in life.

  5. Melissa







    DING, DING, DING. We have a winner. Send me your addy through my gc.com profile please .


    Thanks to everyone for playing. I really had fun. You guys are great sports.



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