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  1. Was it an urban myth or a true story about a driver in Germany using his GPS in fog. Apparently he drove straight off a ferry ramp into the Rhine.
  2. Glad to have been able to help. I hope that you enjoy the event. Not my scene - I like my creature comforts!!
  3. You need to be on the main page where all the topics are listed to see the "Show Ignored Topics" option. Groundspeak Forums > Geocaching Groups by Country > United Kingdom.
  4. Top right of topics page you have Help Search Members Calendar. It is just below Calendar and is named "Show Ignored Topics".
  5. It has moved up on my list BUT I am using Firefox and had chosen this as a topic to ignore so I had to display ignored topics. Any chance you have added it to ignored topics?
  6. That's strange as, if it is the one adambro refers to, then its mission is to "remain with the owner and be shared". With some of the caches here in London and SE it is hard to know whether there are geocoins in caches or not. Hyde Park #10, for example, is a nano cache with just room for a bit of paper but the web page says it contains 2 geocoins... A strange world we live in!
  7. From some postings in the dim and distant past I think the cache owner can only move the cache by a maximum amount. Two hundred metres springs to mind but I could be way off. The latitude for both positions is the same but the error in longitude is about 2200m. If you can cahenge the co-ords by 200m at a time then try changing the longitude to 002 32.334W. That is a 200m move. If that works, then just keep changing the longitude by a similar amount, ie 002 32.5151W, 002 32.6961W, etc until you get to the required position. Hopefully the reviewers will do it for you though!
  8. It's approx £200. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll pass it on. Sorry Stuey, I thought the £200 was a figure just guessed at. Must admit that it does seem to be on the steep side. With all insurance it is worth shopping around.
  9. I'm with Stuey on that... if I ordered both - I cannot remember
  10. I would suggest speaking with an insurance broker to determine what the premium might be. Alternatively you could ask the land owner, or whatever, if their insurance company would give you a preferred rate for the required insurance on the back of the land owners insurance. It is better to get an indication of the costs as it may be less than you expect. Edited to add: Is there now a case for one of the UK based Geocaching groups to look into insurance for events?
  11. As a regular LBC listener I was wondering if this had happened yet...
  12. Moote's assumption is perfectly correct. Following this through, it would appear, from the co-ords that you give, that you live in or very close to Wimberry Drive. In one of your mails you gaive the following information: "As regards the GPS setup - position format is hddd.mm/mmm and datum is WGS84. Checked my coords this morning. They came out at 53.03073,-2.15654 which is pretty close to what I have entered into the script. My post code is ST5 7TQ." The positions are in the format (d)dd mm.mmm and it is the decimal point that is fooling you. What you are seeing is 53° 03.073'N; 002° 15.654'W. Converting this position to degrees and decimals of a degree gives 53.05122°N; 002.25940°W. If you plot this position it will put you in Wimberry Drive. Edit to add: The position you have been keying in 53.03073°N;002.15654°W equates to 53° 01.844'N; 002° 03.392'W which equates to Monsal Grove.
  13. Looks as though AutoRoute is displaying positions as decimals of a degree and your are expecting to see degrees and minutes. For example, and to keep it simple, 52.333333 degrees is the same as 52 20.000'. Take off the whole part of the degrees and multiply the decimal part by 60 to get the minutes.
  14. You can do an advanced search by co-ords on the gc.com site. Use 34 41.000N; 135 31.000E (near Osaka airport). That should give you a decent selection. Once at your hotel turn on your GPS and find the closest. It may be worthwhile mentioning to your hosts what you plan to do - knowing the Japanese they will do their best to help you. Beats the usual Geisha Bar bash after the business meeting - maybe not! Charles
  15. As Birders say in their reply, it is basically down to planning. If you know you are going to do a series of caches, prefixed by the same name(s), you can use GSAK to your advantage. In the case mentioned, the words causing the problems, in the Smart Name, are University and Challenge. If you update GSAK with the latest GPX file, before your caching mission you can do the following, in GSAK, to benefit you: 1. Click on Tools|Options|General Tab. Towards the bottom right you will see a field named "Smart name drop words" and in the filed there may be a few words such as "the", "this", etc. Place a semicolon at the end of the line and then add "University;Challenge" - without quotation marks. Then click OK. 2. Then click "Database|Recalculate Smart Names...". The Smart Names will then recalculate but will not contain the words University or Challenge. You can then copy the waypoints to your GPS. Word of caution - remove University and Challenge from the drop words list when no longer required and recaclc the Smart Names. Charles
  16. Thanks for the suggestions - particularly Moote's. I have tried the instructions that Moote linked to but had already done this a number of times before. I also ran Program Scan in Norton and it did not identify SpoilerSync as a program that requires access to the internet. Strange! Thanks again. Charles
  17. I have not used SpoilerSync since November when it was working fine. When I tried to use it yesterday it would not work. Initially, I thought it may have been the GPX file but, after sending it to Keith of aRRKS, he confirmed the GPX file worked for him. Keith gave considerable assistance and it was traced down to Norton Internet Security 2006 that was the cause of the problem. Enabling the Windows firewall and disabling the Norton firewall caused SpoilerSync to work. No matter what I try with Norton I cannot get it to allow SpoilerSync to work. Does anyone else use SpoilerSync with NIS 2006? If so, does SpoilerSync work OK and what settings do you have in Norton to allow SS to access GC.com? Handfulls of hair are now littering my desk so any assisatnce would be appreciated! Charles Edited to correct a typo...
  18. In my opinion, if i can get the wheels to within 10 or 20 feet of the cache then the terrain is pushchair friendly. If it involves crossing over stiles followed by a mile and a half walk up a muddy, rocky hill full of brambles - for example, then perhaps this might not be pushchair friendly! i guess like with all attributes, its just a guidline, and hopefully cache owners will use their common sense when using it. hope that helps! Thanks. The 5m (or so) is a help.
  19. I am updating the attributes for my caches and, in general, there is not a problem. However, I do have one (dumb?) question. If a single person is out caching with a stroller how close to the cache should a stroller be taken to consider it "stroller friendly"? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  20. All the folks who have posted on here have a confirmed order. What about people who have used the order form? I tried using it last night as it appeared OK but there was no acknowledgement after clicking on the "Send" button. Could you confirm if my order was received by that method? Thanks. Charles (Master Mariner)
  21. Greenwich, London 839 Active (of which 140 are micros ) 250 Done 21 Mine Must top up my Oyster Card!
  22. The South Bank is a bit of a desert for caches so kewfriend's advice should be considered. Anyway, to answer your question the following are along the South Bank from Tower Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge. All are micros apart from one which is a virtual. Please check status as two are disabled at present. GCQQ5R Tower Bridge View #2 GCKM3R Golden Hinde GCQQ5H Millennium Bridge GCGEGC Old Father Thames GCPAQN Lambeth Parks #2 GCPAQJ Lambeth Parks GCPXGP Lambeth Parks #3 GCPXGW Lambeth Parks #4 GCPXGY Lambeth Parks #5 'Fraid that's it!
  23. In the last week I had a look through all the "disabled" caches within 30km of my home (Docklands/Greenwich). I came up with about 20 in total that had been disabled for more than 4 months. I posted a Request for Archive (RFA) on each of these caches and am pleased to see that all but one have now been archived by Lacto. As Lacto says in his cache note - if the owner wishes to reactivate it then contact him. Thanks for the Rant Alibags - I don't feel as bad as I did about posting the RFAs!! Charles
  24. Stuey, misunderstanding on my part... thanks for pointing that out!
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