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  1. Don't know the answer to that one - yet! Your guess is good enough for me until the real one steps forward. Carry on as lunch is calling!
  2. OK... an easy one at a minute to twelve. Who is "Deceangi"?
  3. 3... working on the basis of the number of letters in the spelling of the words "one", "two", etc.
  4. I used to think that the forums were a useful source of information. In the past few weeks there has been very little on here that could be called useful. Although I will carry on finding caches I archived all my caches, this morning, apart from the ones I adopted. I have never attended events, gone caching with another cacher and doubt that I ever will. My perception is that the forums are doing more damage than good!
  5. Totally agree with Moote's recommendations. Another hot tip picked up from Moote was to install GPSGate into the base memory and not the SD Card. Since doing that I have had no problems running several GPS bits of software simultaneously. "Moote's Guide to Using Your Pocket PC" is a good read and I am sure someone will advise where it can be found.
  6. I also say name them and publish what they sent you. In your opening post you say "you know who you are most of yo you are the ranters on the forums anyway". By the absence of posts by certain people, on this topic, we may draw our own conclusions - probably wrongly! Name them!
  7. Right. I'm getting mad now. Is anyone actually reading my posts or just skimming them and making the rest up themselves? Let me re-state this clearly and unequivically. IMHO: 1. A non-member *may* be a new inexperienced cacher who knows nothing about geocaching etiqette and it very likely to take all the swaps, including geocoins and TBs, and then never been seen again when they give up geocaching. We all know this happens and is a risk you take when placing a cache. 2. A non-member *may* be a throughly experienced cacher. 3. A premium member is likely to be an experienced cacher. 4. A premium member is highly unlikely to be a newbie. So if you place a new cache and spend quite a bit of money (relatively) on quality swaps, and place a few geocoins and TBs for the first to find..... what is a reliable way of ensuring that all the stuff doesn't go missing when a newbie finds it and then gives up geocaching? That's right.... make it a members only cache. Yes, that may well mean that an experienced and wholly worthy geocacher such as perth pathfinders will not be able to find the cache, but that could be a compromise the cache owner is prepared to make. Wandering off topic... When does a "Newbie" cease to be a "Newbie" and when does a cacher become "Experienced"? I would like to know what categories I am in.
  8. Do you mean your name is missing from the list of users currently browsing the forums? If so, the only way I know how to change this is to "Log Out" near the top left where it shows "Logged in as...". Then when you get the "Welcome Guest" window click on "Log In". To the left you should enter your User Name and Password and to the right there is a "Log in as invisible" option. If that is checked then uncheck it. Then click "Log me in". If that is not what you were asking could you be a bit more specific?
  9. I have done 88 of Siloans caches and it's quite amazing how he finds locations that survive and, when maintenance becomes an issue, he is on top of it. I will admit that since this thread started he has begun to place a lot of micros probably to get his numbers up and some of these are in locations below his usual standard. As I am close to his cachement ( ) area I do find it annoying (joke) that I clear out my first few pages on GC.com only to find he has placed some more - another four this weekend (so far)! Keep them coming Simon but try and set some more of the dog walking type caches that I like!
  10. In the mext issue of T3 magazine there is a flyer offering "free" rubber stamps. I suppose they are very basic and there will be some cost somewhere as there is "free" and "free". If anyone is interested they can be found at www.vistaprint.co.uk/future2006.
  11. Mine, together with the "bonus" coin, were received yesterday. Many thanks.
  12. At the time, I had 3 batteries for my 2210 (and still do) and had the same problem regardless of which battery I used. I doubt that it was damp as the unit had been sat in my office all week and was in use. It just locked up as I was turning it off. However, damp is something I had not considered that could have been on the internal circuitry and not the battery connections.
  13. Nick Are both the blue and orange lights (Bluetooth and Power) showing continuously if you put the 2210 on charge and power on? If they are I had exactly the same thing happen with my 2210. It was dead in all respects and I bought a new Ipaq. I had taken the battery out, done hard re-sets, etc like you appear to have done. In the end I took the battery out and just left it. About a week later, when I had my new Ipaq, I put a battery back in and it came back to life. I am still using it now! Edited to add: I contacted IpaqRepair.co.uk and was told the main board had failed and it would cost £126 to replace it. That's why I bought a new Ipaq!!
  14. This forum topic may help explain the problem. Hope the link works.
  15. Living not too far away from City Airport I think I have done all the caches close by. You can split thecaches into 3 groups: Walking distance from City Airport: BNUG - The Barrier Method Royal Victoria Bridge Excel Rest Time Royal Victoria Dock Crane BNUG - Millenium Dome View Isle of Dogs caches (DLR to Limehouse) and work south Lunch Break 3 Cabot Square Capers Limehouse Lull BNUG - A (Shipless) Mast in Docklands You could then skip through the foot tunnel to Greenwich and do some of the caches there. I have not included them as I don't know what your time constraints are. Numbers trip on the Greenway (DLR to Beckton) and work west Greenway Beckton Alps Greenway Straights Greenway Plaistow 65 Greenway Greenery Greenway Rainbow Colour Greenway Meridian NOS #2 London 2012 Olympic View NOS #1 The Big Stink If you don't want numbers I suggest you forget the last lot - see how many logs there are for the first six! The first and second lot are OK and, if you have time, Greenwich is worthwhile. In this part of the world I suggest you make use the DLR - there is no underground. The DLR now goes to City Airport. Tracks are all above ground so you get a good view of the world going by. You can't go far wrong by staying close to the river. Hope the above helps. If you want anymore info please email me.
  16. My delay between web requests is set at 1 second.
  17. It's notchanges to the pages themselves, but I think that with the servers being so busy lately, the site is now throttling people who access too many pages over a short period of time, which is exactly what spoiler sync does. But it does seem to be a coincidence that mine is now working with Norton Firewall. I tried it with 100 caches that had 64 images and it worked fine.
  18. T I had a problem with SpoilerSync a few months ago and corresponded with Keith about it. It became apparent that my Norton firewall may have caused the problem. If I disabled the Norton firewall and used the Windows firewall it worked fine. After seeing your posting, I thought I would try SpoilerSync using Norton firewall and, you've guessed it, it is working fine (for me) now. So I think changes have been made by GC.com as nothing has been changed in my Norton firewall.
  19. I'm 55 and use metric as that is what we use at work for underwater surveying and communications cable installation.
  20. There is a picture but it is hidden amongst the logs. Not the best place for it, I agree. All the pictures in the gallery have been taken by cachers and not the cache owner. In fact one of the pictures is mine from my first DNF on this one!
  21. This hint, for Hyde Park #10 (London) GCQFVP, annoys me as it says "See the picture and look low". I don't think I am the first to DNF and ask "where is the picture". There isn't one! As this is a Nano I think a good hint could be useful but I don't want to be told exactly where it is as I enjoy the hunt.
  22. This is an oxymoron. Anyone who keeps a wild animal and, even worse, takes it out among the general public cannot be responsible. Not in my experience. There are very few dogs we meet while out caching (just to keep this on topic) who do not come rushing up to us causing us distress and spoiling our day. It's about time that the keeping of all wild animals for amusement was banned. Fortunately, dogs fall into two categories, wild and domesticated. As the vast majority of dogs fall into the "domesticated" category only those people keeping wolves, or similar, are affected by Alan's remarks. People owning other dogs are OK.
  23. Well said Adrian - a welcome voice of reason. I do not know SP but, to me, he seems to be one of the real characters of UK geocaching. I tend to read his posts as they are generally well written, considered and honest.
  24. I have two dogs and like to think that I am a responsible dog owner. Both have been put through the Good Citizen Dog scheme and and mess they leave is always cleaned up and binned responsibly. However, we know that both of our dogs have problems. The smaller dog, a Pomeranian, does not like children. That is probably because they are noisy and can move quickly and that obviously disturbs her. As she is cute, kiddies always head for her and we have to ask the parents to call their kiddies away as she might have a snap at them. About 90% of parents comply but the other 10% get a bit funny about it with an attitude of "don't tell me what to do". If the kiddies keep on coming towards the Pom we just pick her up. Our Border Collie does not like other dogs running up to her even though they usually just want to play. We ask the owners of other dogs to call their dogs back. Most do but some just say "its alright, our dog just wants to play". If a dog gets within a couple of metres of our Collie she becomes aggressive. We are aware of the problem and can control her without any damage being done. Having said that, she loves people and especially those that will throw her ball. The reason for her aggression has been put down to her being attacked by other dogs when she was in rescue. That resulted in her having 28 stitches in her head. The dog trainer we use likens it to a human having been attacked being wary of someone running straight at them - do they fight or take flight? I never take my dogs out cahing if I go by myself. I will take them if my wife comes with me as it does need someone to pay 100% attention to any dog. Any dog that bites a human should be reported to the police and dog warden regardless of the injuries resulting from the attack. Owners that say "its never done that before" probably know that the dog HAS done that before. The words in sTeanTraens post above are true "there are dogs that have bitten someone and those that have not - yet". All dog owners should know their dogs and, like us (humans), they have flaws in their characters. We know the flaws in our dogs and act to prevent damage being caused to others.
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