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  1. Threads like this don't help anything at all. Problems are fixed person to person. NOT in fora of this nature. I think......
  2. So all this involves is visiting 25 EC's and you can log the cache? I can see the PT cachers going berserk with stupid ideas.
  3. This year things were super complicated for me to prepare an event. Several out-of-the-country trips left me little time to prepare and subsequently publish a decent event. However, I still managed to publish one EC to commemorate the day: Chilled Margins - DP/EC63 ALL visitors WELCOME!!!
  4. Pity. It would have been an added incentive for cachers to participate more actively
  5. Sorry, Nothing planned for that day. It will take me the next two months just to get together the reading material for all the attendees. Then its compilation time and write up time.
  6. A double thank you for the info. You will soon have mail...-
  7. I'm Ok with the name but I do recognise that in some instances there should be a little more latitude given to the cache developer when topics fall in that grey area where you can't get the full picture unless you delve into other branches of the natural sciences. Having said this I don't think that the term "NaturalCaches" would ever catch on
  8. Likewise. In 2008 Geoaware gave a few small mementos towards our event. Any chance of some this year?
  9. Ok. Thanks. I'm going to aim for October 14. In case you're wondering I'm starting to set up "PT International EarthCache Day 2012" event cache........
  10. I think that the date of the international EC day which exists since 2006 is associated with the date of the Earthcience week You can look up the dates for 2012 and 2013 here http://www.earthsciweek.org My guess for 2012 would be October 14. I do not know, however, whether the large EC event which will take place in September 2012 will change the logic behind the dates chosen in 2006-2011. Thank you. Yes, the big EC event might shift things.
  11. Every two years I seem to ask the same question but on what date does International EarthCache Day fall on this year? (I seem to remember a very useful reply by Geoaware a couple of years back but I can't find it now)
  12. If there's ever a vote on this issue, I'll stick to my view: NO premium EarthCaches!
  13. I still do! Merry Christmas everyone
  14. This is another topic altogether but my view, now from a hardened and calloused EarthCacher's point of view is that there is only one looser in this process - the cheater! I don't bother with people like that anymore and they don't get a thank you for visiting note from me either.
  15. Thank you Lynx. Good to have a countryman's view.
  16. I tend to agree with you. It does make the experience that much more rewarding.
  17. Interesting question that I cannot answer.
  18. I did find that a little funny too with all the emphasis on adding more and more material to the cache pages to just get them through review. I am with you 'Chokecherry' and I have several emails to prove it. Yes, I have saved every email pertaining to getting all 60 ECs published! Many have requested lengthening the content. I am glad to see it is different now. I have noticed how brief many of the newer ECs are described. Perhaps some are too brief? Thanks once more for the input. Great to have so many views.
  19. Thank you all for the input so far. Any more views will be welcome.
  20. I can understand your point of view but there are instances where the cache page must be left sufficiently generic (and short) so as not to spoil the "surprise" on site.
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