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  1. Always love to reply to myself... NormAndCat and I will be teaming up for this one. Not sure if Harpo Marx will be feeling well enough to join us. Either way, there's room for one more if there are any more CM lost souls out there.
  2. 2.5 of my 3 team members will not be able to join me for the CM (1 is sick and unsure if he's going to make it). So, if anyone is looking for group to join for the CM give me a shout. Cheers, JustMike
  3. If your plans change and you decide to go on the weekend of 9/13 or 9/27 I will go. Regards, JM
  4. I hope the CM remains on the 11th as I can make it that day, but cannot make the 18th. Thanks for organizing he CM either way! JM
  5. Sumner cache machine was fun. I'd be up for a Kent/Auburn/etc cache machine too. If I can make it on the date picked I'll be there. Thanks! JustMike
  6. The kids and I will be there. If anyone knows of any good kid-friendly caches in the area or between Arlington and Redmond please let me know. JustMike
  7. Since I'm missing out on the group adventure but will still be down there next week woud you mind sharing the coordinates of the other caves? If you don't want to post the coordinates to the thread you can e-mail me through my profile. I'll share if you promise to stir up lots of controversy by placing caches in/near these caves. Will a multi with nano waypoints inside each of the lava tubes that lead to an ammo can filled with what's left of my DB Copper's Hijack money? I've been waiting for the heat over that whole jumping out of the plane thing to simmer down, but every time I'm just about ready to start spending the money, some one finds a scap of something somewhere in SW washington claiming it to be part of my gear and up goes the heat again. So I've finally decided I might as well just figure out a way to get rid of all the money and be done with it. Hey DB, I can offer an easier way to get rid of the cash.
  8. Looks like I will have a work commitment that I should meet rather than joining this adventure. Have fun, folks. I may try a September weekend in the area with my kids if anyone wants to explore the caves then.
  9. Since I'm missing out on the group adventure but will still be down there next week woud you mind sharing the coordinates of the other caves? If you don't want to post the coordinates to the thread you can e-mail me through my profile. I'll share if you promise to stir up lots of controversy by placing caches in/near these caves.
  10. Doesn't anyone else work on Wednesdays? No problem, I should be able to take the day off and join the adventure on 8/27. Anyone interested in sharing the drive from the Seattle area? depending on how many people go, I probibly could drive. I'm interested in carpooling as well. Hydi can hold 3 comfortably (including me), 4 max. I live in Newcastle (between Bellevue and Renton), off exit 9 on I-405. Ok.... You're in Newcastle, I'm in Issaquah and Andrew will pass through our neck of the woods on his way south so looks like we have enough local folks to share the drive. BabyShoooter is fence straddling on this one, but may go too. My family truckster can carry 4 adults comfortably, 5 if everyone smells good (7 if 2 people are smaller than the average 7yo.) BTW, I have coordinates for 3 other nearby caves if anyone is up for a bit more exploring. Not sure how much hiking is involved, but would guess 2-3 miles total.
  11. Doesn't anyone else work on Wednesdays? No problem, I should be able to take the day off and join the adventure on 8/27. Anyone interested in sharing the drive from the Seattle area?
  12. Thanks for the report. I planned this hike to follow your's by one week so you could scout it for us. Clever, eh?
  13. Please shout when these caches are available again. I'm looking forward to the adventure. Regards, JustMike
  14. Great. Looks like we have 5 people going so far.
  15. Sorry folks, I confess that I haven't been paying close attention to the geocaching forums over the last few weeks. Life has been crazy busy. Hanging my head in shame.... The Rattlesnake Ridge hike is on for this Sunday, 7/20. I and 2 or 3 friends are meeting at Snoqualmie Point at 7am (GC165YQ), leaving at least 1 car there and then proceeding to Rattlesnake Lake to start the hike. Looks like a fun hike so join us if this sounds good to you too. Shout if additional details are needed or if you plan to join us. Regards, JustMike
  16. So..... less than 1 week to this event and nothing posted to forum for quite some time. Any updates? All still good? Any team lists? cheers, JustMike
  17. I agree. Going in with accusations would be a Bad Idea Now, setting up a Bohm-style dialogue with some of the local grottos about Caching and Caves, without any refrence to the incident (not even a "we heard that someone's talking trash about us cachers!") couldn't hurt us or them, and could enhance the sport. Good idea. Allowing the hotheads in any group to control interactions with others just leads to ongoing problems. Some in the geocaching community have worked hard to estiblish and maintain good relationships with various land managers over the years and doing the same with other interest groups, caving in this case, makes perfect sense.
  18. Hi Jester! The cache descriptions you've written are, in my opinion, nicely done. You warn people to wear a helmet, bring 3 sources of light and wear appropriate clothes. You also note when the cave is closed for bat hibernation. The caves in question are quite simple too so it's unlikely anyone will get lost exploring them. So, what you've done seems reasonable to me. It would be also be good to mention that cave visitors should pack out anything they bring in -- trash and, well, human waste (best suggestion is to 'go' before entering the cave). My previous general comments about geocaches in/around caves should not be considered a commentary on your specific caches. In fact, I hope to get out there this summer and find those caches and explore those caves! In the general case, I do feel there is a risk that other geocachers may hide caches in/near caves and not do a good job of explaining the dangers to people and ecosystems. We've all seen examples of caches hidden in locations or in ways that either result in harm to the location or place people in danger so it's not hard to imagine this occurring with caches in/near caves. The difference here is that it can take many years for a cave ecosystem to recover and rescuing people from caves is not simple. Based on previous comments from others in this discussion it sounds like earthcaches receive some NSS review when appropriate so my suggestion was that either only earthcaches be allowed near caves since this review mechanism exists or that the review mechanism be extended to all cache types. This won't stop cachers from visiting caves, nor should that be a goal, but would avoid encouraging cachers to visit dangerous or sensitive caves. Please note that I stated that some caves should be off-limits, not all caves and that any encouragement to visit a cave should include warnings about safety and protection of the ecosystem. Let's get out there and go caving!!!! cheers, JustMike
  19. I am a member of the NSS and one of the grottos mentioned although I've not been active for the last year and have had nearly no experience in the PNW (schedule issues, etc). It's important to understand that many caves are delicate ecosystems, some which which support endangered species that can be seriously and easily harmed, and that exploring a cave without the proper equipment and experience can be deadly. Therefore, it's a bad idea to place geocaches near/in some caves since doing so will encourage ill-prepared people to explore those caves. Some caves are well-known, 'tourist' caves and placing a cache near one of those shouldn't bother anyone. That said, the vigilante approach taken by some random group of cavers is unacceptable, ineffective and just plain childish. Perhaps it would be reasonable to work with the NSS to attempt establishing guidelines for caches near caves. Some caves should be off-limits. Many of those caves are already protected with locked gates/etc, but some are not. Any cache placed near a cave should include some warnings about protecting the cave's ecosystem and about the dangers of exploring it without adequate preparation. That note could include a link to the local grotto and/or NSS so those geocachers interested in caving could connect with a group that would help them explore that cave safely. It sounds like Groundspeak (?) already has this relationship with respect to earthcaches so perhaps it would make sense to either extend this relationship to all types of caches or only allow earthcaches near caves. Or.... we could all hang out here and complain about cavers and they could hang out 'over there' and complain about geocachers. Perhaps we can meet once 'n awhile to trow rocks at each other too, although it wouldn't be fair since they have helmets (and 3 lights and all sorts of other gear needed to explore caves safely). regards, JustMike
  20. Either the 9th or 16th work for me. Looking forward to the adventure. JustMike
  21. Killer hike with a great group. Looking forward to doing another (shorter) hike with you all in the future. Thanks for the adventure! JustMike
  22. I'll be there. I do have evening plans however, so can't join the beer drinking and debauchery after the hike. JustMike
  23. Should be good for a trail report. The hike of the month is doing the TMT on 5/17 I can't do the 5/17 HOTM as I already have plans, but will be happy to pass along a trail report. If there are another others that want to do this hike and also can't make the HOTM here's your chance. JustMike
  24. Ok, the Rattlesnake hike is moved to July 20th. Same details -- 8am at Snoqualmie Point, 1-way, 2-car-shuffle, rattlesnakes, but no snow. See my first posting on this thread for the full details and watch the calendar. If anyone's interested, we will be hiking the TMT (Tiger Mountain Trail) on 5/3, starting at Kiersolvd's GC13FPK and finishing at GC13FPB. There may be a little snow on this hike so some type of traction such as Yak Trax would be a good idea. This is a 16 mile hike with lots of elevation change so put this in the challenging category. Stragglers will be left behind for the tigers. cheers, JustMike
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