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  1. I like the idea of making it a stage in a multi. Perhaps you can use some of the numerical marking on the 'copter (assuming it has any) as part of the process for determining the coordinates of the next stage...which could lead to a public library where the finder may need to look up a reference on the history of the 'copter.


    Use your creative mind and you'll come up with a great solution for using this location as part of a cache.

  2. OK, a day of monkeying with this paperless thing has me feeling like a resident expert!


    First of all, thanks to all the kind folks who took the time to send me examples of .gpx files. (You know who you are.) It made all the difference in understanding how important access to that type of file is for paperless caching.


    Next, I see that it will be easy enough to run a pocket query to get all the caches in my state and then filter and file them into my Palm. I figure that if I have enough memory, and 8mb seems like a lot of memory at the moment, why not put as many caches into the PDA so that the info will be handy whenever I want it.


    My next question is this: New caches are being placed every day and currently I have my account set up to receive an e-mail listing of all the new caches in my area. In fact, I got one this morning. Is it possible for me to set up a pocket query that will give me this same list but in .gpx format so that I can then import the new caches into my PDA thereby keeping my database current? Well, is it?

  3. GET A POCKET PC PDA. All I have read about the PALM PDA for caching requires about 40 steps to do the job I do with my Pocket PC PDA in one step. Plug pda in to PC drag and drop GPX file into folder on PDA DONE. GO caching. I have a Palm PDA too which I got for caching to save my PocketPC for other thing but after reading the GU article I said NO WAY I have a life so I stuck with the POCKET PC.


    Just out of curiousity, what method do you use to transfer the waypoints for your selected caches into your GPSr?

  4. If you paid via PayPal for your eBay auction, you should contact them and register a complaint. You may just get your money back!


    Edited it add that there are many reputable sellers on eBay so you shouldn't be discouraged to use that service again. A good thing to do, prior to purchasing/bidding, is to send the seller an e-mail requesting clarification of any information that you feel is unclear in his/her listing. If the seller doesn't reply then just move on to another listing. The good sellers truly outnumber the bad.

  5. Thanks for the redirect. Someone also mentioned that to me in another thread but I still think it would be a good idea for TPTB to have one readily available on the Geocaching.com site.


    Just my humble non-Premium Member opinion.

  6. Just to clarify, I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble for sharing a sample .gpx file and I've already posted in the website thread that perhaps TPTB could make a single cache .gpx file available for download so that people like me, who are considering the upgrade to Premium, a chance to see how the other half lives. Since it looks like the single most important benefit of Premium Membership is access to .gpx files, it seems logical to me that a sample could go a long way towards helping people like me take the plunge.


    Anyway, if sending me a .gpx file in any way violates the membership agreement, please don't do it. I don't want anyone to get into "deep kimchee" with the Big Kahuna himself.

  7. I am not a Premium Member but I know that being able to receive .gpx files is one of the major benefits of upgrading my status. Having never seen a .gpx file, it occurs to me that being able to download a sample .gpx file to look at and possibly convert for paperless use would give knucklehead like me a better understanding of what we're really missing.


    Would it be possible to have a sample .gpx file available for download on the Geocaching.com page that explains all about waypoints?

  8. One thing that seems certain in all this is that .gpx files are a must which means that Premium Membership is also a must.


    I wonder if someone would be kind enough to provide me with a sample .gpx file (since none are available to sample on Geocaching.com) so that I might see the difference between a converted .loc file and a converted .gpx file. I don't really care where the cache is located and I really only need a single cache to do the comparison.


    If anyone is interested in sharing a .gpx file, please e-mail it to visionquest220 @ cox.net.

  9. If you want to upload maps to a GPSr you will discover that each manufacturer has proprietary mapping software for their particular devices, MapSource for Garmin and MapSend for Magellan.


    You can certainly use other programs for determining the coordinates of waypoints but the maps themselves will not work/load into the GPS.


    Hope that is what you were trying to find out. If not, then you now know something that perhaps you didn't already know!

  10. I downloaded Cachemate, installed it on my Palm IIIc, downloaded an .LOC file from Geocaching.com, converted and installed in on my PDA and have been playing around with the features of the program. It looks pretty good so far. I'm one of those "take one step at a time" kind of guys so I'm gonna take a closer look at what I've done and see what I like, don't like, etc.


    I'm by no means a tightwad and if I like this program, springing for the $8 is no big deal. (Hell, I'll drop $20 for a DVD on a whim.) I like the idea of loading my PDA with a lot of caches all over the Phoenix Metro area and if I can hit one now and then while I'm out and about, that makes the PDA/GPSr all that much more useful. I'm sure I'll also end up dropping the $30 for a Premium Membership too.


    In the meantime, keep those methods coming! There's always more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

  11. Well, since I'm not a totally computer-illiterate, non latte-drinking hack, I like the idea of being able to do some manipulation/customization of the data being transferred. Combined with the fact that I've also heard that mobipocket sucks, I'm looking more seriously at the other possibilities.


    What's your method?

  12. Ha! You incorrectly assume that I drink lattes or any other coffe related beverage so my contribution to the propegation of Groundspeak through the purchase of a Premium Membership will require a concession in a different area of my life! And where, may I ask, am I supposed to come up with the $7 for Cachemate?


    (Does anyone know of a plasma bank around here?)


    On the other hand, thanks for the sage advice!

  13. OK, folks. I have a Garmin Quest and a Palm IIIc that I use for work and I'd like to also use it for caching. I've read the tutorial at Geocaching U but I have a feeling that there may be an easier, more streamlined method that exists in the hearts and minds of those without the ability/desire/gumption to post such a step-by-step process for all to see.


    So, without further ado, the question: What is the most efficient, streamlined and, of course, simple method to achieve the goal of being a Paperless Geocacher?


    I kneel before the Altar of Knowledge as I await your guidance...

  14. Thanks for the heads up! I installed the 6.5 beta a few weeks ago and have been using some of the updated features for a mapping project that I've been working on but my work as been relagated strictly to the desktop and not to the actual Quest. I'll fiddle around with the .gpx feature and see how it works.


    BTW, I appreciate having another Quest user on the boards. It's funny how much more you can learn that way!



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