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  1. Sounds pretty suspicious to me. Certainly, nobody should be logging a cache if they haven't found it. However, just like in most other things, there are cheaters and people that only get self-esteem from artificially building themselves up. Every now and then I'll notice that someone else has logged 10 new caches to my one, and I start feeling sorry for myself and wanting a bigger find number (it's 49). That's when I dust off the self-lecture and remind myself that geocaching is for fun, getting outside, seeing new places and learning new things. The number doesn't really matter and as much as I enjoy it, there's more to life than geocaching. If Super-cacher has that many legitimate finds, I offer congratulations.
  2. Gee, you could have gone to some fun and mostly easy virtual caches that I placed in Yellowstone earlier this month. But for some reason, they haven't been approved. I've sent two messages to admin, in the past two weeks, addressing the reasons given for non-approval and requesting that they be un-archived, and I'm still waiting for a response.
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