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  1. I'd read in the past a thread where someone posted regarding left over tags from an official event and they were selling them cheaper than the standard travel bugs... I think it was in a cheap travel bug thread. Is there any such thread alive currently? somegeek
  2. Google Translator Tooltip This is a sweet Greasemonkey(Firefox Addon) script which translates highlighted text using Google's translate services which auto-detects the source language and translates it into english(or whatever language you have set locally) and displays in the tooltip without leaving the page. Pretty sweet for viewing log entries in languages you don't know. I've got a TB that's spent a bit of time in EU so this has been helpful to enjoy the log entires. somegeek
  3. You don't need to necessarily put it in the cache. Hanging it in a nearby tree would still do the trick.
  4. Man - this little unit is wicked. Folks are gonna have Garmin envy. P
  5. Both nano caches and magnetic sheet caches are hidden (though sometimes in plain site) and both store a log sheet. Guess my ramblings there were not accurate enough. Anything that can't hold a coin or the like is too small IMO. I find nanos and flatsies(what do you call the magnetic logs?) lame at least.
  6. There is an upside to running or riding a road bike in sketchy parts of town... you're inspired to run faster/train harder.
  7. I'm going to guess that a four year old kid cares less about a FTF than an adult thinks they do... unless the parent is pushing them to be just as obsessed with it as some adults.
  8. haha... "but this coin goes to 11..."
  9. I've put some 3-in-1 laser pointers in the few caches I've placed for the FTF folks. Get them off Ebay for about $1 shipped. As someone mentioned above, anything beyond a log book is above and beyond and that's cool of you. somegeek
  10. Prolly been mentioned here before, but you can use Google to search the GC forums using this format in the search box to search this forum for 2-4 character terms. e.g. : gps accuracy iphone site:http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/ This will search for gps accuracy iphone and limit the search to show results from the http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/ site only somegeek
  11. Good to know and thanks for this - I will keep an eye out. Thanks for another option. Could always use this site to obtain tracking numbers to use on custom made items. somegeek
  12. I purchased a half dozen of the 2010 Cachekinz Geocoinfest tags and just went back for more but they're sold out. I think they were $2.75. Anyone know of a cheap source like this for proper GC trackable tags? Thanks, somegeek
  13. Please disregard. Moving to Geocoin area. somegeek
  14. Nano caches or the flat ones which just have the log on the backside... where is the cache there? /lame Cache - a hidden storage space
  15. FWIW - this is a great AAA/AA battery charger - La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger and hard to beat for $30 shipped. The adjustable charge rates(individual per battery position) allow you to charge your batteries at a lower rate(say 1/10C(200 mA, 500 mA, and 700 mA)) which doesn't heat them up like those fast chargers that just shorten the life of your batteries. I leave this out and just swap batteries when I get home after using my GPS. Each battery has it's own display. You can see how much charge each cell has taken while charging, what the current voltage level is, etc.
  16. Were any of these premium member only caches at the time they were muggled?
  17. Prolly the same guy that hid this one... somegeek Yikes. Creative - yes. Clever - yes. Wildly inappropriate and foolishly dangerous - yes. Uhhh, I think it was just a joke. Good... someone got it. somegeek
  18. Garmin GPSMAP62 is the next gen of the beloved Garmin 60CSX Compare the Oregon 300 to the GPSMAP62 I have the Oregon 300 and have no complaints. Pair it up with GSAK(registered) and you're a happy camper. If I purchased another GPS, I'd go for the GPSMAP62 for the increased accuracy I think.
  19. Installed GCTidy for Firefox - this is very cool! Seeing this addresses some of my gripes with the layout of the geocaching.com pages.
  20. You could try a date range and adjust it until you get your 900 caches for a given area. somegeek
  21. Prolly the same guy that hid this one... somegeek
  22. We have these locally. Very cool looking. Monotropa Uniflora. Looks like it has certain 'herbal' qualities as well.
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