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  1. That is truly evil. What level of difficulty did you rate it?
  2. I've tried that a few times and no, the gizmo never takes me to the exact spot. Of course, the numbers on the screen are the same but the physical location isn't. Close but no ceeeegggaaarrr. Why don't you give it a try yourself? Get satellite lock in front of your house in the morning and waypoint it. Then later that day, go to the coords on the gizmo and see what happens. You'd think that it would do it but I have never been able to get it to do that. Holy carp! The team has posted helpful advice! Keep it up Cotati!
  3. I did that on my first hide. I now write the coords down on paper as a backup. Of course I have lost that piece of paper once also...
  4. I can probably draw you up a schematic later if no one else does but I would use an outdoor junction box, single throw outdoor DC switches and a servo as you already thought of. Good idea. I may steal borrow it if you don't mind. edited to say that bittsen obviously has faster fingers than I.
  5. Cheating seems to be a vague area, seems to me anyway. There's no rule against it, you are the only one who would know, could you sleep at night knowing? For me, it would take away the fun of the hunt. Play the game you want to play. I fail to see how it could be considered cheating or take away from the fun of the hunt. A metal detector is a tool just the same as a GPS'r or a compass is. I'm not saying it should be used right away on every hide but I see no problem in using it.
  6. If the area is a place where transients and gangbangers hang out, why is it such a good place. Is there a great view or something historic? Not trying to be snarky. Just wondering what makes it a special place.
  7. What's it made of? Right now, clay. I will kiln fire it tomorrow. It will "technically" be ceramic when its done. I made it extra thick so it can handle being dropped in the forest where it will be placed (away from rocks). I'm thinking it will live in a nest, on the ground. Neat. Post a photo when in place. I have thought of doing something similar.
  8. Really? And how could that occur? I would think if you had the sense "god" gave you, that you would walk away from this thread.
  9. Good thing. Did you like it here? And more importantly... have you seen the stupid billboards about Alberta in Portland? And this has gone way off topic. Bitsen loves my hometown... 4wheel fool hasn't a clue but ammo cans vary in price from location to location.
  10. Oh great... now you are giving out military secrets... It's not really a secret. They told me that when I was boarding the submarine in the mall. You have been or are here?
  11. Oh great... now you are giving out military secrets...
  12. Why would you ask such an insulting thing? And it shows your ignorance of world history. I had little respect for you before and even less now. Relax, the comment was from watching too much South Park. No, I will not relax. You made a foolish comment and to justify it by saying it was from watching too much south park is not an excuse for your comment. Next you will be saying it was OK because you used a smiley. Dunno bout you but I don't ridicule countries based on a cartoon. I have friends and family that have died along side of American soldiers in battle. You certainly stand up to your name.
  13. Why would you ask such an insulting thing? And it shows your ignorance of world history. I had little respect for you before and even less now.
  14. Yes, and no. I do think that $16.50 (Canadian) is exorbitant compared to what we usually pay, but (and do NOT let this leak outside of this forum) I really think that even $16.50 is pretty darned cheap for such a well made piece of hardware these days. You appear to have a problem with your eye. Better get it checked out before you lose a limb.
  15. Maybe because it wasn't aimed at any specific person or group of people. Just guessing.
  16. Try it. And let us know how it goes and remember to post photos. LOL. I honestly would not try it. I might try emailing the border authority and asking them how to do it without a cavity search first. It could be done. I certainly wouldn't try to hide the ammo can to get it across the border (not suggesting you would). Go to the source. Ask them.
  17. I am a very mild mannered guy. I would never harm anyone I have had arguments with on the interweb. I do know people that are not as I. On the other hand.. would I tell anyone about it? or would I just say what I just did? It's always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.
  18. That last bit isn't true! Repak isn't going to jail, he isn't paying a fine, and his record will be expunged. But his name was still in the newspaper, his neighbors know he is a thief, and most important of all: he stopped stealing caches. And he had to pay a Lawyer (yes I ...ahh..nm...) a lot of money. That should also count as punishment.
  19. I can't see a problem. As long as it follows the guidelines and is something worth seeing and perhaps reading about. (almost typed guidolines. Just watched a bit of Jersey shore)
  20. They do seem a little pricier here in Canada. The cheapest I have seen a 30 cal for was 11 bucks. They are also not as easy to come by here.
  21. I thought you said you were leaving Geocaching? Scubasonic Let it go. You are becoming as bad as him.
  22. no, sadly... he isn't. HAHAHA I saw that but I was letting it slide out of respect.
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