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  1. I know that this always makes Bittsen cringe, but I have to ask, "What is an 'FTF'?"


    I know that we all play this differently, and that's OK, but I hate to see the more competitive aspects of it perpetuated and reinforced with posts like this. Some may, but I don't give a rat aspic if you or I found it first, second, or eleventh. If FTF is all you get out of finding caches, perhaps you'd be wise to look a little deeper.


    That^ and for the record... I have found 1... not on purpose. I find caches because I like to find them.


    The idea of being with Kate Beckinsale is no less or more tempting because no one has "found" her yet.

  2. One thing to remember is that the cache won't necessarily be right at the posted coordinates. The hider's GPS had some inaccuracy (up to about 30 feet and maybe more depending on conditions) so even if your GPS had pinpoint accuracy, which it doesn't, you could be considerably off even if your GPS says it's 2 feet away. Think like a hider. Consider where you would hide something in that area. Don't rely too much on the GPS.


    This comes with experience. I know when I started, I would be following the arrow as it approached zero and at the same time, I'd walk right past the tree/stump/whatever that the cache was hidden in. Now I like to use the analogy of going to a stadium. The GPS will get me to the right section and maybe even the right row, but it is up to me to find the correct seat.



  3. 905


    Instead of a PQ, do the advance seek page, plug in your address and choose the limit of 10 miles.


    Using this method it shows me a little over 4000

    Realy? I didn' think Edmonton was that much more saturated than Calgary? I did a surch from near the University and got 1478


    I live about a block away from the dead center of the city. Still... pretty sure I screwed something up though. Seems rather high to me.


    Definitely by accident for sure base on the log! Its a group of people that camp near a pond every year and they said they will be back next year to log again. The next day, they show it to a friend and she logged it as well. So that make two muggles. The cache is in a old stump in the middle of a old deep mill pond. Its about 4 to 5 feet above the water level.

    Those are not muggles now, they are geocachers, just not with accounts here. The great thing about geocaching is that anyone can play, even if they don't have an account, or don't log their finds, or even know what they found. They signed the log, maybe traded items, and replaced the cache...they are geocachers, not muggles.


    I once had to run to catch a bus. That did not make me a jogger.


    I may at some time in the future run again to catch the same bus, still not a jogger.

  5. First time I am starting up a thread so please bear with me. I do understand that FTF question does get old. Anyway, I found a 5 stars terrain cache today. When I got to it, to my surprised, two muggles found it before I did! So my question is, does the FTF only goes to geocachers with SN or to anyone that found it?


    It sounds like the cache was found before you got there. That is your answer.


    If they are indeed muggles he should not consider himself the FTF? :unsure:

  6. Back O/T, I wouldn't quit caching even if I received an email that was bacon me to quit! :D
    No matter how much they eggs you on?
    He is such a hardcore cacher...he wouldn't even waffle...
    Orange juice glad he's so dedicated?
    I'm glad y'all have hashed this out.
    If it didn't work out this thread might have been toast.
    Yeah, they could have been in a real jam.
    Not something you could get over easy.

    The whole thing is enough to fry your potatoes!


    A lesser man would have turned to jelly.

  7. I'm not convinced that there are many cachers out there who pick all the "good" things out of caches at once.


    I don't think anyone is saying that this happens all at once. You may have gotten that idea from my post about the show on the history channel? The O was just looking for a term for people who trade down a cache or just take without trading. Something in addition to "geocacher".


    I dunno, it just seems like many of the names people are suggesting have this connotation of greedy, conniving hucksters who gleefully grab all the "good" stuff out of the caches and sneak away chuckling and twirling their villain moustaches.


    Of course, it's always been my contention that trade items should not be taken so seriously.


    That actually made me snicker.

  8. My husband and I do not have children, so we don't care much either way about swag. However, I can see how it would be a little bonus for kids to find neat stuff in the caches that are big enough to hold swag. I don't think you are teaching them anything wrong by getting a little bit excited about cool items unless you throw a big fit when you don't find anything good in the cache. It's awesome for kids to just get out and hunt just for the hunt, but on the other hand it is probably fun for kids to find interesting things in the normal or large sized caches too. It is just another element to the game. I do believe, though, that it is kind of annoying when people put junk in a cache. It just seems kind of disrespectful to the people who left interesting things in the cache for their fellow cachers to find when those things are replaced with tissues, twigs, or dirty sweatsocks (all things I have found and removed recently). I think it was cute of the OP to come up with a light-hearted post to determine silly names for people who do not trade fairly. I just figured he was trying to be funny. There seems to be lots of funny names people on the forums give to others that they find unsavory (sock puppet, troll, cache magget, etc). People need to not take things so seriously. Personally I thought many of the terms the OP came up with were cute and clever.


    Well put.

  9. How about a name for cachers who get into a snit about cache degradation because they don't happen to want what's in a cache?


    I didn't see anyone get in a snit but you.


    Your little obsession with me was funny for a while, but the weird comment stalking and private messages are starting to get a little creepy. Can you give it a rest, please?


    Actually It's the other way around dude. Please inform me when the last time I private messaged you and about what?


    I had no idea I wasn't allowed to reply to things you have posted.


    Please stop attacking me.

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