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  1. Woops. Double post. I needz to stay away from the glue..
    Nope... you need to stay away from the Refresh button after your post times out. DON'T DO IT! Your reply posted just fine. Just come back into the forums the usual way (via a link or shortcut).


    Brought to you by the dog with glasses. Fixing one double post at a time.

  2. I like to find all caches. Even those that some consider lame.

    Due to my limited mobility I tend to search for and hide micros.


    I put a lot of thought into the micros I hide. The location... the container and the whole idea.


    Micros can be done really well and be a good hide.


    I have found lame micros hidden in a tree (my first hide is such a thing(but people still enjoy finding it))

    and I have found and hidden some really cool ones.


    I have also found some very cool and creative ammo cans or lock n' locks hidden.


    I have found as many ammo cans and lock n' locks hidden in lame locations under a tree or pile of rocks/bark or debris.



  3. I will never understand how not having a pen is an excuse to not sign a log. If you have a GPS and you like to geocache... you should have a pen or two.


    Even before I geocached I almost always had a pen or pencil nearby.


    I mean c'mon...


    You remember to bring along a GPS and go looking for a cache but don't have a pen?


    No smiley for you on my caches.


    Perhaps that will make you remember next time.

  4. I am about to try to publish a cache where there are 3 logical parking spaces.


    you can park in a nearby apt. complex.

    you can park at a wendy's.

    or you can park in what appears to be a private drive.


    Even though the cache is fine where it is, should I try to get permission from the Wendy's to allow for someone to park there for maybe 30 minutes?


    I'd like to say "park at wendy's" in the description, but I don't want to be actively endorsing the parking at a business you don't plan to patron. How do you all handle stuff like that?


    My thoughts are that people can park further away and walk to the cache.

    (This is coming from a person that has a hard time walking more than a block or two)

    Not all caches need to be park and grabs.

  5. I honestly hope that when I am dead and buried people will have fun and play around me. Not just leave me in a sacred place alone.


    I would love to have a cache placed on, near or in my headstone so that people might read it now and then and think of my name.


    Cemeteries were once considered to be a place to place the dead and celebrate their lives. Not to just plant bodies and forget them.

  6. There was a guardrail cache at a pull-out on a highway through Oregon's coastal range that I was going to get. Got to the area, already a car in the pullout with a woman squatting near the guardrail.

    I pull up and shout out "did you find the geocache?" only to realize she was peeing...


    Needless to say I quickly pulled back onto the highway.


    :D I could SOOOO see us doing something like that!


    The 'peeing' or the 'seeing and fleeing'?



  7. One thing I have learned on the internet is that if you do not adapt to changes you will be left behind.



    That's what they said about video disk players (not DVDs) and I can't wait to see how well 3D televisions work out! (HAHAHA!)


    Adapting to change is only smart when the changes are for the better and proven to work. Not just for the sake of change.



  8. The only time I have had this problem was when someone logged online that they were FTF.

    The next day a well respected local cacher logged online saying "odd how the log book was blank" when he found it. Keep in mind this cacher has many, many finds and hides and would know enough to check out the entire log book.

    I emailed him and asked if he had indeed checked the entire book. He said yes.


    I decided to take his word for it and not go check the log book for myself.

    Instead I emailed the person who logged the FTF and asked him if he had signed the log book and if not, why not?


    His reply was "I was on a numbers run and didn't have time".


    So yah. I deleted his log.


    I also checked my other caches to see if he had logged any of them also. He hadn't. Otherwise I would have checked the physical log books to see if he had signed them.

  9. My wife and I have been geocaching for a few months now. We generally look for the bigger caches, because micros just aren't as fun. But it seems like the longer a cache stands, the more people just leave absolute junk in the place of cool things. It's really frustrating to see caches full of water bottle caps, rubber bands, pennies, etc when you can tell from logs and the initial cache contents listing that these were not the types of items originally left. One of the rules of geocaching is to leave something of equal or greater value and I know this isn't the case. We didn't spend very much money coming up with a decent sized goodie bag of prizes to leave in geocaches, so it really is just a matter of sheer laziness. It's like people are just grabbing junk from their floorboards to put in caches. We've found ourselves lately just cleaning out the junk in caches and throwing it away and replacing it with good stuff for the next finders, but I hope it's not in vein. I hope we can get a few more people interested in "CIJO" Cache-In, Junk Out. We only have two caches set up right now, but I plan on periodically checking in on all my caches and removing stuff that doesn't belong. I might get sick of doing this constantly, but it really isn't fair for everyone else. </endrant>


    Good for you. I do the same thing.

    Just don't expect it to change though. All you can do is be better than the last guy.

  10. It's friday people - lighten up.


    I used to hate it when I was a kid and would come home from school all excited about something, "mom mom today at school there was this kid" ---- "just one I thought there were 30 kids in your class".


    Just ONE who ate a grasshopper, but hey thanks for taking this opportunity to be a smart biscuit instead of listening to my story.


    people wonder why I lived with my dad


    Are we related? your mom sounds a lot like mine was.

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