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  1. Really! wow, they should make those pieces of equipment automated so that they can handle large volume and protect the operator...wait they do! Actually most of the mills use hand held saws in the yard before they go through the "pieces of equipment" that are "automated". Have you ever even been to a lumber mill? I know I have. I worked at one when I was younger and have several friends that still do.
  2. Excellent point that I totally overlooked. As a former tree cutter, I can attest that hitting a nail in a tree with a saw is bad news. It can cause the saw to kick back. And, yes, I DO eat bacon. Is it normal to cut down trees at chest or head height? You do understand that the person that cuts the tree down in the forest is not the last person to put a saw to it right? How many 40' pieces of round lumber with bark on it do you see at home depot? Not only do the machines in the sawmill mill them down to usable lumber but there is also a yard crew that cut the raw lumber into sizes that fit into the milling machines.
  3. I would try to use tools to open it anyway. On a more serious note, I am planning on hiding a fake electrical box soon but it won't be placed on anything that carries actual electricity. Could use some ideas on how to hold the face plate to the box without using the machine screws. Perhaps just one screw and one magnet? I also plan on using lettering on it that only a geocacher would know it's a cache. Grounded Electrical Outlet is one I saw in the other thread.
  4. Nice job and congrats. May you enjoy many years of servitude err... I mean marriage. One of the best decisions I ever made was to get married. The other one was to get divorced. KIDDING! I wish you both many years of happiness together.
  5. You know it's against the guidelines and did it anyways. Need anymore be said? hmmm did you not read the part where i said i did not bury it all the way therefore it is not technically buried? So if someone stabs you but only sticks the knife in part of the way, did they still not stab you technically? I'm really not trying to pick on you. I have nothing against you. As someone else said, I don't even know you. Sorry if it seems as though that's the case. Keep us informed. If it gets approved I am sure we will all apologize for doubting you.
  6. Mostly my fault about that and I should know better. Sorry for derailing that thread. And, thanks GeoBain for derailing my derailing.
  7. I would be willing to take all the Canadian money you find.
  8. I would think that good pornographic material is worth trading for. It doesn't belong in a cache, of course, but seeing as how porn is a billion dollar a year industry, it MUST have some value. Internet porn is a billion dollar industry. The printed magazines that are not online are dying. Although I have an old Vanessa Williams Penthouse that is said to be worth something. Hey, thanks for adding to the conversation. Ditto.
  9. I would think that good pornographic material is worth trading for. It doesn't belong in a cache, of course, but seeing as how porn is a billion dollar a year industry, it MUST have some value. Internet porn is a billion dollar industry. The printed magazines that are not online are dying. Although I have an old Vanessa Williams Penthouse that is said to be worth something.
  10. Think about this for a second, brlsk... if those transformers were really as dangerous as that blog (and his forum posts) make it sound, it would be required that each one be isolated from the public with strands of concertina wire, right? Sure, I'll admit to the remote possibility of an ungrounded short to the outer shell occurring, and that if that should happen, that touching the shell would be catastrophic, but these things are just right out in the open. Sorry, but I just can't even equate the danger of a cache on one of these things with playing golf in a thunderstorm. The flaw in that cache, as I understand it, is that it doesn't have a container (a guideline that I find ridiculous). I somewhat agree with you dog with glasses but, why the need to place one there? because he could? Is bringing someone to a power transformer box a nice scenic place? (it might be in this case) I also played around them as a kid and probably even on them... I don't anymore. People get killed all the time by contacting overhead wires. Should the utility companies bury those or hide them behind concertina wire? no, common sense should prevail.
  11. Not trying to tell you or anyone how to hide caches or where. Just saying. Nothing wrong with sharing knowledge even if you don't agree with it. I could go on to say that a power transformer is private property owned by the power company. I'm not a stick to the rules type of guy. I was just trying to offer some advice. I will refrain from doing so to you and bittsen. I know I try to stay away from metal containers that have thousands of volts in them.
  12. I already read way to many of his threads, lol. The last thing I need to do is search through them all. Could you post a link, it still sounds neat! Ask the dog. It really is a very cool thread. I'm too lazy to look up stuff and provide links. (on edit)Dammit! He posted the link while I was typing.
  13. Be careful. The trees will happily go after people too: From Waymark (in Toronto!): http://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WM64MH_..._Toronto_Canada Now that is awesome!! If you like that, check out the thread the dog with glasses started. Good stuff there.
  14. I'm on your side. Try not to alienate people on your side.
  15. I didn't log any of the 312 caches that we found on that run, nor most of the other 400+ we found during the rest of the week before GW5. Kinda took the wind out of the sails of those who insisted that we did it for the numbers! We did it for fun, and it was a blast. Thats awesome!!!! It sounds like it would be a blast, thats the reason why i'm looking forward to this so much! We do plan on logging every one of the caches we find. Unlike some of the other posters here, I wish you luck. I would like to see the video when you complete it. But! be prepared to come back here and eat crow if it doesn't work out. If you beat the "record" and sign each log by hand with only 3 or four people and are not on a power trail? excellent. Try not to break any laws while doing this and stay safe. No "record" is worth risking your life (unless your last name is Knievil.) Good luck!
  16. Now that you mention it, it is a bit odd. I know nothing specific about fire tacks but if they are indeed just tacks then I have stepped on a tack. It didn't kill me (hurt like heck). I think driving a screw or nail into me might hurt me a little more. (I have been compared to a tree by my wife a few times. I just stand there and drop stuff that she has to pick up) That's the only reason I can think of.
  17. That's really crappy but maybe it was taken by people on vacation or some other legit reason they can't log it yet. Pretty sure though that you cannot trace anyone from their actual name here. That's probably a good thing.
  18. Geocaching is not like announcing a new web browser to compete against existing products, or a new kind of phone to compete against other smartphones. If it were, perhaps the other alternative listing services might be more important. Although geocaching has grown, when was the last time you navicached or terracached? For better or worse, caching is identified with Groundspeak: the number of listings, its core of volunteers, its commitment to keeping the game accessible to all, and its partnerships. not only with various companies but with groups like the Geological Society (earthcaches), have helped make it unique. In a game where the number of listings mean everything, it has protected its resources (whether it be from Buxley's maps or scraping from various apps). And once you have a certain number of finds identified with this site, are people willing to start over? A find on another listing might be fun, but will it improve your world-caching numbers? Somehow I don't see google or other corporate organizations moving to take over Groundspeak and dominate this particular game. How many bomb squad reports do they want to deal with? But they could take an interest in location-based gaming and release other activities to compete with this one. To the extent that smartphones have fueled some of the growth in caching. by making the game accessible without having to buy a separate gadget, the industry also has led to the development of several location-based games, including Gowalla, Foursquare, or iSpy. It takes a certain critical mass for any of these games to succeed. Geocaching has grown because it seems to have reached that kind of mass and it has reached that mass because it has grown -- you can find a geocache wherever you go. There is no reason not to believe that other games will reach that level. I don't know the numbers, but Gowalla might be out-Waymarking Waymarking by making an easy to use game that can be played on smartphones, that is linked to social networking, icon collecting. certain levels of accomplishment, and the ability to take you to various types of places. Social networking is certainly one thing that is driving many location games, so perhaps that is why we are seeing "friends,""like buttons," and new icons for certain events (just like Gowalla!). But a Gowalla trip that takes you to various coffee sellers might be better suited for those interests than finding micros in a lamp post. So I think there might be other location-based games that are linked to smartphones that could rival geocaching. Google could certainly push its own android location-based applications that might provide alternatives to caching ("Google Earth, The Game"). But as long as people find geocaching to be fun, this site will continue to define it. Two years from now, maybe everyone will be playing Traveler's Quest, GPS Mission, or something that has yet to be released, leaving us to cache. So just as letterboxers have continued to letterbox, geocachers will continue to geocache. And the next big fad may be on the horizon. ^that.
  19. If I didn't cache in the winter I would only be caching about 4 months of the year. I prefer early spring and fall though. Less leaves on trees. Less bugs and a moderate temperature.
  20. If I didn't eat the things I found in caches I would starve. I am poor and this is the reason I cache! I obtain food! I've even resorted to eating pet snacks left in caches during lean times. If you find a log book with teeth marks on it, it was me. Sorry bout that.
  21. I had a nano that I got as a FTF prize in a cache. I also carried it around in my pocket until I could find a place that I liked to hide it. That lasted about a month before I lost it somewhere. That's funny because I obtained mine from a cache also. I have also lost it a few times but it keeps turning up somewhere (it even went through the clothes washer once). It currently is stuck to my fridge until I find a worthy place for it.
  22. That's neat and all but I am SHOCKED that it was approved. I'll post a link that narcissa did in another thread. good advice Do you really think it's a good idea for people looking for your cache to go touching every inch of a transformer box? Please check out the link.
  23. If you consider caches junk or garbage then you are playing the game wrong. Also, parking lots are not funded by tax payers. They are private property.
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