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  1. what do you mean 4x4s?!! I'm a shortie and have a micra and I struggle to reach the roof!!! TBH tho tis currently irrelevant since I aint moved it since Saturday so it's under a significant amount of snow not to mention the dregs from the snowploughs for good measure!!!
  2. Had been waiting for the who before buying so there may now be a small delay until I can get myself out to a proper shop since we're a tad under the white stuff here!!!! Doggy and person gifts will be winging their way asap!
  3. Most of the ones I've found have been in towns where you can see why they need to be that size and until this last weekend I would have agreed that if out in the woods etc then I would prefer to be searching for a bigger container BUT... I was visiting a friend this weekend and we took the dogs a wander in the local woods and it would have been rude not to hunt for what tupperware etc I knew was there. I actually really enjoyed the nano hides as much as the other ones although if ALL of them had been nano I probably would have been a bit fed up by the end of the day. So I guess I'll go with like, even out in country but only if there's a good mix of finding options there....
  4. I can confirm that Spot is not the new reviewer. (However, some reviewers are dogs.) MrsB Awwwwwwwwwwwwww THat'll give Tyree ideas I'm not sure he should have, bad enough the cat thinking she owns the computer!!!!!!!! welcome whoever you are and happy reviewing
  5. Just setting Harry the Horse travel bug to explore the world, especially caches reachable by horse/pony and just wondered how many people used this mode of transport. Not managed many of mine so far on the pone but enjoyed taking him along for the hunt when I've been able
  6. What's wrong with plastic children's toys - I'm a sucker for a plastic dinosaur meeself And nope - sadly WELL beyond kid age
  7. Yay Great news I keep revisiting your page in hope that they were back in stock! Were hoping to get one of each to race down to the Mega next year and see if they beat myself, collielawdales and angusdhub!!!
  8. Great thread The pup was the reason for me finding out about caching. While excitedly waiting for him to be old enough to pick up I was reading anything and everything and found a dog forum with a dog walk section On that someone was saying they had found geocaching as a great way to find new dog walks in their area so I went to investigate Well and truly hooked now and while pup still needs to be taught to sniff out tupperware (he does have a few finds tho they may be accidental!) he's enjoyed every walk to find the cache
  9. Oh dear - this thread makes me relieved that thorns, nettle sting and a large quantity of mud have been the extent of my adventures so far!!! I have to chuckle at nasogastric's comments re Barney the wonder-cache hound! I have similar problems with caching pup Tyree! Altho his penchant for sticks was a blessing for Stick Around AWhile. His WORST behaviour caused the muddy puddle incident at Are You Addicted To Caching but it seemed appropriate to be soaked thru having been towed into a muddy puddle en route to that one!
  10. Awwww But that one has a high difficulty and I guess peeps think they are to blame when they don't find it We certainly didn't log a DNF the first time we attempted but with one GPS between three we didnt feel it warranted it. And even the next time with three GPSs it was the pup that found it (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying it was deliberate find not accidental on his behalf!) Hope there weren't too many teeth marks! LOL It's hard yeah but that just adds to the sense of achievement (even if it's just default for owning the right caching pup!!!)
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