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  1. Hi, Off to Paris next week with VERY little time for caching could anybody tell me the neared cache to Gare Du Nord many thanks Kevin _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Salut, Départ pour Paris la semaine prochaine avec TRES peu de temps pour la mise en cache quelqu'un pourrait me dire frôlait le cache à la gare du Nord Merci beaucoup Kevin
  2. youth hostel is that better than a tent?
  3. Happy to release in the UK, if needed. kev
  4. Hi, I have a mio digiwalker with Memory map 2004 edition but can’t get the GPS to work. Any ideas ??? kev
  5. I made an odd laughing/snorting noise when I read this! What happened Is it because she consumed all the free BBC chips before Paul.
  6. LQ : Northamptonshire - Jacks Ford, Up and running to late for a FTF....
  7. looks good to me, what is the start date, as i'm away for a 2 week start next week. Kev
  8. happy to place in Kent or Northamptonshire kev
  9. Know the feeling well...we had Geo dog with us and the cows came a running, Vixey hightailed it back over the style and Fox pushed dog under the fence, lost her geo coin in the process. We then spent another hour with dog and cows getting to know each other through the fence, got it all on camera. We ended up with Fox distracting them and Vixey pushing the dog back under fence and over the gate to take another route. we found the cache in the end.
  10. Hi Helen, Joe's adoptive father and computer expert, Professor Ian McClaine, is the inventor of the BIG RAT, (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer), a device that allows knowledge and experience to be copied from the minds of top experts in their fields to another person. So over to you,
  11. Smarting from a very pointy stick, sorry
  12. should we, could we, have the Harris Hotel as a meet?????
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