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  1. same here...I'm unable to upload any pics.


    A person who has a TB of ours in the UK is unable to show it as being in his inventory, too.


    Hope things are settled soon.

  2. I have been waiting to see if there is any discussion on this, and I'm wondering if I just might have missed a thread on this.


    I used to love the Mapquest maps offered at the geocaching pages, but now it seems they no longer offer a map *with directions* by longitude/latitude? With the growing number of people using these in their cars (and caching)....could this be possible?


    I can get to the original page with a "picture" of a map from the geocaching cache pages, but I can't seem to get it anymore off the "Directions" page. Is it just me?


    If it is lost, it appears this is a Mapquest problem, defninitely not a geocaching.com complaint.

  3. As earlier states, this is a problem caused by moving very slowly when you get almost on top of the cache.


    Actually, this is different than that. I am very aware of that phenomenon, but this is a different situation. It can happen when I am driving in the car (speed of the vehicle doesn't seem to make any difference), and it happens when I walk straight ahead with good speed under clear skies and no trees.


    This is something hooie with the arrow that has nothing to do with turning around and confusing the compass like in a normal situation. My cheap yellow eTrex actually has a much more dependable arrow, strangely enough.

  4. Are y'all usin' the COURSE POINTER on the compass page? If so, switch to the bearing pointer (plain arrow).


    We're using the big dark arrow with the solid line. Are we doing it wrong? Can you elaborate on the difference between the two? I know one mentions the way you should be going, and how far off course you are. But do we have something set wrong?


    Thank you for all the insight. There is some sense of validation that ours is not the only one doing this.

  5. But that also makes the site safe as we were thrown 100 feet over a guardrail then 100 feet down a mountain....so it should be far enough from the road as to be no danger!


    HOLY moly. It is truly amazing you are still here. I think it is a clever idea for a cache...healing for you, and makes people more aware. Not to mention bringing them to a place that is much nicer than some caches offer.


    I think there is a lot of meaning to it, and I for one would be interested in seeking out a cache like that in my area. Good luck to you. And enjoy the TB travels. Maybe you could suggest pictures be taken of it with other motorcyclists? Love the ideas.

  6. Hi there,


    I have 2 TB's of mine that I have to move. One was given to me for minor repairs, and so I'll be putting it back out.


    The other is an autograph book that we brought to one event, and will be brining to a second event before releasing it.


    Is there a way I can move it without getting credit for my own TB (which just doesn't "feel" right).



  7. Hi everyone,


    We have 3 Garmin GPSr's. One is being naughty.


    The yellow eTrex is fine

    The Rino is fine


    But my slightly more expensive (and favorite) Venture is causing me trouble. I would be interested in learning if anyone else with a Venture experiences this or if this signifies a need for the warranty repairs to kick in.


    The arrow points the wrong way most of the time! As a matter of fact, it is usually 180 degrees from what it should be! We have to watch the distance-determining numbers to see if they increase or decrease, and ignore the arrow. And it helps to change to the map screen to know what direction to go in -- and follow the line's direction. We do understand that turning around causes confusion to the GPS until you move forward, but this goes far beyond that. This happens when going long distances in a straight line with no sky obstructions.


    None of my other GPSr's do this. Does anyone else have this problem with the Venture? Am just wondering if I should mail in for repairs or if this is just par for the course.


    Thanks for any insight.


    P.S. Once, the Venture also showed a bunch of horizontal lines on the screen instead of a clear picture, but that seemed to be a one-time phenomenon that seemed to be corrected by changing the batteries. Am also curious if that is normal.

  8. My 2 cents.


    I think finding the parking is one of the most challenging parts of geocaching in many cases. For me personally, it's the hike I enjoy, not the drive of getting there. The sooner I'm into the parking space, out of the car, and on my way to the cache box, the happier I am.


    I for one would appreciate having the parking coordinates, even if there was a way to hide or encrypt them, sort of like the hints.


    I can see why others enjoy the challenge of doing it without the coords of the parking, too. It's part of the treasure hunt -- the unknown adventure. And I do see why it would be tough to include them in some (puzzle caches, etc.). But would it be hard to just not put them in your GPSr if you didnt' want them for most caches?


    Some caches (i.e., one of ours) are on private property, and there would be no way of knowing the legal way to get through without posting the parking coords. We put the parking coords on almost all of our cache hides...unless it is absolutely obvious where to park when approaching the coords. We do it as a courtesy partly because we are so grateful when other cache hiders do it.


    There are safety issues linked to having them there as well.

  9. Thank you, Rocket Man. That did the trick. And I think I know what I did wrong...I just figured out if you choose something from the drop down menu (found it, note, etc) and hit the scroll button, it changes the choice. I hadn't realized I did it. Almost did it twice.


    Thanks for the support.

  10. Is it a multi? From what I understand, some of the more complex caches may take more time to approve. There may be something related to its placement which brought a question to the approver's mind. Some of mine went through more of a process than others. I found that the plain old traditional caches get approved most quickly.


    Good luck to you in your approval process.

  11. Here is the link Jermey was refering to of the LC's in current status:




    Thank you, Tiki-4! That is exactly what I needed! I spent hours looking through the locationless caches and trying to bookmark them. Every time I tried to hit the "Back" button, it wouldn't remember the page and I'd get an error message, so I had to go back to page one. This was a life-saver. Thank you!


    We hope the Reverse caches will be resumed again as expected. We find that in 6 inch snow, it can be hard to find many traditional caches, and this gets us outside and in search of things, sort of like a scavenger hunt. We've enjoyed the time we've spent doing these.

  12. We recently asked a similar question, and I asked our reviewer on his thoughts as to our ideas. For my particular cache, it won't be filled with religious trinkets and we will advise against that. But it is located at a place of spirtual significance (a shrine), where the grounds are beautifully tended with flowers, shrubbery, and statues, and quiet.


    The decision of the moderator about my multi idea was to place the actual cache off the actual grounds, and to provide alternate clues to someone who did not wish to be exposed to the religious artifacts on site. So my multi will likely be a dual-multi, each ending up at the same box, but through different coordinates depending on the journey you wish to follow. Each set of clues will be clearly marked as to what kind of experience it will be.


    Personally, I am a spritual person but with interests in all religions, not only my own. I have never quite understood the sensitivity people have about others discussing religions of any type. I find the history and cultures fascinating. That said, I do find it difficult to listen to people who try to convert others, or who feel "my way is the only way," or "you will not be saved unless you follow this" and that is likely what causes the frustration with others who think about caches with religious themes.


    I think if you provide an alternate experience for those with more sensitivity to these sort of themes (or who do not wish to expose their kids, say, to statues of Jesus if they are Jewish)...providing an alternate route allows everyone to enjoy it in the way they find most comfortable.

  13. I'm not sure if I should be more scared that she understood what I meant by hanging a fake bird house from a tree.


    ROFL! Are you sure we don't have the same mother and are long-lost siblings?


    Just be sure if you borrow her bird house that you block the opening so real birds won't live there, and mark the outside of the box with a geocaching label/word.


    A momma bird can potentially leave her nest if people poke in there while there are young.

  14. Okay, this is something I've been wanting to ask for months.


    If I have a container that is technically a micro (film can or even smaller) but it is tucked inside a container (say, a rubber toy or doll--- or the traditional rock cache) that is the actual item someone has to find...


    is this a "micro" or a "small" container? My heart of heart wants to call it "small"?

  15. When do plan on having this event, durning the week or weekend? How many people have been at the events you've been to?


    I hope to have it on a Saturday or Sunday if possible.


    Of the two I've been to, they were bothSNEG meets. The recent one this month was attended by over 55 teams and over 100 people, with over 160 TB's exchanged. Truly amazing, put together by Blackstone Val. WOW! His fall meet had over 40 teams from 4 states, about 80 individuals, and about 120 TB's exchanged.


    I love the idea of an evening meeting with a campfire. Thanks! That gives me an idea for a night cache there! And the flag activity is something that's been dwelling in my head, but I didn't think of flags...I was thinking of rods or flat disks of some sort. I like the flag idea better.


    I'm taking notes here, thank you everyone for helping!

  16. Hi everyone...


    I hope this is the right section in which to plop this question.


    Here goes: I'm thinking of putting together a geomeet, maybe this summer, maybe in the fall. I have been to only 2 geomeets myself, both well put-together by the same individual. I was very impressed! Still, I wish I had more experience with what happens at other meets. But we do have a great place nearby that would be perfect for a meet, and I may be able to get a little help. I notice in reading geomeet pages from different states that no two events seem alike.


    My question: In the geomeets you've attended, what activities or what about them made them memorable, good, or great? Can you give possible suggestions for activities you found worthwhile? What would be your "wish list" for a geomeet you would want to attend?


    Thanks for any help.

  17. it be possible to oversaturate an area with good caches? Certainly - and those formerly good caches might then be considered lame, such as the classic lamp post


    Good point. I agree....even good caches should not be placed too close together, if that is what you mean by "cache saturation." I think part of the thrill of caching is being in a place you haven't cached in before.

  18. By definition, most caches are mediocre. Even if the overall quality goes, up, most are still mediocre. That's what mediocre means. I expect most caches to be mediocre, and the exceptional ones are surprises. Most can't be exceptional, because by definition, exceptional caches are rare.


    Okay, so this raises an interesting question.


    What, in your opinion(s), would define an "exceptional" cache? Specifically, what about it would make it memorable, outstanding? The area in which it was hidden being beautiful? The container having been a cleverly-created camouflage? Something that required thought and preparation before going? A challenge to get to physically? Some sort of puzzle? A theme?


    What floats YOUR boat?

  19. Finally, in the grand karma scheme of giving and taking, are harder-to-find caches (which will be likely be found and enjoyed by fewer people), worth MORE or LESS 'giving' points for their owners than easier-to-find caches? In


    Wow. I love this question. I know that my harder or more complex caches took a lot more thought, and people who do take the time to do them have mentioned a sense of reward and fun doing them. But you are right...if less people do them....I get less reward from less people seeking them, and does it give back to the community the same way?


    I ended up creating a range of easier and harder caches within a certain mile range to try to fit everyone's needs. I also have to admit to being in different moods on different days: sometimes I have little time but feel like a quick cache. Other times, I really want to delve into a good one. Most of the quick ones were not necessarily what I would define "lame," though. They were all either in good spots or with a clever hiding container.


    I think the sport needs both, really. And having a variety is what makes the sport so much more fascinating.


    Which is worth more: depends on which day you ask me, lol. :lol: Looking forward to other replies.

  20. Hi....


    I wanted to check out what Geoteaming was as mentioned on the Geocaching.com home page. However, both links said "Error, page not found."


    Is this link no longer available? Or is it a temporary glitch?

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