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  1. Ooh. Best of luck with the Dr, Sol. Get healthy!
  2. Got my Noel Jeep in the mail this weekend. Thanks so much guys, its beautiful.
  3. We took some friends out for their first two caches. Welcome to the asylum.
  4. Gah. This is one that the boys and i want to do dearly. trick or treating seems to be taking precedence, however.
  5. Wow. That is stunning. When do I get to deserve such a gorgeous coin, I wonder?
  6. maggi101


    1. Check GPS 2. Drive 3. ??? 4. Profit!
  7. True story... Myself, having worked in the music business for... too long.. i can honestly say I have thousands. After cherry picking the best of the best off on ebay, and putting the rest onto a WMC server, I'm happy to share the bulk with others. Weve only been GCing for a week and a half, but have enjoyed clearing out space in the garage, one disc at a time, by leaving them in any cache large enough to hold them. Now if only we can find caches big enough to hold LPs and 12" singles, i can start moving those out, too...
  8. Nope. Never a day. BUT, I learned about GCing at one of my boys troop meetings. Does that count?
  9. Yay! Killer pictures! You look like youre having a BLAST! Im in a similar boat as you. Unemployed, new to the game, but thankfully I have a pretty decent GPSr in my phone, because I'm nowhere near as smart as you, and wouldn't have dreamed of trying to tackle this without! My wife smiles and nods politely when we are out and i make a quick side trip to stumble through the bushes blindly somewhere for 20 minutes, though Thing One and Thing Two tend to enjoy hunting afterschool, so long as the area is somewhat interesting, and we manage to nail things down in a fair amount of time. Anyhow, from one nub to another, rock on!
  10. I'm inclined to agree with this statement. If you feel sketchy being there alone, be somewhere else.
  11. Oh sh... I just had to go back and edit a post I made a little while ago that included a +1, along with a rather complimentary write up. Just goes to show you, a compliment in one culture is another cultures insult.
  12. The funniest part of this is how excited the kiddos get over some of that stuff. Our first find had one of those cheap party favor plastic frog clicker things in it, and my 6 year old was THRILLED to grab it. When the wife and i reminded him that he still had half a dozen of those left over from his bday party two weeks prior, he didn't care even a little bit, because it was the treasure that HE found. Later in the day, he found a Spongebob Happy meal kind of thing. Elated, again. It's just awesome to see Thing One and Thing Twos excitement over things we wouldnt look twice at.
  13. Indeed it does! We have been using our MyTouch 3g for the last couple days. Generally it gets us to 15-25 feet from GZ, though sometimes a bit farther. There are a few Geocaching apps available for the MyTouch, though two in particular seem to stand out. GeoBeagle is free and does the job quite fine, though its a bit rough around the edges. Being newer to the game, we decided to go with GeoDroid, which is a bit fuller featured and more newb friendly than GeoBeagle. Have fun with your MyTouch! I've had both the G1 and the MyTouch, and theyre both killer phones.
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