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  1. Well that only took four weeks.
  2. And people say these forums are ridiculous...
  3. Im 100% in line witht he others in this thread. I started caching on the G1 (first Android phone to hit the market), and have found 90% of our caches with it. Usually my kids are the ones using the Garmin Legend HCx. The phone gets me there almost all of the time, save very dense brush conditions.
  4. Hi all. I'm headed home to the Bay Area for a week, and I'll be splitting my time up between the San Jose / Cupertino areas, and Pleasanton. Can anyone suggest any must do caches in those areas for a Seattleite? Im not going to have the time for full on day hikes, so 45 minute round trippers or under.
  5. Oh no. We missed out on this as well. Put us on the "willing to help out list" for next time.
  6. I better not catch you using one of those around my cache. I know for a fact Ellilydan would frown on anyone using a machete also. Doesnt using a machete make it easier to take your next victims head?
  7. Ive picked up a couple of these for a couple of puzzles we are working on. Its an inexpensive trinket, but still something special. Putting it in a puzzle, or something off the beaten path will make it a fair game for those fighting the ftf hounds.
  8. The wife and I use G1s as our primary caching devices. Theyve gotten us about 95% of our finds. The only time we have had to pull out a secondary GPS for our own use (usually its just something for the kids to play with when we're out) is when we were far enough out of T-Mobiles network that it couldnt log into Google Maps due to no network connection. Otherwise our phones are within a few feet of the GPSr.
  9. This GPSr is no longer available for sale. Since there is no thread for actual trading feedback, I'll post here (as its related to the above posts). Received the Legend HCx today. Great shipping time, great price, and product exactly as described (maybe a little bit better!). Thanks Jadefalcon. You're an ace trader/seller in my book.
  10. /eyeroll You go, John Wayne. Keep proving the gun control lobby correct.
  11. We are selling off our Delorme PN-20 that Santa brought for Christmas this year. The unit is in almost perfect shape, having been used as a back up to our Android based primary cache. It was only been used when the kids came along, so roughly 10-12 times in the last 6 months. We will include the box, as well as all discs and cables that came with the unit originally. Asking $80, including priority mail shipping from the Tacoma WA area. Paypal preferred. edit: bah, botched the subject line format. mods, feel free to add an FS at the beginning.
  12. (edit : off topic. others easily correctable character flaws are their own burdens in life)
  13. We'll be happy to help with Home Sweet Hut, should it need repair, as its but a stones throw from us. The caches along 410 are a bit too much of a hike for us to volunteer.
  14. Unfortunately, if you do that, then ask a different LEO, you are very likely to get differing answers. For S&Gs I asked the King County Sheriff at my wifes work about texting when stopped at a light, and he said it was perfectly fine. The Washington State Highway Patrol has gone on record stating the opposite. I think this one is very unfortunately up to interpretation of the individual LEO.
  15. You truly would, in all honesty, be robbing yourself of some breathtaking scenery. This is a true "journey being as valuable as the destination" cache.
  16. GeoJeep01, seen headed North on 405 around exit 6, 12.40pm, June 9.
  17. Picked up today. Thanks so much, Nick!
  18. Ahhhh yes. Its safe to head back outdoors today. That was a close one.
  19. That giant yellow thing in the sky in the Seattle area today? I kept trying to go outside, but it hurt my eyes each time.
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