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  1. most obvious here also.... I spend my summers playing horseshoes.... and always aiming for a double-ringer..... Nothing but...6 points
  2. thanks so much for the help...... I'm catching on...
  3. I'm fairly new and am not sure if this is proper or not. I am going on vacation and see that there is a travel bug near me, but it is in a cache I have already been to. Is it frowned upon to revisit a cache to grab a TB if I log it as a note rather than a find?
  4. I find that if I'm not off doing something - I become a couch potato and waste away the entire weekend. Jack Ryan.. I'm jealous...(a few caches within a few miles). I had to drive one hour to find my first one last weekend. But I also was involved in a horseshoe tournament while there..... BONUS
  5. At the chance of sounds like a complete fool, what is "off topic"
  6. playin horseshoes... bet you couldn't figure that one out!
  7. While being introduced to geocaching my friend decided that we could do just one more cache before it got dark. We found the spot which headed up a fairly high rocky hill. We took the gps and the bag of goodies and away we went. Welp, I'm not a hiker and didn't get very far before I was kapoot....So I returned to the car to wait.... and wait.... and wait.... We are now well past dark and there I set beside the car in the wilderness because, of course, who has the keys to the locked car??? the guy wandering around in the wilderness... and where's the cell phone.. IN THE *%&@ CAR. After about 45 minutes I was getting ready to break the window and call for some help when I heard Chuck screaming in the distance. He finally made it back. I must say he taught me a good lesson.
  8. Thanks so much for the information. I believe I will e-mail the cache owner and ask for some help.
  9. I'm pretty much a newbie and have searched, but have not found this answer in the forums. I realize that travel bugs are meant to travel, and you have no say in where or how they get somewhere. I have a TB that is in a race. It was moving around pretty good, then one day someone grabbed it from the well beaten path and moved it to their own cache in the hills with a ***** terrain rating. It has been setting still for months. The questions... would it be appropriate to ask the owners of the cache to move it along next time they look in on their cache? Thanks much.... dblrngr
  10. Is it appropriate to e-mail a cache owner and ask them to move a bug along? I have TB that is in a race. My bug was on the move in a fairly populated area. It got picked up by a person who then put it in his own cache way up in the sticks somewhere with 10 cazillion star rating?
  11. JonnyVegas... I can feel your pain. I have a TB (clearly marked with goals) that is in a race. Three months ago it was nabbed and put in a cache way up in the sticks somewhere with a terrian of 4.5 stars. ish..... I think I've already lost the race. I am tempted to e-mail the person that owns the cache (the same person who put the TB in the cache) and ask him to move it along....but alas that is against our race rules.. oh well.
  12. dblrngr

    Watch Lists

    I am in a travel bug race. I noticed today that three people are watching my bug, me, the guy I am racing and someone else? Is there a way to find out who is on the watchlist besides myself?
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