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  1. Anxiously awaiting e-mail. That is an awesome looking coin.....
  2. The Wyoming geocoin will become a reality. The hope is that we will have an initial design at the Nancy English Geo-Meet (GCP853) on July 23... yep-we are a ways away... I am new to the forums so not sure how all geo-coin stuff works, but I will keep track of the info on this post and notify everyone once things gets closer to a design and all the stuff that follows.. ... WYlostinMA .... I hope we're ready! I'm not sure what is ahead of us... are you here's to... nothing but...good luck... while geocaching amuck.
  3. What order are the threads posted? I thought the new ones would be on the top, but after looking through 5-6 pages of posts, I'll run by a brand new one on page 7? Are they just stricktly in date/time order? BTW.. Just got my first 3 caches approved. I can't wait for someone to show up !
  4. I just got my sig item. nothing grand, but I like it..... it is a large key chain with my avatar on it. I'm working on another item right now ! I did not number mine. I'm new to the game also, but the few wooden coins I've come across are inside a small baggie and they have all been in excellent shape.
  5. Testing how to put in a quote... and a picture if this works I'm gonna be soooooooo stoked- ya hoo now a link - without the whole long string of stuff... see this one dang - 3 for 3..... I think I'l quit while I'm ahead.
  6. Nurse Dave: I don't know how to refer you to another spot with a link.... But the very new discussion on the Wyoming coin is in the northwest section.. oops.. I see you found it
  7. as per the other tread, I would love to have one. I'm kinda new to the game and not sure how the coin trading works. But I would trade one of yours for a Wyoming one, when they become available, if this is how it works? Or if you are taking orders, put me down for 2.
  8. Shop99er: I think I saw some a coin in one of the threads with your avatar? Do you have one in the works ? Dang... to many beers.. I can't type .. I'm not sure what the shirt is all about, but it reminds me of hawaii (took my mom there for x-mas) and of shopping.. and dang.... who can resist shopping.,.not me.. but not now.. I gotta go to bed... we had corporate games bowlign tornight and we won 1st place. wahoo. Im kinda rambling gotta go. see ya all later.. dlbrngr
  9. yahoo.... I will be attending the Nancy English Geo-Meet. Maybe everyone that is interested in a coin could come with some ideas and we can get together and try and get a good start ?
  10. I searched but did not see that anyone has discussed the possibilty of a Wyoming Geocoin. Do you think there would an interest?. Maybe have the state horse (if copyright allows), devils tower, yellowstone, tetons, jesh there are lots of ideas? What do you think?
  11. If I could....add me to the bottom of the wait list for 1?
  12. I work for a Parks and Recreation Department in Wyoming and locally the P&R department is most supportive of gc and together we plan on placing some caches. A guy I work with is on the State P&R Board and I will ask him to bring it to their next meeting. I doubt that there would be negative feed back. I am going to my first state gc event (not even sure what they are called) and will meet and greet and see how they work. When the State Conference comes to Gillette (next year) maybe we can host an event for the P&R professionals & recreation programmers around the state and it can go forth from there? !! eeeaaahhh - I'm excited !
  13. TH&G for sure had/have some. They left two in Gillette's First cache and they disappeared rather quickly...but I'm still on the hunt
  14. I have one cache 1 mile from my house (placed Monday). About four within 30-40 miles. The rest are over 60 miles away. My last day of caching cost about $40 in gasoline alone. I most definitely pack a lunch for these trips! I'm thinking about trading in my gas hog for a small car...and more caching.
  15. I think I just might have to do that. I have used Internet Explorer at work and home and have no experience with anything else and haven't ventured out. I'm certainly no means a computer geru and didn't really know what would be better as I hadn't seen anything else. I believe I will get something else to work with. Do you prefer one over the other? Thanks for the help
  16. At work I have Windows 2000 with micro soft internet explorer. At home I have Windows XP with same. It does it in both places?
  17. When I click to "track a thread" I get hung up and the back key doesn't work. I have to go back to the start of the forum and then return to the page I was on and then start scrolling down. Is there something I'm missing? thanks for the help.
  18. put me down for 1... or do you have to order more than just one?
  19. Thanks so much for the info. I'm ready for my first hide... and the first one in my town.... July 1st is the date. I'm soooo excited. Thanks to everyone for being patient with me and all the "noob questions" I put out there. I'm thinkin I'm kinda liking this huge group of people.... Here's hoping ... Nothing But... Good LucK... oh - by the way.. my sig item is a key ring that is exactly like my avatar... and will be part of my FTF...
  20. I am very new to the forums, but am learning loads. I am seeing over and over the term "cash machine". I answered a thread about how many coins I wanted to order and and the discussion moved to "cash machines". Could someone please help me? In the last few weeks I've asked several questions, but I'm learning.... I'm getting there.... thanks much.
  21. I would be interested in 5... my second cache was found (along with Onerka) in Vancouver...Wreck Beach of all places. I'm not sure which smiley is appropriate I'm telling you those steps kicked my b__t.
  22. Is this map a premium member thing - which I am going to get signed up for... but anyways. I have 12 caches within a 60 mile radius. But I'm getting ready to work on that situation. !
  23. thanks for the suggestions, it helps. MAD DASH ...nope thats not the problem. I'm hoping that this will maybe draw someone to the cache?
  24. I have searched under FTF but did not find the answer I was looking for. Hopefully someone can help me. I am getting ready to place my first cache and want to put in a FTF prize. Am I suppose to say on the cache page that there is a FTF prize, and if so, am I suppose to say what it is..... or does it not make a difference....just a personal preference? thanks for the help !!
  25. How would this work? Two people are on vacation, one is an experienced geo-cacher and the other has never heard of it. While on vacation the two people go out and find several caches. After the vacation is over, the new person gets signed up and gets started (that would be me - of course). Can I log those caches with a date prior to my start date? Or are they just considered.. practice?
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