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  1. I am also interested. If ok, I would like to add to your questions... Do most places that mint do things other than coins. I would like to work on, obviously, something in the shape of a horseshoes??? thanks much...dblrngr
  2. I am fairly new to GPSr's but I have used a garmin 12 since I started. Though it is somewhat bulky I have had no problems with it. Easy to use, durable and I have found that the arrow will bring me to within probably five feet of every cach I have looked for.
  3. I received this one recently. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it much more than I did..
  4. Is there a list somewhere of the different cachers that have their own web sites with geocaching type items for sale? I have run across a few, but only by accident?
  5. OMG what a great coin. thanks so much. I will get your coin in the mail as soon as I can.... dblrngr
  6. OHHHHHH...I wanted so bad to order a staff from El Diablo I think I would have paid almost anything. By the time I got involved in geocaching I read somewhere that he was not taking orders any more? Is this not true???? My inquiring mind would certainly want to know
  7. I will try and answer the questions I see from above.. WYlostinMA has visited with someone and he has all the costs taken care of. I believe we are still working on $5.50ish for bronze $10.50ish for silver. A group is only allowed two silver coins. Each of your group members will need to order silver coins individually. No orders have been taken, we are just kinda trying to get a tally of what we need to mint. Currently we are at 493 bronze - 87 silver !!! They are not .999 silver... but I honestly can't tell you what they are. sorry The designs were hashed over at the last geo-meet in Casper. The design is being reworked and will be posted when completed. WYlostinMA and Lady K..thanks again for all the hard work.
  8. Count me in. I'm just getting started in coins, so very interested... If you need help with anything, please let me know... dblrngr
  9. Received my coin today! Awesome job. Congrats
  10. Here is the response to date: If your numbers are incorrect, please PM and let me know. (for those that said a few..I have indicated 2). Thanks for the interest. Allanon - 3 bluegillfisherman - 2 bullit - 60 Cav Scout - 2 CENTS - 2 ChilliBusher - 2 DLliming - 2 dzrtgrls - 5 / 2 silver fisnjack - 2 Go JayBee - 10 KKTH3 - 2 Ladebear68 - 3 malloc - 2/ 1 silver ManGenGho - 2 MarcusArelius - 2 Mr. Fantasic - 4 M&M Hunter - 2 NorthWes - 2 Nurse Dave - 115 OldBaldEagle - 2 / 1 silver outdoorlady79 - 5 Prying Padora - 2 Redwing dave - 5 robinego - 3 RustyBeer Can - 2 SirGerald - 35 smokey & the teacher - 2 Team Noltex - 2 The Rubicon Brothers - 3 the4Grays - 5 tin-ear - 10 Utahbill - 5 vds - 2 WARedBear - 3 willcall - 5 WWonka - 3
  11. This post has been continued here... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...ST&f=9&t=103218
  12. I started a topic. It has now been discussed and a second topic has been started. I want to edit the first (my) post and explain what is happening and indicate a LINK to the new topic. The problem: I can't find an edit button. It must have been there at one time, as the post has already been edited once? I'm confused. Can a post only be edited once?
  13. THIS IS A TEST: ..........
  14. I have cached in most weather, I thought all was ok with me. This weekend I changed my mind. I was in a horseshoe tournamnet Saturday. Four hours at 110° (placed 1st woo hoo)...gawd I thought I was gonna die. Lesson... I will not go out for more than a few hours if it is over 100°
  15. Unless I'm on vacation with family, I'm usually alone. Enjoy the time and don't have to worry if I'm taking to long to hunt something down when someone else is ready to go after 5-10 minutes.
  16. thanks for the fast response KKTH3. WYlostinMA has all the ordering/shipping/paypal under control and with you and Lady K helping, I've just kinda watched and listened. Thanks to all. I'm excited for the geo-meet. dblrngr
  17. Received mine yesterday! My first Geocoin.. What a great one. thanks dblrngr
  18. yep. me 2....3- & 4.... yep interested in 9 if I knew how to get them? let me know! oops.. just saw the other post...
  19. oh yes.... kansas.... count me in for 2... placed in the national bowling tournament in Wichita last year!...
  20. sorry if off topic... Burnaby B.C. rocks !
  21. jeeesh.. congrats...... I hope to meet you one of these days ! dblrngr
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