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  1. Here a while back two of us looked for 1/2 hour for a micro amongst the sagebrush and ended with a DNF. We read the clue and couldn't figure it out. The next day we had a good laugh when it finally dawned on us....The clue you ask: "ageS" Good Lord?
  2. This whole process has me perplexed, but I received a Handspring pda the other day and have a quick question. It says on the box that is has Palm Desktop software. Can I use this for paperless? I'm almost afraid someone will say yes and then I'm gonna have to delve into the complete unknown. thanks for the help...dblrngr
  3. thanks to all..you answered everything I was wondering about !
  4. received invoice and replied...thanks - dblrngr
  5. How cool is this....I'm sure I will be getting a few when the time comes. Though I'm sure a lot of grief...the colors are going to look excellent
  6. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I have a few questions. I have been purchasing some coins, some to keep and other to put in caches. Do I activate the ones I am going to keep? For the ones I put in caches, do I activate them, or let the person that finds them activate them. Thanks in advance dblrngr
  7. The list was kept to keep track of the number of coins that might be needed. I thought at one time that it might be nice if the people on this list get first shot at ordering, but I have rightfully so been reminded that this list was never a pre-order list just a counting list. Once the coin is ready a new ordering thread will be started. Design...WYlostinMA is working on getting the design finalized thru GC and it will be up as soon as possible. We realize this has been a long process, but please hang in there with us, we are working on it... dblrngr
  8. dblrngr

    9key's Geocoin

    pay pal'd for 2- great coin... & nice teeth !
  9. Have not been keeping up with all the posts here, but look at this one? hope that it was not addressed earlier 2005 MIGO coin set
  10. yish - I'm way late. If you have any left over, I would take one. thanks - dblrngr
  11. great design.. thanks to all. I'd take 2 when the time comes.
  12. PM'd team maddog. have you down for 2 & 1. VDS. last I visited with WYlostinMA I believe we will have enough. the drawing is being reworked per GC.com guidelines.
  13. signed up for 1... thanks again.
  14. holy cripes, had now idea I was solving anything, just briefly running thru the logs and saw the question. sorry to have offend anyone. dblrngr
  15. I would take one regular and on the waiting list for a silver. thanks
  16. pay pal'd for 3 (from list). great idea & and great coin. thanks dblrngr
  17. Yowser...just jump on to see what was up. To my surprise alot has happened day. 1. Orders. Our intention was not to take pre-orders. All of a sudden everyone started indicating their wishes. The "list" was kept to see how many might be interested. Obviously the more numbers of possible orders makes the cost of tracking more feasible. I hope that Ross will jump in here soon and fill everyone in on the tracking. I believe the costs will still be $5.00ish and $10.00ish. 2. Ordering. My hope is that since so many people jumped in and put their name on "the list" that they will have first shot when the ordering starts. Hopefully I can e-mail everyone when the site is available and give everyone 2 week or so to order before the site is open to the public (those wanting on a waiting list). 3. Design. If the design is not up to your expectations, simploy do not order. Your indication that you were interested certainly does not bind you to an order. I do hope that we get something up soon. 4. Trackable: Last time I heard from Ross it may be possible to track the bronze and the silver with the number of people that are responding. Again, I'm sure Ross can add more to this conversation. 5. Silver coins. I do not know the weight or anything about them. Ross. help us out on this one also. To those that are patiently waiting, I hope that this process gets completed very soon. dblrngr
  18. Just pay pal'd for one bronze. As I said, that coin is screaming silver to me...I will patiently wait tho.
  19. If you have a waiting list, I would love to get 2. thanks - dblrngr
  20. I always wanted to see a man in a kilt!! Now I'll have one of my own Great Coin. paypal'd for 1
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