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  1. pay pal'd for 2... thanks for a great coin
  2. I'd sure have enjoyed partying with TooT... Maybe you should pull out your duplicate tag and start a "Toot Toot." Send her to Wyoming, we'll show her around.
  3. Team Rampant Lion Posted: Nov 14 2005, 02:26 PM Yes, this list is alpha to make it easier to find names, any silver coins that remain will be issued in the order they were received on the original thread.
  4. I do not know who Geo_boy_2001 is but I have to say that his posts leave me laughing. He/she is quite ingenious in thinking up cache ideas, but has a tough time 1. working them out... as some are just simply.... way out there ? 2. trying to communicate what he is visualizing. I read this post at work and was laughing so hard I was crying. dblrng link enjoy...
  5. sept1c_tank Posted: Nov 12 2005, 07:56 AM That is just to weird. I have dreamt for years that I am in school between classes standing in front of my own locker but for the life of me I can't remember the combination
  6. got mine today! great looking coin
  7. nothing... nothing... nothing... maybe tomorrow
  8. pay pal'd for one. thanks
  9. I would order one ! - edit: pay pal sent ! thanks
  10. My first thought was...put a blanket on the roof of your vehicle so the ladder doesn't scratch it But more seriously, the cache should have a higher difficulty rating which poses the question, how in the heck am I gonna get that thing down? There is a thread out there somewhere discussing a micro hanging on the top of a street lamp on a busy downtown main street somewhere???
  11. Of course, my favorite is horseshoes...shot m personal best this year 52% But I am also on a bowling league and a pool league.
  12. Sent my e-mail originally then had to leave to go caching and then bowling. Nine hours later I finally get back to the forum and find that I made the cut !!! Ya Howdy ... Pay Pal sent...Thanks for the opportunity to get one of your coins.
  13. HOW FUN WAS THAT? I'd be curious to know how many had to send more than one e-mail. I was in such a hurry I misspelled my user name .. jesh Hope my 2nd e-mail made it in time !!!
  14. hope I made it in time. now I can go out and hide a few caches
  15. Thanks for all the help. We 4 'gals' will be watching the game from the stadium on Christmas Eve. Can't wait. I gotta say tho that I sure miss the Mile High Stadium. Tooo much fun was had in that place. "Tooo much fun"? NEVER !!
  16. Actually I'll be on the better side of that battle. My favorite teams are the Broncos or any team playing AGAINST the Raiders. } Walking distance for me in Denver in December will probably be within a mile. I'm afraid there might be snow up to my wazoo.
  17. Not sure if this is the appropriate spot to do this...but is there someone that could tell me the names of a few hotels within walking distance of the stadium. Coming down for the Oakland game in December. I know about the round one next to the field (used to be a Ramada) but not sure what it is now? thanks in advance. dblrngr
  18. me too me too ... count me in for two
  19. I don't have many coins but my favorite one is the first one I received, which was a trade (one that I have yet to return... honest shop99er...its gonna get here soon). It is the coin with the hawaiian shirt on it (looks like the avatar). My mother and I spent x-mas before last in Maui. What a great time it was. This coin reminds me of that trip every time I look at it.
  20. You're gonna have so many e-mails your computers gonna blow up
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