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  1. add 2 for me if possible. thanks much
  2. sent an e-mail for 1. thanks for all the effort
  3. received today... nice-nice-nice.....
  4. e-mail for 1 coin. nice to have a slice of history !
  5. This is the cert I use for my FTF's. I laminate them and hook them to the back of my sig key chain (they are the same size) FTF Cert
  6. I have been using a Garman 12 and have had great luck with it. I bought a garmin legend (ya know - bigger and better) and for the life of me I can't seem to get accurate coords. I placed four caches with the legend and the only responses I hvae had are...maybe the coords are off. This weekend I went back to the caches with a yellow etrex and 2 legends (my garmin's gone ). The etrex and one legend had the same coords for each cache, but my legend was way off - sometimes up to 30-40 feet. Am I missing something? It is to the point I don't want to cache if I can't get with 30-40 feet of the danged thing? Anyone hav any ideas???
  7. If this is a pre-order of sorts, please me down for 2.. If not, I'll keep my eyes open for the order thread.
  8. My friends are on their way home now. Though no luck in getting my bugs to Sweden, I appreciated the inquiries. Happy New Year ! dblrngr
  9. Very nice, I'd be in for a few. I also like the smaller feet, not so cluttered
  10. I have some friends visiting me in Gillette, Wyoming USA that live in Lysekil, Sweden. I would like to send some travel bugs and geocoins home with them to be spread around some caches. I am looking for a kind individual that is willing to pick up the TB's/Coins (in Lysekil) and place them in some caches. I think I would have 2 of each? If you are interested, please e-mail me and I will set up a place and time for the pickup. Thanks in Advance dblrngr
  11. I can't wait to see the final coin. The original art looked absolutely outstanding !!!
  12. I have noticed that there are more and more "geocoin series" in the works. Is it common that those that get in on the 1st coin in the series are given preference on the subsequent coins, so they have a good chance at the whole series? Or, is it just the luck of the draw when the "sale" starts on each individual coin? Just curious as to others thoughts?
  13. dblrngr

    Dnf Geocoin

    If you have any left at this point, I would take one of each
  14. I would like to have one, if there are any left. thanks - dblrngr
  15. I would be interested in 1 LE editio
  16. I prefer #2 because the arch in #1 looks as though it has been inserted with some sort of photoshop software.
  17. I've not received a FTF prize, but I give out a certificate, sig item and a geocoin that I purchased as FTF and a certificate and sig item for STF. Course it seems to becoming the same person so I might change this.
  18. When the time comes, I would be in for three. Beeeeauuuuuutiful coin !
  19. I am a bookeeper and can not tell you the number of times I've had problems balancing the bank statement...haven't we all There have been a number of times I have solved the problems in my sleep. Oh the joy of coming to work and tracking down a solution in 5 minutes that you had worked on for hours the previous day.
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