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  1. I would definitely be in for helping with funding for the state page as well as start up cash for the state organization. Rubiconwlb...if you could get me your address I will send along the start up for the web site. The "Camel Cachers" are slowly working on a club coin and I'm sure we would be willing to give some to a raffle to raise funds for the state org.


    As for a name, I like rubiconwlb's YOGO = WYOGEO...actually, I'm not sure which you are suggesting, but I like them both :rolleyes:


    2nd weekend in June Brown Bag - I know of at least 6 or 7 that will be there !

  2. I am the president of the Camel Cachers Club in Gillette (just found this thread) and I can assure you our club members are very interested in a state get=together as well as state organization. We have about 20 strong members that are trying to get together quarterly. We have given a few small presentations around town and have two huge presentations this summer, one thru the County Wellness Committee and one through a RV convention in town.


    I'm sure that our members will be willing to help in any way we can, just ask and we'll find a way. As for a get-together--we'll be there if it is centrally located.


    A 2007 Wyoming coin . . . awesome !

  3. Blue Power Ranger Oct 6 2006, 07:44 AM Post #706

    Wyoming has published. Way to go Onerka! I am 100 miles west of the location right now. Can you say FTF?


    I would like to thank Onerka for helping me out by placing the Wyoming Cache. Sounds like it is quite a grand view. I thought hard and long for a location around Gillette, but couldn't come up with something as beautiful as the Tetons or as interesting as Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Again, Thanks Rob.

  4. This thread brought back some memories. A while back I was looking under some trees on the side of a muddy hill and when I stood up to walk up the hill my legs flew out from under me. I caught myself before I landed face down in the mud. The next two days I thought I had broken a rib or something. Could barely move and hurt like the devil to lay down and sleep. Image my surprise a few days later when I went to the doctor and found that I had shingles. Had nothing to do with my fall. Go figure :laughing:

  5. Like KKTH3, I also was involved in the start of the Wyoming coin by way of keeping track of the original thread orders so that billings could be sent out. I e-mailed Ross a few weeks back and asked if I could get any of the coins that were promised to me. I received the familiar, "I will get them in the mail within the week". Sorry to say that I also have not received a single Wyoming coin. If I do get them some day, I will be contacting those that are waiting and try and make good on your orders. For our entire state, I apologize for this feasco. On another note...though I realize that most really couldn't care less if they have a Wyoming coin in their collection, I would actually love to have one (for the obvious reasons). If anyone has one they would like to sell me, would you please e-mail me? Thanks much ... dblrngr

  6. maya112 Today, 08:27 AM Post #2


    all of these views and no volunteers? Wyoming isn't what it used to be


    You must remember that most towns in this state are fairly far apart and we do not have a large population of cachers, but we are growing. It is very possible that all of the 46 people that viewed this post live hundreds of miles away from Casper, as well as some from other states. I would be more than willing to sponsor your cache, but I too live 120 miles away. If this distance is acceptable please get ahold of me and we can work somthing out. If not, I can get ahold of some Casper cachers and have them get in touch with you.


    so...in reply to you comment,


    "Wyoming is not what it used to be" YOU ARE CORRECT - IT IS EVEN BETTER

  7. aaaarrrrgggg. I was in the car returning from a trip to Reno and forgot to tape the show. All the buzz at work says TAYLOR is the man !!! Congrats to the two left in the contest...er...both contests :laughing:}

  8. Grabbed mine from the mail box on the way to work and had it ripped apart in seconds. Great-great coin!! I had the coins and candy laying in the drink holder and had to give some people at work a ride. They saw all if it setting there are are soo stoked. They can't wait to come over and look at coins and go caching next weekend !!! Another one swallowed up by the sport. Thanks for the sweets ! :(

  9. Just can't see Katherine beating Taylor. Nope.


    If anything, Taylor and Chris are the final 2.


    Welp, since my pick bit the dust, I will have to agree. I will be wathcing closely to see who wins and who had the correck pick.


    PEZ - Even though I am no longer in the running, I'm curious to what you're gonna do if there are several people who picked the winner?

  10. his second song last night.

    Ummm, do we get a different show up here in the NW where we only get to see them sing one song?


    I went home last night and watched one week on tape because I missed it, sounds like I might have got mixed up on which show was which... who knows.


    But, my preshow pick would be Katherine...dang it is hard to admit to this one :)

  11. Did not have a chance to see last weeks show as I was at a convention in Orlando. Had to go back and look at the logs yesterday afternoon to see who was booted out. I agree... Kellie will probably be going home this week.


    I'm not really a Chris fan as I don't know alot of the songs he sings, though I would have to say that I loved his second song last night. If I didn't have all my money....er coins :) ... on someone else, I might have been tempted to vote for him.

  12. Bailey Nippon 4 Yesterday, 01:26 AM Post #193


    Can't wait...Paula the flower child...drinking again huh.... She and Ace? Hmmmm.


    Jesh who could ever tell as loopy as she gets. Can someone tell me what is up with the way she claps. God all Mighty does she get on my nerves.


    but onto the cut... Jesh, I was not expecting Mandessa. I was thinking the "grey haired guy" might go, but I am glad to see he made it...he is a great performer.

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