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  1. Too early for hints I think. The original question (when I was asked it) said animal, so narrowing it down to vertebrate is already a hint But I'm an Entomologist, I stopped studying fish more than 8 years ago
  2. Nope, only the first 6 letters of those are identical.
  3. I'll leave this one for someone else. Not forever though...
  4. There we go, finally one settles in the fielder's hands. Take it away cincol.
  5. And another one goes down, batsmen on top today!
  6. The chance is dropped Not Salem...
  7. Seems to have been a misunderstanding, vertebrate (animal with a backbone), not vertebra (bone in the backbone).
  8. I'm struggling for a question, so I'll go with this. What vertebrate has the exact same common name and scientific name?
  9. The surrounding bush is pretty simlar, but this was Picket Bridge (GC207HP), on the Fish River. I can see why you thought it was the same, right down to the farm house on the other side of the river! I guess it might have been a bit too obscure. Here is another one, hopefully easier:
  10. No, this cache is still active and after a quick check, no DNF from Team Ginger either
  11. Looks can be deceiving A clue One last pic, No guesses by Monday and I will put a new one up.
  12. Nine. Oddly, I remembered the term Lordosis but couldn't place it. This one is a bit easier
  13. Well CH got there first, but Jors got the correct name. Hmmm. I think it must go to Jors for getting the technicality right, take it away.
  14. Which municipality in SA is the furthest South?
  15. Looks can be deceiving A clue
  16. It took us a while to collect the clues, and I can believe that there would be puffies in the darker corners of that church yard. How about this one:
  17. Tsitsikamma Zebra Stripes (GC2AA0B)?
  18. Close enough, The Cockroft-Bailey Connection, GC183EV Well done CnC, take it away.
  19. No guesses yet, so have a clue:
  20. Make sure you do that one early in the morning, to be the first cacher on site! Back on topic Excuse the "Mo", but its appropriate given that we are now in Movember
  21. It tastes dusty, in case you were wondering
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