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  1. You are all going to wonder from what rock I crawled out from. I have never done this , I don't know anyone who does it (geocaching that is).


    I have pretty much made up my mind to buy the Geomate Jr. I tend to gravitate to new hobbies and then quickly abandon them, so i don't want to invest much $$$.


    I've read Geomate Jr user manual (online) and have read numerous forums. I just don't understand how you can possibly get to a cache if it just points arrows and only works when you walking. It has distance and direction but the arrow points by the way a crow flies, so if roads don't go that way........ do you keep getting out of your car and walk so it can redirect you ???


    I'm really not a stupid person (usually) but I really don't get it!! Please help, and no laughing !!


    Thanks, Katie

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