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  1. I strongly dislike the new search page. The old search page was something I used on the daily and something I was very comfortable with. I'm going to reiterate a few things my peers have mentioned that made the old search superior: - Caches being sorted into pages of 20, allowing for easy browsing rather than endless strolling. - No limit on number of caches in the search (specifically searching one's finds). - The default sorting for finds was how recently one found it. - The column for size and D/T is compact and very easy to read along with the size graphic. - Favorite points displayed clearly in blue. - Displaying one's found date for the as well as the most recent find. - Info column - ability to see if the cache needed maintenance or has trackables. - Ability to highlight and copy the GC code - the new search doesn't allow this. - Entire interface visible using a handheld device. - The interface is much more efficient and easy on the eyes - more and easier to read information in less space. I personally don't see the reason for why this new search was needed. I never heard anyone complain about the functionality of the old search. Eliminating the old search entirely for this new search that is overwhelmingly inferior just seems nonsensical to me. As a paying customer on behalf of all other paying customers, I would ask GS to restore the ability to use the old search. I can understand that this new search is something that was likely worked hard on, but your job is to cater to your customers. The consensus here seems to be that this new search is NOT what your customers want.
  2. How do I hollow out a log so I can put a cache inside?? I really want to make a cache like that!
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