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  1. Am I just slow or does this not actually work for PQs?


    I was surprised that, after a couple of days of lots of people updating caches, so few caches in GSAK had the state filled in. So I did some investigation.


    The state does not appear in the GPX file delivered by PQ. The tag is empty, even where the cache page shows that the owner has updated the state.


    An individual GPX file from the cache page does correctly report the state.


    Groundspeak need to also include the state information in the GPX file this seems not to have been done as yet :rolleyes:

  2. Looking for new cache's in Ireland this morning I noticed (wait for it) :rolleyes:


    The powers that be have implemented provinces in Ireland and the UK :rolleyes:

    edit : to add a map outlining the provinces thanks to the bongwashes




  3. I'm seeing various options for Derry / Londonderry - can I suggest that we resolve that issue first :)


    Sorry, couldn't resist....


    It strikes me that if the areas are too granular then people will be doing searches for countries instead in order to get a wide enough local. This is to aid, not be your local search.




    it's Derry :)

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