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  1. yup sure have no pq's for the past few weeks unless I copy a new version that will run once and I need to copy it again and again. No joy from the ptb not even a responce to the emails to contact@geo ect rant over
  2. Think I'm in nowhere land no pq's of anykind since Christmas Day
  3. 1. emails sent: Yes 2. names received: Yes 3. missions sent: Yes 4. missions received: 2. Yes Two fantastic coins and a geocaching pin received
  4. Made the change and all seems well thanks for the macro
  5. Just tried the new version of the macro and got the following One thing I have noticed is the macro runs fine on my laptop with the same database but with version of gsak
  6. Post your question at http://forums.geocachingireland.com/index.php plenty of locals there
  7. Nice! It works beautifully. Thank you so much! Works perfect pity the ptb didn't think of it
  8. Groundspeak need to also include the state information in the GPX file this seems not to have been done as yet
  9. Yup the frog is back think we spoke too soon Sorry! We encountered an error when requesting that page! just as well I'm not going caching this week
  10. being adding mine this morning now the Frog say no
  11. Looking for new cache's in Ireland this morning I noticed (wait for it) The powers that be have implemented provinces in Ireland and the UK edit : to add a map outlining the provinces thanks to the bongwashes
  12. I smell a mega sponge throwing competition in the air I might just have to flyin for that alone with my mega coin jar
  13. I did the Otmoor series a couple of weeks ago not much mud about but only because it was frozen solid But a great series none the less
  14. Nice one main point don't feed the troll
  15. Planes trains automobiles the proper way to cache taxi follow that carrrrrrrrrr
  16. Don't forget the important airport cache ME
  17. if you have gsak you can check your if you've doubled posted logs by looking at the found count colum
  18. 2 nice FTF's for me and 3 other caches under the belt now off to catch that dam turkey
  19. Log deleted and new one added glad to say I should still make it
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