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  1. That's very moving Ian. Here's another one the bard might have written... I know a bank whereon the wild thyme blows, Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine, With sweet musk-roses, and with eglantine: There sleeps Titania some time of the night, And if I could just get a bloody GPS lock in these woods I'd be in there!
  2. With all the event photos flying around I couldn't help but notice the odd celebrity we have in our midst, from famous authors... ...to respected actors... Anyone spotted any others?
  3. Nobby Nobbs asked for one on another thread - best I can do is....
  4. ...cos we are a christmassy bunch (repost from the avatars thread!)
  5. Here's a funny take on space cadets (contains some strong language though )
  6. I particularly liked the russian soft drink they were given, called "Farce"
  7. Silica Gel has been mentioned before. I did a quick search and found one supplier who can do them in rather large quantities - maybe a good bulk purchase for a group of cachers?
  8. <shameless plug> Geographing of course! </shameless plug>
  9. Rutson made his 800th at Canary Dwarf's event last night - well done Ian! Congrats also to Canary Dwarf's on their first century too.
  10. I have to admit, I was in a similar mind to Pharisee at first - "but that's not what TB's do", but hey, the game is what you make it. So, I did one of Mandy's postal bugs, it was collecting photos of caching hounds with a picture of Jess. I took Deefer the dog out for a nice long walk while cache hunting, had a great afternoon and took some pictures of my muddy companion... Harmless fun, just another way to play and interact with other cachers. As another thread has noted, this whole pastime is too daft if you spend too much time thinking about it
  11. I don't have a bigger one as just modifed your existing avatar, sorry
  12. Every topic has a hyperlinked "Posted" date - click the word "Posted" and you shoudl get a popup with the URL ready for you to copy to the clipboard. Here is an example
  13. Once you've logged it, you can click the "visit log" link next to your entry,and there you will find an "upload image" link. You can upload as many as you like to associate with your log entry.
  14. I'd work on a web based GSAK clone - it would then work from any OS with a modern browser, or via mobile phone / PDA with a trimmed user interface....
  15. Roving Rangies is delivering them to you, see? I'm just watching the new super-final-directors-extended-edition of The Empire Strikes Back. There's this fantastic deleted scene where Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are fighting a duel to the death when suddenly Darth says to Luke: "Not only am I your Father, but I also know what you're getting for Christmas!" Taken aback by the change of subject and suspecting a trap, Luke replies cautiously: "How could you possibly know what I'm getting for Christmas?" Darth Vader.... "Because I've felt your presents...."
  16. If you've changed it in your profile, try click this
  17. Can't see it? What did you add? Very small rocks?
  18. Quick! Someone post a picture with a funny hat!
  19. Team Badger is now Team Reindeer! Oh that first Kryton works for me!
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